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Character Voice Customization Reset on Loading Screen
Jun 1, 2023, 09:32 (UTC)
459 2
Last Edit : Jun 1, 2023, 09:32 (UTC)
# 1

As per the title, going through any loading screen - in-game ones such as teleporting into the Battle Arena or falling down a Magnus well included - effectively resets the voice customization of the player character to default, as the actual slider and voice set choices within the Beauty Salon seem to stay intact.

Steam installation, noticed right after yesterday's maintenance.

Last Edit : Jun 5, 2023, 07:07 (UTC)
# 2

In 'known issues' they have the following:

The character's voice abnormally sets to a lower tone. (The slider gets set to "Deep").

Which is... not the problem, or not the only problem, at least. My characters with deeper voices still get reset to default, high-pitched voices.


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