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[GUIDE] [Ulukita] Prince's Crumbling Heart
Dec 11, 2023, 14:57 (UTC)
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[Ulukita] Prince's Crumbling Heart

Greetings Adventurers,

Despite being a prince seemingly powerless in dictating his fate, both Sirare and Sarma Anin firmly believe that Prince Bareeds III can find his strength and stand as the beacon of hope for Mediah. Let's take him through the stories of Muzgar, shedding light on the undying spirit of Mediah. Just like you did before, use your adventurer's senses (aka follow the blue arrows on top of NPCs) to discover stories from people in Muzgar. Gather clues from people's speech bubbles to progress the story. Then, hand over the token you received to the Black Spirit to complete the quest. You need Token of Hope x5! This means that you have to complete only 5 of the 15 available quests in Muzgar.

Table of Contents

1. Those blasted thieves!

2. The lunatic near the restaurant

3. The beggar at the stable

4. Ain't it fishy?

5. Did you check the roof?

6. The madman on the hill by the lake

7. Kids on the roof

8. Poisoned man on the cliff

9. It's my pig!

10. A secret society?

11. News from Altinova!

12. Chief's bodyguard

13. Too many fees!

14. The kid by the stable

15. The hungry Troll

You can copy and paste the title in the CTRL+F bar to navigate the document. However, keep in mind that the titles I use are not official! These quests don't have official titles, so I had to make them up. Also, if you need further instructions, don't hesitate to ask!

◈ Those blasted thieves!

At the entrance of Muzgar Mine a Sullen Miner is seething with anger, complaining about thieves. He explains that the guild promised him a land of opportunities, but all the hard work goes into paying fees! The Premier Neruda Shen buys popularity in Altinova and steals from the wastes.

Talk to the Sullen Miner.

Keep talking to the Sullen Miner.

◈ The lunatic near the restaurant

Near the Muzgar Mine entrance, a Talkative Man is speaking about some lunatic near the restaurant. In front of the chief's house, a Rambling Man is babbling on without making much sense. He says that Illezra's Five Rings are in the ranks of Shen's men.

Talk to the Talkative Man.

Talk to the Rambling Man.

◈ The beggar at the stable

A Sezec Mercenary wants to tell you that there's a beggar at the stable! Apparently, the beggar says he saw a prince begging around like him. Next to the Stable, you can find an Odd Person. He says he's a bard singing of His Highness's accomplishments. He heard the prince came to Asparkan Fort dressed as a half-wit beggar to help those in need. They all laughed at the thought but then broke out a fight at the tavern: someone said to the other: "You make money deceiving others, what gives you the right to belittle a beggar?!" A beggar and a swindler fought over who's better. 

Talk to the Sezec Mercenary.

Talk to the Odd Person next to the Stable.

◈ Ain't it fishy?

In front of the Muzgar Inn, a Villager is dubious about the prince going missing. The other villager talking with him replies that the prince would be dead if it weren't for the Premier. However, villager n.1 explains that he has been having doubts since the Three Days of Darkness: out of all the royal family, how can a little kid be the sole survivor? Villager n.2 reminds him that if he thinks they planned to manipulate the prince from the start, saying out loud might be dangerous! But the mom of villager n.1 raised no cowards! So he keeps going: Neruda becomes Premier and sends the boy to Valencia, then fills the cabinet with his people! It's clearly him trying to claim the throne! But villager n.2 hushes him.

Talk to the Villager in front of the Muzgar Inn.

Listen to the conversation between the Villagers in front of the Muzgar Inn.

◈ Did you check the roof?

Next to the Muzgar Inn, a Dangerous Man and a Dangerous Woman are talking about something on the roof. But not only! They're talking about Prince Bareeds III meeting with Illezra. Go check the roof of the inn. There you can find Dropped Orders. Upon inspecting them, you'll find out the following information: "Capture the runaway miner who broke the contract. 10 million Silver reward per head. - Shen Merchant Guild". Moreover, "To suppress the miners' discontent and control public opinion, spread rumors that the mission prince has met with Illezra and is plotting darkness once again."

Talk to the Dangerous Man next to the Muzgar Inn.

Check the Dropped Orders on the roof of Muzgar Inn.

◈ The madman on the hill by the lake

Next to Muzgar Inn, a Calm Men and Fussy Man are talking about a mad man up on the hill by the lake. Talking to the Calm Man will activate the autopath. Follow it and climb on the hill. He senses something familiar in you, as in linked to the dreaded fate of Mediah. He served the Shudad who wanted to get to the bottom of Mediah's tragedy. However, the last he heard from them was about Neruda and the Five Rings proving their oath to Illezra. After that, he heard nothing more. Now, he waits for a just king, and for the Shudad to gather beneath him. He also explains the difference between the Shudad and Janissary (or Yeniceri): the Shudad are the king's shadow and the Yeniceri his light.

Talk to the Calm Man next to Muzgar Inn and follow the autopath.

Talk to the Suspicious Person on the hill by the lake.

◈ Kids on the roof

In front of Patrigio, a Frustrated Woman is talking to a Frustrated Man about the kids on the roof. On the roof, a Little Boy and a Little Girl are playing. The little boy is pretending to be Mediah's wise king: Kantukantu the 30th. He's promising to give sand coins to his people. However, the little girl points out that he doesn't have a horse to ride! Thus, he asks you for a plank (Cedar Plank x1). However, he doesn't know how to make the horse, so he asks you to. Ask for sand coins for the wooden horse. Use Manufacture on Sand Coin x1 and Cedar Plank x1 to get the Wooden Horse.

Talk to the Frustrated Woman.

Talk to the Little Boy on the roof.

Give the Little Boy Cedar Plank x1.

Ask the Little Boy for sand coins. Use Manufacture on Sand Coin x1 and Cedar Plank x1 to get the Wooden Horse.

◈ Poisoned man on the cliff

In front of the forge of Blacksmith Feyyaz, a Pitiful Man and a Distressed Woman are talking about a man on the cliff. This activates the autopath you need to follow. You will find a Poisoned Man lying on the ground on the top of the cliff. Talk to him. He explains that Neruda Shen is bringing death to Mediah with his Black Stones mines. The Man is the 3rd Shudad, a member of the Crescent Salvation. Keep talking to him and trigger the interactive cutscene. Protect the man from the attack and he's going explain that from the Three Days of Darkness, he's plagued by wounds and addiction

Talk to the Pitiful Man and follow the autopath.

Talk to the Poisoned Man on the cliff.

◈ It's my pig!

In front of the forge of Blacksmith Feyyaz, a Baffled Woman and a Confident Woman are fighting over the ownership of a pig. Since none of them can prove the ownership, to solve the issue Bareeds III offers to split the pig in half. The Confident Woman accepts and proposes to take it to the butcher right away. However, the Baffled Woman offers to give up on the condition they won't kill him. Due to this, Bareeds III decides that she is the true owner of the pig. Case solved! BTW the pig's name is Tarig.

Talk to the Baffled Woman.
Keep talking to the Baffled Woman.

◈ A secret society?

A Frustrated Woman and a Sezec Mercenary are talking about the secret society, the Crescent Salvation that vowed to save Mediah from danger. However, the woman is convinced that it's just a legend. But the mercenary insists that the legend circulating again is a sign of hope. Another mercenary intervenes and tries to silence them. Intimidate him.

Talk to the Frustrated Woman.

Keep talking to the Frustrated Woman.

◈ News from Altinova!

In front of Cemil, the Work Supervisor, a Joyful Man and an Excited Man are talking about shopping, since a merchant from Altinova arrived in the Muzgar plaza. The Merchant from Altinova brought the latest fabrics and news as well! There are 4 newspapers on display.

1. Shen Merchant Guild Newsletter. With the former chairman Neruda Shen now serving as the Premier of the Aksulp royal family, the race to elect a new chairman has officially kicked off. The candidates who have successfully registered with the Election Committee are as follows.

Candidate 1: Kirderf "Let's bring glory to Mediah once again!"

Candidate 2: Madelinot "Shen Merchant Guild, in partnership with Altinova."

Candidate 3: Sor "For free trade and a free Altinova."

Candidate 4: Yaak "For a safe Mediah and a clean Altinova."

2. Altinova Newspaper: Shroud Press. Rumors of Prince Bareeds' Sightings. Reports of Bareeds being spotted near Asparkan Fort are circulating, though the investigation into exile's ambush incident is still open, leaving these accounts unconfirmed. The witness testimonies analyzed by our publication do suggest a high likelihood of the prince's survival, given the details about his attire and way of speaking. The Premier Shen's cabinet, meanwhile, is cautiously assessing the situation before making any statements.

3. Altinova Newspaper: Daily. Prince Bareeds' Disappearance. The last heir to the throne, Prince Bareeds had abandoned his duty to take care of Mediah as the last survivor of the royal family and sought only royal rights, fled to Valencia City. It was reported that he went missing on the road to exile due to an ambush by unknown assailants. With his entire convoy decimated, the chances of the prince surviving seem slim. Premier Shen, worried about the young prince who might still be alive, has initiated a search and rescue mission. The culprits have been identified as the notorious Gahaz Bandits, but the reasons behind their assault and who may have orchestrated it remain a mystery.

4. Altinova Newspaper: Shen Communications. Dedicated solely to the people of Mediah, the newly appointed Premier Neruda Shen, is spearheading the highly anticipated southern development project. The barren south is riddled with dangers, but thanks to Shen's leadership in constructing the Asparkan Fort, the outpost now stands as a bulwark for settlers. Completed with the sweat of numerous workers and robust merchant backing, Mediah strides into a new chapter under with Premier Shen.

Talk to the Joyful Man.

Talk to the Merchant from Altinova.

◈ Chief's bodyguard

A Terrified Woman and a Terrified Man are talking about the scary guy with Karim, the Chief of Muzgar. They will tell you where the chief is: go to talk to him. He was born in Mediah but he has lived in Muzgar since before the expansion. Thus, he became the chief of the village. He explains that since the guild has now shown its intentions, Mediah will fall to darkness again. Karim was also a member of the previous king's cabinet. Moreover, his bodyguard, Kunga, explains that the merchant guild poisoned Shultz.

Talk to the Terrified Woman.

Talk to Karim, the Chief of Muzgar.

◈ Too many fees!

A Trembling Woman complains to an Angry Man that the storage keeper is taking too many fees. Look for Fadil, the Storage Keeper, and talk to the Merchant Guild Messenger in front of him. Fadil says "Ah, so the tree by the lake "bears fruits?". This interaction will trigger the autopath: follow it. Upon checking the Suspicious Place at the end of the autopath, there's a letter. Check the letter: Supply control for next month: "Clothing materials such as fabric and sewing kits. The Shen Merchants' seal is stamped on it." While reading, you notice someone waiting, a Sezec Mercenary. Talk to him and trigger the interactive cutscene. It seems like they're limiting the town's supplies.

Talk to the Trembling Woman.

Talk to the Merchant Guild Messenger and follow the autopath.

Check the Suspicious Place then talk to the Sezec Mercenary.

◈ The kid by the stable

An Astounded Woman and a Ridiculous Man are talking about a weird little kid by the stable. By the stable, you can find a Sentimental Child. "What meaning does the moon have? It shines the brightest in the night sky...", the child says. This will make you think of the Mediah flag since it has moons too. Upon asking for explanations, the child tells you to look at the flag of Mediah: there's this large moon enveloping the three small moons... What does it mean? Bareeds III explains that Mediah's flag was changed when Altinova became the capital after the Three Days of Darkness. Apparently, they each represented the Shen Merchant Guild, Sezec Mercenaries, and the Shroud Knights. Then... Does the big central moon represent the Darkness?

Talk to the Astounded Woman.

Talk to the Sentimental Child by the Stable.

◈ The hungry Troll

Near the Chief's house, an Odd Person and a Sezec Mercenary are talking about a Troll (a Sezec hunter by the entrance of the city). The troll's name is Abdul Jaum. Talk to him. He orders you to stand back: best not to get close unless you have good Mediahn food (Special Mediah Meal x1)! Asula will bless your kindness. A person like you should be allowed to listen to his story. "Asula will bless your kindness. A person like you should be allowed to listen to his story", he says. In the meantime, you can hear another Sezec Mercenary saying that the Five Rings are with the guild. "They whispered... And then soon... Boom! The sky raged! It went black!" he explains. They think that the fall of Mediah royals was planned all along by the merchant guild. Apparently, Bareeds III survived due to pure luck. Moreover, Abdul Jaum confirms that the play at Altinova was incorrect in many parts. However, they know only four of the Rings: could the last be Neruda Shen?

Talk to the Odd Person.

Talk to Abdul Jaum and give him Special Mediah Meal x1.

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