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Add back minus Evasion Debuff to Succ Maegu
Dec 1, 2023, 23:19 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 1, 2023, 23:26 (UTC)
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Succ Maegu used to have: All Evasion Rate -9% for 10 sec on hits on Prime: Bared Claws (A/D LMB)

This was was removed as Succ Maegu was excelling at end game grind spots that required a fair bit of accuracy to grind efficently - this was understandable at the time as Succ Maegu was a superior grinder to most. An unfortunate side affect to this change was the affect it had on Succ Maegu being unable to fight evasion based classes in PVP.

As time has gone on, these end game grind zones have been reworked to require less accuracy overall - making this nerf some what irrelvant.

If you play evasion succ maegu the way it is intended to play, given the evasion passives the class has, it is nearly impossible to fight other evasion players.

Awakening Maegu was recently given this change so giving it to Succ seems a logical idea as well. 

All i ask is that the minus evasion debuff be put back on to Prime: Bared Claws (A/D LMB) or another more fitting skill, giving us a fair shot at fighting evasion based players. 

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