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Add durability to crystals
Dec 1, 2023, 11:09 (UTC)
385 5
Last Edit : Dec 1, 2023, 11:09 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: SeedofYggdrasil

Region (NA/EU): EU

Comments/Suggestions: Implement crystal durability mechanics. Instead of the possibility of a crystal breaking upon death, have it lose 10 durability each time. Once the durability reaches 0, the crystal should shatter (but can be recovered with the crystal recovery function).
Additionally make the 4 outside crystal slots unbreakable (nobody wants to lose his Girin's tear):
Last Edit : Dec 1, 2023, 12:39 (UTC)
# 2

Good idea except I think having the 4 outside slots being the ones that lose durability and the rest of the slots normal potential loss would be more balanced.

Last Edit : Dec 1, 2023, 20:34 (UTC)
# 3

1 - crystal durability, durability  loss on death. a broken crystal is 0/100 durability. 

2 - repair crystal durability with another copy of the crystal OR with a quantity of Magical Shard from heated black magic crystal. More reasons to use this flexible item is a good thing. Having two options (a copy of the original crystal or the commodity item magical shard) will cause there to be a balance between the values of these things. For example, if your Jin Viper breaks, maybe you use a Jin Viper to repair the durability from 0 back to 100. But if your Girin breaks, maybe you use 100 magical shards to repair the durability from 0 back to 100. As you can see, this will cause values of crystals to maintain, without causing stress. 


3 - broken crystals don't disappear from slots in crystal presets, so you won't need to click through many steps of UI to replace & save each set that uses a crystal every time one breaks anymore

Last Edit : Dec 1, 2023, 23:21 (UTC)
# 4

Just remove crystal breaking all together.  There is no crystal breaking on console.  There doesn't need to be crystal breaking on PC.  

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Lv Private
Last Edit : Dec 3, 2023, 07:55 (UTC)
# 5

Please, remove the crystal breaking from the game!!!

Lv Private


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