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Alchemy Stones Last Hold out on old school enhancment needs updating
May 28, 2023, 22:15 (UTC)
459 2
Last Edit : May 28, 2023, 22:15 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Viaadlucem

Region (NA/EU): NA

It is time for some Updates to the Alchemy stone Enhancment , Specifically Quality of Life Updates. You have 150% xp per stone max through polishing Gets you 1 single attempt before you have to refill it, if it fails and degrades it loses all mats adding insult to injury. the main issue is that it is extreemly tedious to constantly stop refill then enhance again. this in itself has players running for the hills after the 100th attempt.
This should be changed to use all mats available so they at least auto fill or auto use Matts that are in inventory making an added extention to the enhancment window similar to the way you guys did with the J's hammer. but will keep enhancing as long as you have Matts per attempt.
The Next part would be to allow for at least Cron enhancment if you chose to keep the % chance as low as it is for us to keep the item from being destroyed AND degrading i realize that it is one of the most sought after but there has to be a better balance. Be it higher % rate to succeed and lower % destruction and/or reverting.
The last Part of this is to actually have Mastery AND levels i.e. Guru + increase the % chance to be successfull & Decrease falure destruction Now me personally i am a long ways away from Guru Alchemy but if this did affect it darn sure i will be working at it.
Directly Too the Point Alchemy Stone Enhancement has been one of the major holdouts in BDO that has never been updated. As we all start heading to end game it is very apparent that some stats as well as giving up AP for others becomes our next major goal thinks like more evasion or higher accuracy become the staple of builds next to AP and these Alchemy Happen to be one of the major hold outs that are litterally almost impossible to make.
Let me give an example: This Chart if you guys have never seen it is the staple of those that have been into trying to make these stones for years and years
Ever since the Shining and Splendid came out there have been those that have tried to make a push for the elite of all content in BDO the Shining Alchemy stone of DestructionHere in Lies the problem with this content you have to make a 3% enhancment chance not once but Three times in a row to actually attain the Shining all the while 2 of those steps if failed carries a 70% then 80% chance of being destroyed to get there.
This end of the content really needs to have some sort of fall back at least for it to not be destroyed or personally degraded at the last 2 levels people are not making these anymore do to its difficulty that really starts with the Quality of life aspect of it. if players are willing to try then at least make it so they can Hit the enhancment without a 3 step process that is both needless and frustraiting.
I hope this gets the attention it deserves there is just some content within BDO that seems to have been forgotten this is a major one that is actually very relavent now.
Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 10:28 (UTC)
# 2

You have to polish the same stone for thousands of times manually and same for growth . The current system takes forever just to get you stuck up on losing most of them to beeing destroyed. Thats why most dont even attempt this system, its just clicking until youre sore and u are 5% the way there. 

Just ease up on the clicking madness and give us something like  auto-growth/ auto-polish.   

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