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⌛ [2022] A year in screenshots
Dec 31, 2022, 20:10 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jan 30, 2023, 07:10 (UTC)
# 1

~ 🌟 2022 full of memories and screenshots ✨ ~

I'm totally sure 2022 has been an amazing year. And I can say it because my screenshot folder is bigger than ever. I participated in every event I could, met a lot of adventurers and even some GMs and CMs! I even was able to attend an offline event... Outside of my country and speaking in English! (Spoiler, I'm Spanish)

Too moments of joy that are too good to keep them for myself. So, I decided to write this post, a recap of my year to share it with everyone.

This year was also a year of progress for me. I overcome a lot of personal problems, or at least managed to advance a bit on the path of solving them. Not only that, but also made some progress on Black Desert. I managed to leave aside my social anxiety and shyness and met a lot of amazing people; from other adventurers to GMs and CMs. Some people that nowadays live rent-free on my heart and helped me a lot, people that believed in me and encouraged me to keep going.

Well, that’s enough! Let’s try to not start crying just by writing the start of the post.

Be advised that this will be a long post. My 2022 folder have 2844 screenshots, around 9,50 GB. Wow, that’s a lot of screenshots for sure… But I did my best to sort things out and only took a few from every month. Even though, I ended with around 100 screenshots. Too many to include in a single post… But don’t worry! I decided to put some together so they only take the space of one screenshot! Pro gamer move.

So… Let’s start! I will go through the twelve months of the year, including some relevant pictures of that month and some explanation.
Let’s remember together!

January 🎉 ~

Well! One year starts when the previous end. Makes sense, right?


January started with a celebration, the start of 2022. A lot of adventurers gathered on the bell shire on the top the cliff near Velia, to share our wishes for the new year and our objectives to accomplish.

That month was also a fun month for the roleplay community. We gathered very often and make a couple fun activities! We visited a newly opened museum on the heart of Heidel and even had an epic battle on the roads to Altinova.

~ ☕ February 🌿 ~

And here it comes the second month of the year!

And like some of the second parts of some movies, February was a pretty calm month. I did practically nothing this month, not sure why, but well!

Oh, but I got a new little friend!

~ 🌼 March 🌾 ~

Spring, spring, here it comes!


In March the winter starts to go away and the flowers blooms. And of course, the cherry blossoms arrive at Black Desert! March was a month with some accomplishments and many events!

I reached 900 days of playtime! With a single character! And also… Managed to finally get the elusive Vell’s Heart! Finally, after five years!

The CalpheON Episode 2 took place at the end of the month and brought us tons of news and hype for the upcoming months. A lot of adventurers gathered con Calpheon to watch it together and even released some lanterns to celebrate!

And…! We had a meet-up with the Spanish roleplay community with a very special guest! Our beloved Spanish community manager, CM Cadry! But that was not the last time I met them that month, because I started to attend the weekly post-maintenance meetings! It was funny to see everyone forming a line to try beat CM Cadry in a Yar match.

~ 🌸 April 🌺 ~

Oh, here it comes! My favorite month!


April was an important month, not only because it’s my birthday, but also because we receive one of my favorite regions… Mountain of Eternal Winter!

I spent most of the month exploring and enjoying the new region, taking tons of screenshots and playing the new and revamped storyline. I enjoyed so much the new way of telling the main story and the cutscenes! Monsters are still too strong for me, maybe later!

And of course! More meet-ups after the maintenances and community events. We even had a tour around Mountain of Eternal Winter searching for GM Friday with the help of CM Endlaive and other GMs!

~ 🔆 May 🧶 ~

Oh, May! Spring goes away and the summer approaches!


The search for GM Friday keeps going and CM Endlaive kept helping us. Early May I also decided to start playing with my Drakania, DrakAnegela. Drakania + Angela, you get it? No…? Ok…

This month also mark my sixth Black Desert anniversary. Yep, yep! I started playing on March 2016. What a ride, huh? 

And of course… More post-maintenance meet-ups and a lot of beautiful screenshots~

~ 🎈 June 🍃 ~

Summer has arrived, the heat and of course, more Black Desert.


June was a month full of emotions. I had a lot fun, but also had a time to look into the past and realize how much time I invested in the most-lasting project of my life. The 20th of June marked the fifth anniversary of the Spanish roleplay community, a project I started back in 2017 with the hopes of giving the Spanish community a place to gather and enjoy what we enjoy the most; roleplaying in Black Desert. And oh boy, we did it.

This month we also received a pretty cool feature! The little Otter, Kakuo, arrived at Splashing Point to offer us cute doodles of our character’s class. Those drawings are awesome! And with Kakuo, we also received a new PvP mode… Arena of Solare! Uuuuhh! But never mind, I’m bad at PvP, so I lose a lot.

Oh, and I decided to revamp the look of my lovely Valkyrie, Angela! Does she look cute?

But June not only brought good and funny memories.

Early that month, cancer took away from us a great person. The 9th of June, Billy P. Kametz passed away at the age of 35. A man full of joy, a warrior and a guide for a lot. He was a voice actor primary know in Black Desert for giving his voice to Lando, our beloved little fox guide from the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

A few days later, the Black Desert community organized a memorial for Billy. We all, adventurers and GMs and CMs, gathered in front of Lando’s Cabin to say our last goodbye to Billy. After some words from some of the members of the community, we all released our lanterns to light the path for Billy.

We will always miss you Billy, but you will always live in our hearts and guide us through the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

~ 🐚 July 🌠 ~

Oh boy, here it comes! The summer of the community and events!

More post-maintenance meet-ups and something new! Three weeks full of events, games and minigames made by the GMs; the SummerFiesta event! Find the GM, riddles, red light green light, hide and seek, quizzes… I had a lot of fun participating in them all. I even was able to help giving some ideas!

This month I met the majority of the GMs and CMs I know, and also made a lot of new friends; GM Erethea, GM Velia, GM Neruda, GM Ronin, GM Sulfur, GM Lafi, GM Pilgrim… And these events with so many people helped me a lot to overcome my social anxiety and forced me to improve my English vocabulary. So, I ended being a bit more social and knowing more English! All advantages!

In one of the post-maintenance meet-ups I finally was able to enhance my Blackstar Shield to TET thanks to GM Jeste and GM Erethea wishing me luck! And later July we also had a Shai concert where we enjoyed really cool music; #BDOvision! What a month, huh?

~ 🥥 August 🌴 ~

And finally, Terrmian Festival arrived! Let’s go!

With August, one of my favorite events of the year arrived; Terrmian Festival. But this year we had something to spice things up! An army of Otters and Papus invaded Terrmian Beach and we had to choose a side. Of course, I choose Papus! #TeamPapu

After choosing our team we had tons of quest to collect coins that we could exchange for really cool stuff. And not only that! We got a brand-new Red Battlefield arena where you fight as… Papu and Otter! Once you join, you enter one of the two teams and your character transform in a class-specific; caster, warrior or healer. It was so cool and I had tons of fun!

I also took a lot of beautiful screenshots, the Terrmian Festival is a great opportunity with a lot of potential. Specially for summer themed shoots! And this year we got a pretty cool addition… Waves had a wonderful blue glow during nighttime!

~ 💧 September 💼 ~

Bye, bye, summer! Autumn is coming!

The heat of the summer is still there, but it’s slowly going away and letting room for the colder autumn temperatures. The leaves turn orange and brown, leaving a really cool and wonderful autumn-themed ambience. Perfect for screenshots!

In September we also had the Heidel Ball! We were eagerly waiting for it since the CalpheON Ball, wishing for more exciting and new content. And oh boy, we got some good news! During the stream, we gathered around the Heidel fountain, talking and speculating about the Heidel Ball. And even some GMs came to stay with us!

~ 🎃 October 🍂 ~

And here it is, autumn has arrived! And with it, spooky month!


October was a really funny month. With Halloween, Marni’s Spooky Playground open its gates and it was as good as the last year. It was really cool to play green light/red light, exploring and adventuring inside Marni’s House of Horrors and of course, taking Halloween-themed screenshots!

In the roleplay community we also hold a lot of cool sessions and a Halloween event, where all the participants came with a disguise. We also hold a costume party with a contest; the spookiest disguise of 2022!

~ 🥀 November 🍁 ~

Oh boy, the year is not yet over and things are going to get wild!


This month started like every other. During the month we had a really cool and funny event; Ocean Exploration with the GMs! We gathered with the GMs a couple days during the month and we all traveled across the sea, exploring and visiting every island. The ship was so cool and a lot of adventurers came to the trip! I decided to call the ship “GMbattlebus”.

And as always, lots of screenshots, post-maintenance meet-ups and roleplay! But that month I also received a really important notice. More on that later!

~ 🎁 December 🎄 ~

And now, the winter has come and with it, the grand finale!

The last month of the year started with a really important and unforgettable event. After that, the winter events started, the snow arrived and the holiday feeling was all upon us. We had tons of post-maintenance meet-ups and some community-lead events! Even a Shai concert!

This month the post-maintenance meet-ups were really fun. We talked about other events, the holidays, the season and the exciting news we got on the CalpheON Ball held at the beginning of the month. Two new classes for Black Desert! Woosa coming the same month and Maegu, coming in January 2023. We all were really excited to try them!

Oh, do you remember about the important notice I received back in November? And the really special event I mentioned at the beginning of December?

Well, well, well! It was Voice of Adventurers 2022, for the first time in Europe! It took place in Castle de Haar, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. At the start of November, I received a really important notice; I was among the event attendees.

I couldn’t believe it. After that, I spent the whole month planning the travel. It was my first time traveling outside Spain, to a country where I couldn’t speak Spanish and the worst; taking a flight. I never took a flight before!

And then, December arrived. I took my flight with my family the 8th and arrived at Amsterdam after a three-hour flight. I have to admit it was not that bad, I even had fun looking through the plane window! After arriving, we booked our hotel, unpacked our baggage and we did some tourism! Later, we had some rest, because the next day was THE day.

In the morning of the 9th, adventurers gathered in the hotel lobby and others arrived from everywhere around Europe. After waiting for a while, a wonderful, Black Desert themed bus arrived at the hotel to pick us and bring us to the event venue. Oh boy, it was an awesome trip! This is where I first met other Spanish-speaking adventurers!

Shortly after arriving at Castle de Haar, in Utrecht, we headed to the event building. The activities started immediately! We received a bag of goodies and among them, a really cool Black Desert hoodie and an Adventurer Log full of things to do and riddles to solve. We then started to roam around the event venue, meeting and talking with all the other attendees, cosplayers, partners and the Black Desert team. Supporters and volunteers from the community, GMs, CMs and even people from other departments!

The Black Desert team prepared a lot of activities, contests and minigames to play. A wheel of fortune, a ball pool to search for Cron Stones, a memory game, a quiz to know our ideal region, quizzes at the pub, duels in the arena with the GMs, a photo boot, a tour around the castle… We even had a bar, snacks and food for lunch!

And the day finished with a wonderful, luxurious dinner at the castle. There, we had a three-course dinner, a live-performing band and lots of raffles! We had plenty of time to talk to others adventurers, enjoying the rest of the night. At the end, everyone received a goodie bag and the bus took us back to where it picked us.

Without a doubt, this was my best experience so far. I had a lot of fun during the event and met a lot of people. Wonderful people that I previously met online and finally was able to met them in real life. Including the Black Desert team! I felt the time was not enough to talk to everyone and do everything, indeed I whished for it to never end.

I’m already waiting for the next in-real-life event and I hope to have the same luck as I had with VoA.

📝 Final note 👋

If you have reached this far, thank you. Thank you for reading everything and accompany me during the recap of my memories from 2022. I’m not used to do this, but thanks to the good things that happened to me in 2022 I build up some courage.

Black Desert have truly changed my life and every year that passes it proves it to me. I’m slowly losing my social anxiety, helps me with my depression and I’m meeting more people than I ever did. Some years ago, I could have never imagined myself doing what I’m doing nowadays; administrating a successful project, involving myself in a community, talking and writing in English, attending in-real-life events and traveling outside of my country…

Hopefully, 2023 will be a year full of new good memories. I will try my best to keep improving, engaging with the Black Desert community, taking screenshots and attending events, online and in-real-life! I also hope I have not made too many mistakes writing this and I’m sorry because I might have forgot something or even not written what I really wanted to.

But once again, thanks to everyone reading this and thanks to every single person in the Black Desert team. Without you, it would not be the same and I hope we can meet again many times during 2023.


Last Edit : Dec 31, 2022, 20:59 (UTC)
# 2

Happy New Year Dani! It was always a pleasure to meet u on every event and GM meeting for a small chat. I wish u a wonderful year ahead with even more events and hopefully irl meeting too! Take care and see you around ヾ ^_^

Last Edit : Jan 30, 2023, 07:14 (UTC)
# 3
On: Dec 31, 2022, 20:59 (UTC), Written by Unikornu

Happy New Year Dani! It was always a pleasure to meet u on every event and GM meeting for a small chat. I wish u a wonderful year ahead with even more events and hopefully irl meeting too! Take care and see you around ヾ ^_^

Thank you so much, Uni! See you in the next post-maintenance meet-up! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

And finally... It's done! After so much work re-writing what I lost on December, here it is, updated with what was supposed to be on the first place!

Last Edit : Jan 30, 2023, 19:44 (UTC)
# 4
On: Jan 30, 2023, 07:14 (UTC), Written by D4N1RS

Thank you so much, Uni! See you in the next post-maintenance meet-up! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

And finally... It's done! After so much work re-writing what I lost on December, here it is, updated with what was supposed to be on the first place!

I read the whole thing and its trurly awesome! It feels like all of the above happened so fast yet its been a whole year already. I remember now that i met you in May, under the Grana waterfalls, chatting for a longer while than i usually do, even after CM Cadry left. And i thought to myself "what a nice surprise to meet such kind people when i leave bloody and contested grind zones, such a great breather" and decided i will always try to join every week, every event i can be some part of, because of the positive community impact and people like you that keep my mental posivitity in check.

Thank you for being awesome and all the smol chats u are willing to have with me on those short meeting! I'm not very social myself but it always feels great being seen and greeted! This year was great to me in very similar matters, and of how much encouregment and gifts GM's and BDO friends gave me. I hope i can lift financially the next VoA in Europe and tell you in your face that you are fantastic person!

Take care and cheers!   P.s. Awesome pictures u took there ^x^



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