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UTC 3 : 30 Jul 21, 2024
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PDT 20 : 30 Jul 20, 2024
EDT 23 : 30 Jul 20, 2024
2k gathering mastery and getting as little as 6 ore
Aug 23, 2023, 13:10 (UTC)
735 3
Last Edit : Aug 23, 2023, 13:11 (UTC)
# 1

With 2k gathering mastery, why am I still getting as little as 6 ore when I try to mine the scarce mining nodes out in the world?  Gathering ores and gems does not respect your time spent in BDO.   I have been tracking downthe rare platinum nodes and what I've found is that it is far more practical, instead of gathering the ore yourself with 2k mastery, to simply buy the platinum off the market that has been dumped by the numerous players who generate platinum effortlessly though their workers. 

These issues severely limit the viability of gathering profession and ruin much of what makes it interesting, now compounded by the numerous free mining and other sacks that are effortlessly generated from workers  and dumped on the market.  

Last Edit : Aug 23, 2023, 18:38 (UTC)
# 2

maybe because its time for PA to release 3000 mastery and new lifeskill tiers.

Last Edit : Aug 24, 2023, 18:40 (UTC)
# 3

Yes, people are stuck at max level for ages. 

Add new tiers and finally let people strive for higher Lifeskill-levels.

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