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Imperial Cooking boxes motivation, again
Jul 29, 2023, 22:25 (UTC)
591 2
Last Edit : Jul 30, 2023, 20:03 (UTC)
# 1

So I recently was thinking...

They say I can make up to 120M silver per day by delivering Imperial cooking boxes, and it requires high Cooking mastery and good gear, so...

Lets assume I make Balenos Guru boxes.

And my stats are 534 Energy and 384 CP, lets round that up to 400 CP.

That means I can deliver 200 Guru boxes per day, each consisting of 24 Balenos meals.

And each Balenos meal consists of many sub-products, which in turn can consist of sub-sub-product, like making Cheese Gratin requires making Grilled Sausage first, and in turn it requires Gathering meat and Farming Onion and Pepper.

And it also required fishing for Smoked Fish Steak, with Balenos rod and penguin pet I can fish out ~150 per night, which results in ~300..400 dried fish.

So I need fishing rod, a float, and mastery clothes.

I also require butchering knife (got V Manos), and probably V Hoe to power level Gathering, so its ~5B silver.

And a set of TRI Manos accessories, which I already got.

And 10 farms, I currently getting 1 harvest/day because Im lazy, will be more when I finish training workers into Artisans with perfect skills, which may take several months or even longer...

So, what Im trying to say, earning 120M silver/day and aiming at upgrading TRI -> TET Manos accessories will take 24B/120M = 200 days.

At TOP efficiency, means I need to get to Guru cooking with 2000 mastery somehow.

And there's 6 accessories total, resulting in 200*6=1200 days=3.3 years, three years of several hours of everyday work, and thats not even endgame BiS gear.

You see, I'm not sure if its worth at all, spending ALOT of my free time everyday doing extremely boring chores to get what in the end?

Is anybody making money doing Imperial Cooking? Hows that can be profitable compared to 2-buttons grind, I heard people saying someone making 1B/hour somehere, not sure if its true, but even 500M/hour is hugely more profitable than 120M/day. Its not like Im complaining, but that upgrade goal is so long and distant and requires so much effort, and in the end how exactly it will affect my income, it looks like its just not worth in any sense.I think I probably should not even begin stepping on this path and just enjoy what I already have and lets say its endgame for me personally.

What do you think about all this?

Last Edit : Aug 2, 2023, 23:51 (UTC)
# 2

TL;DR version

Imperial Cooking with 400CP: 160M/day MAX, lots of work, longer CP is hard to get

Gathering snake/scorpion: 2 one-hour sessions/day, 300M each, even without Vallue Pack its ~400M/day, with 3 sessions/day its 600M

Gathering milk: 3 sessions/day, ~45 minutes total, ~100M without Value pack, very few work

So how is Imperial Cooking is even profitable?


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