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Hey can we actually Make Class Buffs Make Sense
Oct 13, 2023, 13:57 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Oct 13, 2023, 13:57 (UTC)
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Hello now before you get upset because you got baited by the title into thinking this was going to be another rage filled we need pvp balance because my class sucks and here is why post this is not. When I  say class buffs I mean that one skill that lets us go super sayin for like 30 seconds that almost nobody ever uses. Unless they are salty in pvp and then get called a scrub for using it anyways.  Recently Awakened Warriors on global labs have gotten some nice pve buffs.  As one of the few succession warriors on this Earth I want to say to my awakened homies and brothers congrazs it took a long time but honestly needed. That being  said the one thing that caught my attetion the most is the buff to their class buff EXECUTIONER. They increased it from 20ap  to 30 ap on use. Which I assume that is Peral Abyss telling us to class buff in PVE more if your not doing it already.  Honestly I think the buff is quite silly considering if a Awakaned Warrior uses this in AOS or in most pvp situations he can put you on a t-shirt faster then you can understand what even happened to you in the first place. But the point I am trying to make is I have heard from other people including my own class and spec that some of the stats in their class buff does not make sense and they do not know why they even have it in the first place. Like I`ll use succession warrior as an example. Why does it have evasion in the class buff. The tanky DR class has evasion in their class buff the evasion that does nothing to help you survive. Like I understand the theme here. They want Succession Warrior to be like this tanky Knight type and Awakaned to be like this  I have big greatsword we ball big damage ( Although Succession warrior has higher burst then awakened warrior but that all subject to change after these pve buffs coming plus. Lets be honest they are only buffing awakened warrior first because they are going to buff every other class afterward. Which will make awakened warrior look bad in pve again anyways.... I`m only joking....unless?!) But correct me if I am wrong but evasion on a warrior ( unless they are build hybrid or built into evasion fully for some reason but to each their own I guess) just does not work like most of the time. Now mind you I am not the only person who plays this spec that complained about it. This was one of the things that people was hoping to get changed during the "class reboots". So all I am saying is if we are now looking into the number changes of certain class buffs with the most recent awakaned warrior change. PA should start looking into  all the class buffs that do not make sense and fix stats or numbers. Hopefully that will happen but only time will tell. Thanks for reading my tiny rant enjoy your day


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