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Papua Crinea improvements for Pearl Abyss - Fishing, Iridescent Pebbles and Krogdalo Donkey Gear
Nov 4, 2023, 21:48 (UTC)
643 7
Last Edit : Nov 4, 2023, 21:49 (UTC)
# 1

This is mostly to PA as I know they do read these forums from time to time.

I had just started doing quests for this area and what brought me here was the Krogdalo Donkey Gear. Nobody is making Krogdalo Donkey gear or listing it to sell on the market. So rather than going through a whole lot of discussion I would just like to make a recommendation and I'll let PA come up with something to help us.

1. Iridescent Pebbles take too long to obtain.

With the huge variety content that this game provides, (like bartering people) dont have the time to spend weeks  to run daily quests for a tiny amount of materials.

We would like you to improve the drop rate for fishing up the Coins and the amount, OR Increase the amount of coins for exchange, OR reduce the amount of coins neede for exchanging iridescent pebbles.

2. Krogdalo Donkey Gear

Not only are iridescent pebbles rare to obtain but the time needed to acquire them is not valuable, it does not reward us with sufficient benefits in return for Donkey gear,
I would like to see a greater Life skill buff for the Krogdalo Donkey gear, maybe some additional energy recovery too. Compared to other dream horses this gear is inferior even as lifeskill stats.

2. Donkey
I would like to see the event where Donkey's could fly again, or allow us to awaken T9 Donkey permanantly so that Donkey can be used to glide.

Donkey needs a double jump too. If you are life skilling a donkey you are in the wild and there are alot of objects and rocks. It is not flat prairies.

3. Otter vs Papu war
Please buff rewards and trash loot and better rewards for life skillers.

4. Fishing on Papua Crinea Island
I am fishing there and I have no NPC Trade manager to give my fish to.

Please add a Trade manager or imperial fishing, with the pain of afk fishing fhe fish expires and we need to throw them away.
The fish tank also takes a long time to aquire so going to this island is very unpleasant and inconvenient for fishing (which is a requirement for coins).

The closes Trade manager is Kamasylvia and it is too far away, it requires us to use a ship to get there. This is a major time waster for this game.

5. Crow coins and bartering.

Can we include this island to be a Bartering location?
Make it similar to Hakoven where Level 5 goods can be exchanged for Crow Coins.

6. Land of the Morning light Wharf Manager

This is unrelated to Papua Crinea but can you add a Wharf Manager on the North East side of Land of the Morning Light Dallae Port.

This will help many Barterers and it saves us so much time. Time is always a problem with Sea Content and  PA needs to respect players time by making it more efficient.

You dont have to shorten the time to obtain sea and bartering items but make it more efficient and meaningful rewards for the time spent.

Last Edit : Nov 4, 2023, 23:36 (UTC)
# 2

I have the set and I thought about this two years ago while questing and fishing there.  They have a trade manager in the area all they would have to do is put the orange and gold rare fish there and the Krogdalo gear would be on the marketplace more often than not.

They need to increase the price of that gear about two times what we see it sold as to because it's worth much more than what it currently sells for at +10.

14 372
Lv Private
Last Edit : Nov 6, 2023, 02:47 (UTC)
# 3

I really hope I will never ever have to return to this location for any reason.

After trying to get all knowledge, alone. Yes, I mean that 5-day boss fights with transform scrolls. SOLO.

Last Edit : Nov 6, 2023, 12:08 (UTC)
# 4

Agree with everything here, although there already is a wharf manager at Dallae Pier

110 959
Lv Private
Last Edit : Nov 6, 2023, 15:25 (UTC)
# 5

Just a note, Shais also requested donkey krogdalo improvements as part of the release of the Donkuanatt (flying donkey). I support this dedicated thread as well. Below is the link and related info. Feel free to comment with any support or concerns. However, it is now on the adventurer board which means I will not be making changes to the OP to avoid conflicts due to communication issues. So any further ideas on better implementation concerning donkey krog should be improved here.

Thanks you!

Finally, take a look at potentially buffing Krogdalo set bonus: Donkey Krogdalo Buff Increased

         1 set effect: 5% Life EXP, 2% Gathering Item Drop Rate
         3 set effect: 15% Life EXP, 5% Gathering Item Drop Rate

         5 set effect: 30% Life EXP, 10% Gathering Item Drop Rate

Last Edit : Apr 4, 2024, 12:00 (UTC)
# 6

BTW there is a trade manager at the wharf without a wharf manager (Lamute).

But otherwise, much yes. It's countless hours of AFK fishing + tedious daily quests to make our donkey overall maybe kinda equivalent to a T8 horse that lacks skills.

The reward for the time investment is simply not there, as evidenced by how rarely one sees [Donkey] Krogdalo on the CM (at least on NA). If I'm reading properly, it's been over 7 months since a Champron PO has filled and literally no one has ever listed Stirrups.

I get it, this is supposed to be epic-type donkey gear. But the horse world is making the donkey gear pale in comparison. There are no T1-5 horses anymore, yet the best "you only get one ever" donkey is equivalent to somewhere in those tiers.

If the goal is to try to get everyone onto a T9 or T10 horse, those just don't have the inventory slots of a donkey and overstacking 4 slots isn't the same when you're dealing with "all these maids just aren't enough for omni-lifeskilling right now and I'm trying to clear my inventory some real fast".

My donkey is also my main reason I wish my Manos Riding Crop could fit in Liana's Tool Bag: we basically need to have one equipped to not be laughed at by almost every horse rider. That's a lot of swapping between two items in the slot, which I presume was the very reason the Tool Bag was introduced.

Last Edit : Apr 21, 2024, 17:07 (UTC)
# 7

Bump this thread. It is a pain in the arse to work on the donkey gear. I really love to see improvements here. So, I support the plan for changes in the dailies or math's so getting the Donkey gear will be easier and enjoyable.

Lv Private


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