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Rework Severing Thrust Magnus skill (warrior)
Nov 9, 2022, 19:56 (UTC)
269 2
Last Edit : Nov 9, 2022, 19:58 (UTC)
# 1

Title: Rework Severing Thrust Magnus skill (warrior).
Family Name: MadVisions

Region (NA/EU): EU

Suggestion/Comments: Please consider reworking, better replacing the new warrior magnus ability. It's so bad I found myself unlearning the ability after 2-3 days of experimenting with it in pvp and pve.
My problems with the newly added skill:
1.) It's functionality is redundant. There are numerous other unprotected floats already in the kit. 
2.) It's not cancellable. Using it to catch opponents puts you in constant risk.
3.) Due to reason #1 and #2 it's only purpose is to serve as filler damage on a cc'd opponent as or after the second hard CC (still cannot be used in small / large scale under pressure due to it being unprotected). 
4.) On an awakening kit while you use it as a flow after overhelm for air damage as it was designed, it forces you back to pre-awakening where either you do less damage with outdated pre awa multiplier skills or switch back to awa to continue comboing there which loses you CC time leading to it being an inferior option to every other skill you could do.
5.) It replaces a quick, cancellable Soft-CC which had it's limited uses. (Deep thrust comes out horribly form hotbar)
6.) Low accuracy multiplier. If its overall bad as is, but chunks evasion players with 50% accuracy it would have its uses, but not even that.
7.) It solves NONE of the challenges warrior as a class is facing.
Things that warrior lacks and a new skill could help:
An ability that helps with disengaging (some kind of protected movement. SA jump? fg backpedal similar to the berserker magnus skill? )
For example deep thrust got a jumping attack the magnus skill could be based on that with super armor and a bit longer distance.
DR stacking re-introduced in some form.
No idea why that was taken away at the first place. DR falls back in terms of tankyness compared to evasion meanwhile gauntlets and other iframe heavy well protected classes run around untouched with evasion buffs and/or passives.

You could use war cry as a magnus skill base and introduce something that adds a buff that actually helps the warrior too...

Bad skill linkage

You are getting hit out of qblock->iframe, gravedig startup, bon solar and so on. Guess you can't do much about that with a new ability but it has to be mentioned.

Last Edit : Nov 9, 2022, 20:38 (UTC)
# 2

I made a quick video on the skill and how I'd like to see some movement incorporated into it. Severing Thrust animation is essentially Upper Shield Strike and Prime Solar Flare combined. So I did a side by side comparison of Severing Thrust vs Upper Shield Strike + Solar Flare to show the similarities and then edited the speed of Upper Shield Strike + Solar Flare to match Severing Thrust. The movement you get from my "version" of the skill would be very useful



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