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The State of Corsair
Jan 27, 2023, 04:19 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jan 27, 2023, 04:19 (UTC)
# 1

This is a collection of feedback from the Corsair discord on things that are wrong with the class in its current state, or could use improvement.


Corsair, when it came out, was a powerhouse with its block break feature combined with its guard durability cooldown increases that it could apply to other players, and being so unique in its mermaid mechanic.


Not long after came awakening, bringing a unique hybrid medium range bruiser to the game with both ranged and melee mechanics.


When these two specs came out, they were viable in PVE, falling behind S tier grinders, but not by too much, as well as being okay in PVP, but not great, due to the slow nature of corsairs skills and the catches attached to them.


 However, this all changed with the reworks, propelling most all classes leagues above corsairs performance, not only in movement but in the entire PVX environment, and although it took a while, both the class released before corsair, and after corsair, have been reworked into a point in which they fit into a competitive state, where corsair seems to have been on a backburner and only received minor animation changes, and the removal of an integral CC on Storm surge.


As such, this is the feedback from corsair players of various experience levels on the Corsair Discord, and only feedback with net positive votes are posted:



Awakening Corsair currently falls behind other classes in PVE due to her slower moves, often halting her in place for over a second before damage is dealt. A fix for this could be a 10% attack speed buff on close quarters: charge and a speed up of capn's orders: open fire to not step back if cast uncancelled, remove 2 seconds from the Open Fire cooldown to account for increased cast speed, there are far more faster, higher damaging, lower cooldown skills in the game for this to be a problem.



Remove S LMB's stiffen and give frontal guard and bigger AOE hp regen.


Remove float from S RMB make first hit stiffen and third hit knock down. The kick animation. And make the skill flow more natural. We can be able to use a kick other than Shift E.


Add stamina regen to Sun Shielder Patraca , Absolute Storm Surge , Absolute wipeout


Cease fire can be activated from the skill bar and add 2 more hits to the skill so that she can aim it three times. This skill locks you in one place and this is not good for Corsair. In the second and third hit when you press a or d she dodges and casts cease fire.

W RMB is the worst skill in the kit. It has a frontal guard but you can easily go behind your opponents. That makes you cc on air. When you use skill on the ground it should work like SF cancel. And when you use it in the air it works like this one. Add more damage to the skill.


Add a way to summon otters. Five of them spawn around the circle and bomb inside the skill place.


When you use rmb for backwards movement the skill should be forward guard.


Light em up’s dmg needs to be higher. And should be able to cancel open fire after light em up.


Make sea stroll use stamina gradually. When you end the skill early it should cost 100 stamina. 

Overall a stamina reduction is much needed.



Fix her CCs, give us Prime Storm Surge CC back that you took away for no reason, it nearly killed our small scale. add a new prime skill for Overflow and give it SA for more CC/peel options as her peel is horrible


Make skills that are unprotected and don't have a CC, have protection, example: Whirlpool(W+F) lost its CC, so add FG on it, tides kiss doesnt CC, give it FG too, there's no reason for her sword kit to be so unprotected and the class lacks FG its almost only SA.


Update the remaining 2 prime whale skills, Mareca Sea Stroll and Mareca Jet Stream buffs were great, do the same to Spiral Soak and Whale Song , speed them up slightly as they're not affected by AS and its obvious these skills are too slow for how fast the game is now, consider adding more hp regen on them to help w/ sustain, and allow us to cancel them at any point with skedaddle so they're not as telegraphed


To carry on from above, change succ 100% bsr Prime Mareca Sea Stroll to have a noticeable difference over awakening, such as making it as fast as prime seastroll and speeding up the iframe windup, the difference between the 2 shouldnt only be 1000hp over 10s


Her class buff, Hydropower.  This is among the worst class buffs in the game and needs to be reworked, think  +20ap/%acc or %eva, %crit dmg, or some teamwide heal/buff, as of now it only gives 50% res/10ap as most skills aren't affected by AS/MS Not sure if this would be enough to get ppl back on it, but at this point it would need a lot to be useful in small scale/capped nodes/AoS without A LOT of DP, reworks have made the game too fast now for how slow some of her skills are, consider tweaking whale CDs too as a lot of the reason she's bad in PVE is due to 20sec whale cd's


Prime: Heirloom of the crow skill says it "improves" Overflow & tides kiss, but overflow is the only skill that for some reason doesn't apply block debuff so not sure what exactly this is improving. Fix: Delete this useless text, and add 2 new skills Prime: Overflow and Prime: tides kiss and add protection to them, so succ at least has some options for protected sword kit dmg/cc



During Wave-breaker Patraca, while firing laterally, there's a rather big jolt when the gun fires. This could honestly be toned down as it can throw your aim off and is quite the jarring animation.


Regarding Mareca Swing followed by Smooth Sailing (with patraca), on "forward+SPACE" and "backwards+E". Currently when used on a slight elevation (Height about '1 and a half altinova villager npc' high, for comparison) or higher elevations the animation abruptly ends and enables the falling animation. It is quite jarring and prevents you from actually doing anything as you hit the ground for a small second.


This could be smoothed out (& the animation extended) to allow corsair to reach the ground (the rope extending if need be) without the falling animation interrupting anything. Like Lahn's Dive (or somewhat like Drakania's recent change to slowly glide/fall down with the wings). Fall damage still applies. "Tide-splitter Patraca" for example does this as I'm suggesting here to be done with "forward+SPACE" and "backwards+E". Although personally I wouldn't mind seeing a 1 to 2 seconds fall damage immunity buff on use. We're "swinging forwards/downwards" on a rope after all.



Please add an Icon somewhere to see if we have Labao summoned or not. it is almost impossible to do that while moving, especially during a fight. and please make the PA animation and the heal instant once u reach 50%HP. even better would be to leave Labao summoned even after PA. so you don't need to summon him again every time (something like mages/ tamer pet) just make it so that he can cast PA again only after the debuff is over, but he can still cast the heal, with a lower cd maybe. like 1 min or something


Machine Gun Corsair #1:

Increase PVE damage on overall the whole kit, damage is too low even on main hitting skills


Add more ways to fast cast anchor


Unify range for all ranged skills, makes no sense some having way shorter range than others

Remove or minimize anchor´s split damage.


Happy Cat:

Z-axis on mermaids does not match what the visuals show and will completely miss at .1 inch elevation up or down. fix z-axis hit boxes to match animation.



The hips can/must be jutted forward in a way that appears unsettling to achieve any proportional change to the model's buttocks. Maxing the buttocks sliders causes the lower rear of the models outfits to protrude without the character models actual visible physical proportions changing. This must be a bug or oversight and can be improved to make the class much more appealing. Someone has to say the quiet part out loud


Totally Phony Cult Preacher:

 At least give us Lahr Arcien


Dixon McHunt:

Getting hit by skills that have very large amounts of hits on them speed up the animations of skills and create gaps at the start and end of the skill. This is more of an engine issue but these skills are affected the most by it: sea mist pearl blast sea stroll (both versions) mareca swing .


Some of the movement skills used for disengaging are not always consistent with their protections. Wave breaker patraca: could use forward guard mareca swing: allow sa movement on cd ocean melancholy: either increase the radius of the forward guard or add sa while moving backwards


Capn’s Orders: Open Fire: either add sa to the windup of the anchor launch (the step back) or allow earlier canceling of the skill


Crows mark: allow z axis casting of this skill grab: either speed it up or add pen to it. maybe even evade on miss like half the other grabs in this game lol 


Stamina costs in general are quite high. idk which skills to change here probably a bigger discussion



Succ Corsair's utility is unique and fun. But, compared to other classes' newly buffed kits, she has to heavily rely on out- gearing her opponent. Even with higher gearscore, the majority of the classes can bypass the gearcheck by simply using a grab and a minus evasion debuff skill. She needs something else to fight back on even ground.


Prime Whirling Slash: Change the stiffen to a stun or float. Stiffen is not enough time to react in order to re-cc someone.


Prime Wave Pout: Add a frontal guard to this ability, but not its flow to balance it.


Prime Storm Surge: Give back the float during PvP


Prime Mareca Jet Stream:

Change the flow (dream swirl) to be the same cooldown as Prime Jet Stream.

Add 30 additional on-hit healing since we are unable to heal ourselves outside of battle.

If 1 cannot be done, allow for a second suction. When dreamswirl is used, have the previous spot that Prime Jet Stream was used at still apply the suction, and give the new spot a suction as well.


Prime Mareca Whale Song: Speed up ability cast by 1-2 seconds ,Add 30 additional on-hit healing


Prime Mareca Spiral Soak: Add 20 on-hit healing


Prime Hydropower: Change the AP to +30, and swap the attack speed/movement speed for a 15% evasion buff.

If above cannot be met, change the entire ebuff ability to allow it to surpass the threshold of the 80% grab resist during the duration. Allow the new cap to be 160%



Succ Corsair was designed with a more utility aspect in mind, however when compared to other classes with a lot of utility, like staffs and valks, it loses out on all aspects be it party buffs, heals or damage. Her only gimmick is the block break/debuff and a 100% that takes a lot of time to cast (and is pretty much the same as the awakening counterpart making playing succ over awakening not very logical) 


Fix: Add some sort of speed spell and passive hp regen party buff to succ corsair, to increase her appeal as a supportive class with lower damage


The class struggles to catch people or even re-cc caught targets, whirling slash is the only "reliable" catch but requires very fast reaction to follow up on a class that has slow skills because it's a stiffen


Prime Wave Lash : KD on both hits so you can use it after whirling slash and still get the cc and add FG when using the skill


Pearl Blast: Cut cooldown to 10 seconds


Rising Whirlpool: Close the FG gap at the end of this skill so the bound is usable


Fix wave riding, the ride on water effect crates falling animation when it ends on small puddles, such as the lower sewer level in AOS, causing a loss of input availability and of course, being protected.



Succ Pvp

Jet Stream, Spiral Soak, and Jet Stream Rabam should be given back their iframe entries into water whilst keeping their SA attack.


For mermaid skills giving us grapple res, we still seem to get grappled very easily during these animations. We are a sitting duck; a lot of these SA -> iframe -> SA skills move classes while these don’t.

while both specs use mermaid, I can see them using this treatment on succ prime mermaids specifically as to reinforce her class identity


Awk Pvp


Give SA or FG to first two slashes of S LMB



Move crit buff to another skill like Ocean’s Allure


S RMB currently is such a clunky prebuff that feels too slow. Even the kick flow cancel after using SHIFT E or W RMB feels very slow. Shift dash into s rmb feels fastest but again very awkward setup compared to other class prebuffing.


Allow anchor flow to combo into other skills. My suggestions are SHIFT Q, LMB FLOW, or Light Em’ Up.


We’ve seen a relieving of skill flow with both Corsair specs. That with our recent anchor flow buff allowing for anchor flow to hit just as anchor hits, but I think allowing it to flow with other things allows for a more dynamic combo gameplay for such linear moves.


Generally I feel like Awk Corsair gets caught in places where she shouldn’t. I can’t really speak for the whole of Awk Corsair pvp, but her susceptibility feels markedly more dimensional than her gameplay. We abuse Sea Mist core along with SHIFT RMB kds, but we also get hit by SA Air Smashes, mermaid bugginess, and even getting grabbed in the air.



Remove the technical difficulties on both Cannon and Handcannon. Increase the burn DOT on the Handcannon but decrease the duration. Cannon deals increased damage against mobs.


-End of Feedback-


We are aware that if ever single line of this text was actioned, she'd become an omega powerhouse, and that is not our intention, it is to pass on issues that we have since picking up the class, and our hope is to at least bring her to the standard of 2022/2023 classes to make her a contender and a good pick, thank you for your time.

Last Edit : Jan 27, 2023, 06:07 (UTC)
# 2

Awake corsair has some fundamental issues in that it has slow and stationary moves while being reliant on FGs. Especially in a game designed around extreme mobility where many classes can get behind you almost instantly.

Definitely agree on speeding up Open/Cease Fire (should be able to cast it then cancel out immediately and let the otters do the work :D).

Also I like the stamina suggestions by Thullir.

Last Edit : Jan 27, 2023, 20:10 (UTC)
# 3


plz stop nerfing succ's CCs and consider reverting the recent stormsurge/whirlpool/rising whirlpool nerfs

Last Edit : Jan 28, 2023, 01:13 (UTC)
# 4

I agree with many of the addresses issues, fundamentally & mechanically / technicality. 

Last Edit : Feb 1, 2023, 01:59 (UTC)
# 5

This is a good post. Many of these issues are just being ignored instead of fixed.

Last Edit : Feb 4, 2023, 11:07 (UTC)
# 6

And while we're at it, give her the two Lahr Arcien costumes. It's THE class for those and doesn't have them ?

Last Edit : Feb 7, 2023, 00:15 (UTC)
# 7

been 3 months since last round of succ nerfs

might be time for more nerfs cuz theres still a handful of players on it.


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