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UTC 13 : 56 Feb 24, 2024
CET 14 : 56 Feb 24, 2024
PST 5 : 56 Feb 24, 2024
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Is Lahn actually dead?
Nov 25, 2023, 02:02 (UTC)
684 3
Last Edit : Nov 25, 2023, 02:05 (UTC)
# 1

I am not a Lahn player but i decided to make one and see why this class is rarer then Corsair. I see more corsair then Lahns, fr!

After doing PVP on her for straight up 15hrs in BA (1v1 with ninja, warrior, draknia, guardian), i have to be real; Lahn is straight up meta capped by other classes.


The only "OP" thing she got is her grab and that's it (from my pov).

1) She uses her skills so fast that you basically run out of skills and have to sit in lingering SA for few secs for CDs to come up or fly away.

2) she straight up burns through her stamina alot and certain skills like Blade dance doesn't let her recover stamina, plus; every skill of her basically uses stamina.

3) She has alot of WP/MP/SP and everyskill revovers tons of her WP, so much so that she never runs out of WP and doesn't need MP pots. Why not make her skills use WP more instead of stamina all the time?

4) Her damage is very good but lacks on crit-rate in PVP (but with addons changes now, she is doing very good).

5) Lack of mobility. I will be honest and say that Lahn actually has lack of mobility because her mobility skills have very long CDs and the distance she travel is very short compared to other classes after the class reboot few years ago. She can't trade SA nor FG and like other assassin class she can't keep moving in combat, She will run out of stamina very fast and then have to sit on lingering SAs or on FG. 

6) Her 1v1 is very good because of her grab and that's it.


Do let me know what you guys think of lahn, This is what i have noticed after PVP'ing for 15hr on Lahn. If i missed something or said something wrong please correct me asap with some improvement tips. 

take care <3.

Last Edit : Nov 29, 2023, 21:58 (UTC)
# 2

They should just remove her ranged grab and make her a real class. 

Last Edit : Nov 30, 2023, 03:07 (UTC)
# 3
On: Nov 29, 2023, 21:58 (UTC), Written by Xerathiel

They should just remove her ranged grab and make her a real class. 

Then what about the range grabs from Hashasin, Nova, Corsair, Sage?

Then what about the tamer's iframe grab?

Then what about the warrior's instant grab which becomes even more scary with Dash > Sloar > Grab.


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