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Woosa General Feedback
Jul 5, 2023, 10:41 (UTC)
2246 13
Last Edit : Jul 6, 2023, 19:08 (UTC)
# 11

Woosa Awakening playstyle is awesome and unique

but we cant play because shes too weak to Other classes

She doesnt have protection

This buff probably Awakening Woosa more playable and make a A+ Class(for pvp)

(and this buffs is are not Overbuff, as its supposed to be ( Make playable please. ) )


Last Edit : Jul 15, 2023, 10:31 (UTC)
# 12

Good suggestions, but some raise some concerns for PvP, since generally classes do not have protection on Hits that CC in awakening. With these changes Awk Woosa would have 3 + 1 Core, which is basically succ maegu level before nerfs.

Mark of the Moon (Shift+E): I don't agree with the protection on this, the skill has a great design. The first hit CCs and although it's unprotected, can instantly be cancelled. If you want the protection and skip the unprotected CC part, you can flow into Attack 2 with S+E / F or shift+S. This is a good balance for both PvE & PvP. Maybe they could add some more flows though.

Blooming Death (S+E): The same should be done as for shift+E, giving us an option to skip the CC part and go right into the protection / dmg portion of the skill. This would be a great balance for PvE & PvP. (This skill is already really OP in PvP and shouldn't be buffed)

Soul Shower (W+E): DP Debuff is actually good for this skill, since it is quick and can be instantly cancelled / flows into almost every skill in her kit. Since Awakening Woosa doesn't have the leisure of fitting in too many skills into a combo, it's important to have a quick debuff.

Flow: River's End: Agree with everything but not the protection. Again, the actual hits of skills that CC are unprotected, this just falls in line with how most other classes are designed. Specially ranged classes should not have fully protected CC skills.

To add to the suggestions:

Would be nice if Awk Woosa could properly trade some damage. All her skills are split into 2-3 Attack Parts that when combined deal great damage for combos, but no one is sitting in your skill channel for 2-3 seconds waiting for you to cast.

Reducing PvP Damage reduction on Attack 1 (sometimes also 2) and increasing it on Attack 2 / 3 would allow for more trade damage while maintaining combo damage as is. Since the class doesn't have a grab or any block damage it's hard to pressure very protected classes.

Last Edit : Jul 22, 2023, 11:18 (UTC)
# 13

Great suggestion! I love awakening Woosa, been playing her since I came back to the game.

As great as her kit's ideas are, the execution is lacking. For such a slow class she has very little protection on her main damage skills.

I'm not sure about making her flowers bloom faster, as if they explode too fast you might as well make those explosions part of the core skill, but I could see them having just a bit of a faster proc.

However, sticking the flowers to the hit target(s) is something that'd definitely make them more viable while keeping the idea behind the mechanic.

All things considered, she'll be a fun and great class should these changes be implemented! Really hoping she gets some love.



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