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[Spring Greetings] [NA][PC] From Evil; The best animal-cruelty-free Guild.
Feb 28, 2023, 19:21 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Mar 1, 2023, 23:02 (UTC)
# 1

I want you to join the <Evil> Guild.
I am the GM of <Evil> (that's right the real one. E v i l not Evii).

The Evil guild is a community of free-spirited individuals that don't want to censor themselves after working a long or short shift IRL.

Our community standards are pretty much... 
1, Don't care who you flag up.
2. Don't care who you start a GvG with.
3, It's a game to have fun on so let's slaughter some people, along with the monsters
4, Like life skilling? NIIICE! tell me about how you're succin trees or whatever else. 

5. We have thick skins, and we respect the word 'Stop' if jokes, etc go too far, and someone says stop. 

Contact me in-game should you have further questions.

Family Name : Cwis 
Guild Name : Evil 

P.S. If you're cruel to animals don't bother whispering me. Because I will find out where you live and call Peta on you. 

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Lv Private
This was hidden by admin due to the reports it has received.
Last Edit : Mar 1, 2023, 22:39 (UTC)
# 3

The above post is not associated with the <Evil> Guild. 

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Lv Private
Last Edit : Mar 1, 2023, 22:53 (UTC)
# 4

Great Guild. Good People!

Last Edit : Mar 1, 2023, 22:55 (UTC)
# 5

Good People! Great Guild.

Last Edit : Mar 1, 2023, 22:57 (UTC)
# 6

Guild people! Great Good.

Last Edit : Mar 2, 2023, 20:33 (UTC)
# 7

Guild people, Great good!


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