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[Nova][Pearl Outfit] Rose Noire - Right Arm Exposed/Missing in Awakening out of Combat
Feb 29, 2024, 00:26 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Feb 29, 2024, 00:43 (UTC)
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The new Rose Noire outfit has a bug on the Nova character, where if the cape is on and in awakening with the weapon sheathed, then the right sleeve of the outfit disappears, showing a bare skin arm.

Reproduction steps:

1. Select Nova character

2. Equip the Rose Noire outfit

3. Ensure the cape is on

4. Go into Awakening

5. Sheathe the weapon/Be out of combat stance

6. Observe how the right sleeve of the outfit disappears and exposes a bare skin arm. (See screenshot)

Frequency: Reproduceable always.

Expected result: The awakening weapon is hidden and the outfit is displaying its right sleeve.

Actual result: The awakening weapon is hidden and the outfit is completely missing its right sleeve.

Screenshots of expected result:

Screenshots of actual result:

Additional note: I just checked and Dark Knight has the same bug in exactly the same manner. Awakening on, out of combat stance, cape on, and the result is a missing right sleeve.

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