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Gear Capped RBF and Increased Uncapped Rewards
Feb 23, 2024, 06:12 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 09:01 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Nazuro

 Introduce a gear capped Red Battlefield, around T2 Node War or Arena of Solare gear level.
2) Increase rewards to repopulate the game mode. Reward players for their time and effort spent.

New players need a setting to practice and get comfortable with PvP: Capped gear RBF would give the opportunity to get involved in PvP earlier and prepare for node wars/GvGs/AoS. The game doesn't do a great job of encouraging players to participate in PvP. AoS is fun, but it's too much pressure for most players due to the intimate 3v3 setting. RBF/GvG/Guild League is too gear dependant (taking roughly 8 - 12 months of grinding before you can be competitive). T1/T2 nodewars are the best we have currently have, but they are time-gated and require a guild that fits your schedule.

Reward PvPers: BDO is a game to "play your way" and there's a large amount of players who love to PvP. The current monetary reward is outdated and we end up having to spend silver to PvP. It would be a dream to have the means to progress through PvP only. You can make 500m/hour after 3 days on a fresh seasonal character. There's no reason we can't be rewarded for our time and effort spent in RBF. Uncapped RBF should remain in the game with higher rewards than capped to encourage players to gear up and progress to a more competitive level. The only foreseen issue could be win-trading/afking for money. Actively investigating reports and banning guilty accounts, while also announcing it in the patch notes will deter people from doing this.

Revitalize RBF/PvP: Gear capped RBF allows players to get involved in PvP earlier, increasing and growing the PvP population. Rewarding players ensures that the game mode stays populated and doesn’t instantly die after launch (i.e. Team Battle). Only 2/15 channels are currently used with a steady decline in numbers. RBF used to be a pivotal part of the game and a fun place to try out new classes and hop in with friends.

Optimal Gear Points: Ideally, AoS gear would be your best option so that players can choose to build towards more damage or defenses depending on their class and/or playstyle. If not, just applying a T2 cap would offer a decently balanced game experience. AoS/T2 gear promotes having to study your class kit to combo enemy players, while rotating protections to survive in combat. This is great for new players to learn what their class is capable of. Also limiting or removing resistance would be helpful as it's just confusing to anyone, especially new players. (Did I not CC him there? Did I do something wrong? Oh, he resisted my knockdown?)

Improved Maps: Create unique maps that are well-designed for combat. No random DR buffs for players who just took extensive damage and debuffs that aren’t well indicated for capturing points. Rooftops are okay IF you don't have to climb to get them.

Scoreboard: Scoreboards make a game mode exciting, allowing people to see how they performed. Kills, Deaths, CC, Damage Taken, Damage Taken, Healing, ect. AoS and Guild League both do a great job of displaying player impact. This would be a welcome addition to RBF.

If you agree with this post, then feel free to upvote so it has a chance of reaching our developers.

Thanks for reading and I hope we can all enjoy a fun and rewarding PvP experience in the future!

Macilus xoxo

Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 06:29 (UTC)
# 2

BEEEEEG TRUE. PvP is the primary reason my friends and I play this game.

Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 06:44 (UTC)
# 3

all of these are great ideas, we love pvp!

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Lv 60
Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 06:51 (UTC)
# 4

Agreed times a thousand. This is long overdue...

Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 06:51 (UTC)
# 5

I would love to be able to progress through PvP alone!! PLEASE we need these changes!

Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 06:56 (UTC)
# 6

technically capped is already a thing just only for season characters (:

Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 07:01 (UTC)
# 7


Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 07:24 (UTC)
# 8

True! PvP is the best content BDO has to offer and honestly the only reason I play the game. I would love to be able to progress my gear through PvP and all of these ideas sound great. It would make the game SO MUCH MORE FUN! 

Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 07:24 (UTC)
# 9

Although I don't care for capped content personally, I see how this would greatly help the PVP community grow. All the other things mentioned I highly agree with too. A game should be fun and PVP is the most fun to a lot of people (especially the older players), so why can't we make gains and progression via something fun other than hitting mobs and running in a circle for hours on end, only to get more gear to hit stronger mobs for hours on end?...

I would give this 2 upvotes if i could :D

Last Edit : Feb 23, 2024, 08:37 (UTC)
# 10

Rewards for RBF should be highly buffed and in general RBF need a lot of improvements. Although I don't think capped version is a good idea. We have already a lot of capped pvp - AoS, node wars. If capped RBF would be introduced then most people would go there. There is already small amount of people that participate in RBF so by splitting people it would be even harder to find good fight. Also by introducing capped version people will have even less motivation to get better pvp gear what will result later on in even less people that join non-capped pvp.

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