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Feedback on "Seal of Journey"...
Sep 25, 2023, 21:33 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 25, 2023, 21:35 (UTC)
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Family Name: Archaic_Triad

Region (NA/EU): NA

Suggestions/Comments: ----->

Feedback on the Seal of Journey...

So we have the new "Seal of Journey" and it comes tied to some pretty nice rewards that are near and dear to the heart of progression in BDO. However the drawbacks to making this system bound to more than one chapter of the seasons release is problematic.


Ex 1:


Ex 2:


Just like most of us who enjoy full completion of the BDO newly released content I made a new season character, full PEN'd her and graduated after using my seals to get a Floramos Accessory from the 100x exchange.


After a short break. I started in on my second character creation in this new chapter of the season structure, fully leveled, fully geared and set on my way to claim the seals rewards. When arriving at Pulvio for my second time I was extremely disappointed. The rewards did not renew when I had made an entirely new season character....


This is beyond cheap...


Usually when we get a new season we get a unique item to collect to perform an exchange at a reward shop. When we do this, the turnover is a 1 to 1, and I respect that.... However... this time PA, you are releasing TWO SEASONS and only one redeemable item to collect. This is outrageous and a huge nerf.


I am asking for a change to this decision, roll back your choice to make this item "not reset upon graduation". Give us our reset so we can get the rewards we earned. 


Last Edit : Sep 25, 2023, 23:47 (UTC)
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I mean, agree, but it says it right on the seal description.    1 quest per FAMILY, not per character.

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Last Edit : Sep 26, 2023, 00:31 (UTC)
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Well, since it's a permanent "season" (change the name, please.  Seasons, by definition, come and go), it makes sense that the rewards are one-shot.  It's good in a way, so that the easy-play bloat won't get too out of hand, but it's also cheap and lazy because now they don't have to get creative and do work to create cool rewards.

They're milking the cash cow.  They're getting lazy.  If no one else takes control of this game, it's going to die sooner than later.  Simple as that.  It's been dying quicker these past two years now.  I'm quite sad to see it.

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