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[Suggestion] Add More Specific Skill Filters within the Skills Screen
Mar 21, 2023, 00:57 (UTC)
436 1
Last Edit : Mar 21, 2023, 00:57 (UTC)
# 1

Title: More Specific Skill Filters within the Skills Screen
Family Name: CloudedSkies

Region (NA/EU): NA

Within the skill screen, we have many different attributes and features to pay attention to. MP Cost, Cooldown, Input & Input interactions, Crit rate, accuracy rate, HP on hit, Super Armor... etc. Given we have so many stats to cover, I feel the Simple Filter of Protection/Modifier doesn't help us find what we are looking for all the time.
Sometimes I'm trying to figure out what skill has HP on hit, or MP on hit. Sometimes I want to see, "Does this class have any evasion debuffs, and where?" Stuff like that.
The Current filter is great, but it could serve to help us find more. Here's an example.
This skill here has ALOT of stuff going on. It costs 150 MP to cast, has a 20 second cooldown with an input of Shift+C, and then you look into its effect description and...
There's alot to take in here. Maybe Im just looking to find out that Oh hey, this skill regenerates 60 HP per hit on attack 2. That's great! Except, I have to filter through all the other stuff on the skill to find it. Is this a problem for most people? Probably not, some people might see no issue with this. But, imagine when a new class releases (or heck, you're just playing a new class,) how much easier it would be to understand if we were able to filter for things like this?

SO. My suggestion is: Allow us to filter more specifically for:
-HP and MP on hit
-AP & DP Buffs or Debuffs
-Move/Attack/Cast Speed Buffs or Debuffs
-Accuracy / Evasion Buffs or Debuffs
-Resistance Buffs or Debuffs
-Damage modifier buffs (+Crit Damage, +Down att. Damage, etc.)
-Target moving functions (Pulls / Pushes the target)
-Other special functions (Such as Reduces Guard Meter, or Drains MP.)

Furthermore, change the skill filter to be in Categories. These Categories could include:
-Protection (IFrame, Super Armor, Forward Guard)
-Buff (+DP, +AP, +Accuracy, +Evasion, +Resistance, etc.)
-Debuff (-DP, -AP, -Accuracy, -Evasion, etc.)
-Crowd Control
-Miscellaneous Functions (Push/Pull target, reduce Guard meter, Drain MP, etc.)

I think this would help expedite the learning process of classes in the game and let us get to developing muscle memory faster, and enjoy the game in sodoing.
That's all, Thanks for reading.


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