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Certificates knowledge - professional processing
Oct 29, 2023, 20:25 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Oct 29, 2023, 22:04 (UTC)
# 1


Does anyone know how I can get knowledge for Life Skills -> Certificates -> (chopping - professional, etc)? I looked everywhere for it and can't find the answer. There are 6 knowledges to get there, all from different processing techniques.

Last Edit : Oct 30, 2023, 09:10 (UTC)
# 2

The Certificates knowledges are all available through questlines you can get from the black spirit. Open Black Spirit (,) and press (4) to open the "Guide" interface. You should find the Certificate quests there. In order to see them and do them, you will need to have the corresponding level in that lifeskill (e.g. for Chopping Professional, you need to have Processing Professional 1 at least)

Last Edit : Oct 30, 2023, 15:41 (UTC)
# 3

That's all I have in there:

My processing is at guru 15 atm.

I have done skilled certificates long time ago. Do I need some additional quest for professional ones to show up? 

Last Edit : Oct 30, 2023, 16:02 (UTC)
# 4

Ah my bad. The "professional" certificates actually dont exist iirc. Only beginner and skilled are possible to obtain afaik.

You can technically get the knowledges the same way you can get all of the unobtainable ones, and thats by reading pearl-bookshelves. But thats a very low chance of actually getting the right knowledge

Last Edit : Oct 30, 2023, 20:03 (UTC)
# 5

How does pearl-bookshelves work?

Last Edit : Oct 31, 2023, 07:58 (UTC)
# 6

You buy one, and put it in your residence. Then you put your alts in that residence, and interact with the bookshelf (R) to start reading. The alt will then read the bookshelf for the next few hours, and you can swap to another alt (and make them read it too, with as many alts as you want). You can actively play on your main then, but be aware that as long as one of your alts is reading, you cannot change servers.

After the reading is over, if you swap to your alt, you can gain a random knowledge out of all the knowledges that exist. As it can be both knowledges you already have or one you dont, its always rng if you actually get something new or not.

Here's a guide:

Last Edit : Nov 1, 2023, 23:31 (UTC)
# 7

So only way to get this knowledge is to buy bookshelve for pearls and pray for 0.021% chance to get one I want? This is beyond pathetic. Did pearl abyss ever said anything about changing it or they just gonna keep it like that?

Also how is it called in pearl shop, because I cant find it. Is it only obtainable during some events? How many times can I use it?

Last Edit : Nov 2, 2023, 08:04 (UTC)
# 8

There have always been unavailable knowledges. People have made suggestions, as well as a number of initiatives to keep track of these knowledges. While some are periodically removed, or even added to be available, some others, like the certificates, have always been MIA. 

Theres different Pearl Bookshelves you can buy, and they all contain all of the knowledges. The use is infinite, so if you have one, you can always use that.

Last Edit : Nov 2, 2023, 14:55 (UTC)
# 9

Are you sure they are infinite? It says here that they have "Usage: 30 times."

Last Edit : Nov 3, 2023, 00:48 (UTC)
# 10

Yea all the pearl furniture thingies have durability, but it never goes down

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