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#Life Skill
Game Crashes Only When Minimized
Mar 13, 2023, 20:51 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Mar 13, 2023, 20:51 (UTC)
# 1

Aside from the normal game crashes that happen whenever you swap characters, servers or go to the magnus, BDO is now crashing whenever the game is minimized. It appears to happen most often when afk horse training.

Steps to replicate:

1: Select an auto-loop auto-path preset

2: Begin afk horse training (horse type or wagon attached does not matter)

3a: Horse auto-pathing will stop mid training (best case scenario)

3b: Game will flat out crash with no error

I am losing countless hours of leveling to this bug and I am very much pissed off it's even happening. It never used to do this.

Last Edit : Mar 14, 2023, 00:01 (UTC)
# 2

Hi there, as i had similar issues recently, may I ask where you are autopathing and in which graphic setting?
I had the crashes in a certain spot in Duvencrune (right when exiting the city through the northern gate). However, I only got the crashes while I was in Low or Medium graphic settings. I changed to Lowest/Optimal, and have not had any crashes in the last 4 nights. Maybe that can work for you too.

Last Edit : Apr 1, 2023, 08:32 (UTC)
# 3

bump got exact same problem, only thing changed recently I installed Lost Ark, but I do NOT run both games at same time

put setting from remastered to optimal fixed the problem

Last Edit : Apr 9, 2023, 06:46 (UTC)
# 4

Is this being looked into? Its been around 1 month now without any word on it.

It started on the same patch for every1 currently experiencing this issue so its very clearly a game client problem.

Last Edit : Apr 13, 2023, 07:14 (UTC)
# 5

yep same problem here, complete waste of time 

Last Edit : Apr 27, 2023, 21:12 (UTC)
# 6

still happens to mee too, complete random crashes minimized when afk horse training in heidel. Sometimes after 2 hours, then after 9 hours or sometimes idk after with much hours cause i let the pc open when go to work

Last Edit : Apr 28, 2023, 08:49 (UTC)
# 7

Monday night I crashed within a few minutes of putting the game in tray, last night I crashed 26min after putting the game in tray. Thats 2 nights of lost energy regen with the auto-applied kama buff we were given from login rewards. Its also lost worker progress and farm crops not growing.

Is this even being looked into?

Last Edit : May 11, 2023, 10:54 (UTC)
# 8

Mount exp event going and the game just keeps crashing almost every night when you afk ride horses...

How many months until we at least get to know if they are working on this or not? Silence means no in my book.

Last Edit : May 15, 2023, 20:44 (UTC)
# 9

Same here, the game is crashing every 10 minutes or so when minimized for afk horse training. 

Last Edit : May 16, 2023, 00:12 (UTC)
# 10

Hey, so far the two fixes i heard of are either using Elvia to "hide" in, or setting graphics to lowest / optimal. Both has been successful for a number of people so far.

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