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2 Start the game once installation is complete.


UTC 20 : 2 Jun 19, 2024
CEST 22 : 2 Jun 19, 2024
PDT 13 : 2 Jun 19, 2024
EDT 16 : 2 Jun 19, 2024
Character creation is broken
Jun 1, 2023, 16:51 (UTC)
484 3
Last Edit : Jun 1, 2023, 19:18 (UTC)
# 1

So I was trying to create a Sorc and the gender button disappeared! I CAN NO LONGER CHOOSE WHICH GENDER MY CLASS IS. Oh, wait...

Last Edit : Jun 4, 2023, 17:33 (UTC)
# 2

I'll never understand why people care about gender lock...

Last Edit : Jun 5, 2023, 05:17 (UTC)
# 3
On: Jun 4, 2023, 17:33 (UTC), Written by Dansleif

I'll never understand why people care about gender lock...

well, everyone wants to be their ideal fantasy Adventureous hero. Some hope they were male sorc and some hope they were male DK/Lahn. having a gender lock classes is & will never be a good decision for any mmo as many players don't like to compromise.

I myself hope that BDO should remove gender lock system if possible and relasing 1 class and creating male/female outfits depending for both gender. It would have been better if with it there were races. Shai Race, Berserker Race, Human Race, Elfs Races, orc race with male & female gender option. a meme class Shai race DK!!!!


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