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Make Yar handier and more rewarding!
Mar 31, 2024, 11:32 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Mar 31, 2024, 11:34 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Wastelandwonders

Region (NA/EU): EU

Suggestions/Comments:  Make some additions to the IU and to the Yar system to make it easier for Yar players to engage in playing Yar either with each other or with NPCs. Add weekly quests with rewards and a weekly ranking to encourage players to engage in Yar! as an extra activity at least weekly. It's fun and a nice little addition to the world of Black Desert.

Maybe I am biased because I enjoy boardgames and card games in real life, but Yar is fun. It mixes pure luck and player's ability nicely, creating an entertaining yet relaxing experience.

However, even for those of us who enjoy Yar! , playing it is often tedious (few npcs scattered all over the map, a counterintuitive UI to prompt Yar! matches to other players) and unrewarding (after you get all the titles, there's nothing left to gain from playing). Since you gain nothing from playing Yar!, there's little to no incentive for players to try Yar! out, or play Yar often either by themselves or with other players

If you are a Yar! enthusiast I encourage you to write a comment below. Would you change anything? Add something else? Lets build this suggestion together.

If you are a GM reading this, please consider it! And thank you PA for bringing us Yar!

Yar improvements I: Making it handier


Players VS Player Yar!

(!) Add options to invite other players to a Yar match directly by clicking the adventurer's name in the chat.

Seriously guys it's a pain when you ask if anyone is up for a Yar match in chat and then you have to click the Yar UI, choose the game mode then type another adventurer's name, particularly in an online game, where your Yar match partner could be KiityMAARlA2323, with a lowercase L instead of a capital I.

It'd be way more intuitive if we could click the adventurer's name > Yar invite > Choose game mode > Wait for them to accept > Game starts.

(!) Add options to invite other adventurer's to a Yar match when you hover over the adventurer, next to trade, information, friend, follow etc. options.

This should have a "Always reject Yar invites" toggable option in the configuration menu, so that people who can be bothered by this mechanic can toggle it on/off. Of course the idea isn't to randomly click on adventurers and send them Yar invites, but for example if I am in Velia asking people to come and face me in a Yar Match and somebody approaches me, I could invite then directly without having to open the Yar UI and type their name.

As before, the order would be crtl > Hover over adventurer > Yar invite > Choose game mode > Adventurer accepts > Game starts

Player VS NPCs Yar!

(!) More NPCs to play with: We have a few NPCs in Velia, a guy in the Mountain of Eternal Winter, Shakatu and that little fella in Splashing point. What if you're in Grána and want to play Yar? I think having at least 1 NPC per major city (and if possible, small but somewhat relevant populations like Glish, Tarif and the villages in LOML) should be the standard, but I think 2-3 per town with different difficulty levels would work better.

NPCs in Taverns and Inns are one option. What better place to play a card game than a tavern? Personally I'd love to play a game of Yar against Allan Serbin and Ekta. A lot of us have grown up with a certain wizardy franchise. Who doesn't love to talk to portraits? Imagine beating them to a card game :)

Yar improvement I: Making it more rewarding

Implementing actual rewards:

(!) A weekly quest system which grants a specific Yar reward token exchangeable through the newly released Currency Exchange UI.

I'll leave it up for the devs to decide what makes sense to offer in exchange for these seals, but I believe offering hot items like Magical Shard or Old Moon Catalyst AT LEAST temporarily or as a 1 per family exchange would encourage players to actually engage in Yar.

Weekly quests could look like this:

[Weekly] Win 3 matches against an NPC (0/3)
[Weekly] Win 3 matches against another player (0/3)
[Weekly] Win 5 matches against an NPC (0/5)
[Weekly] Win 5 matches against another player (0/5)

*You cannot take more than one of these quests at the same time. Once you complete both quests, the counter starts over. In total you would have to Win 8 matches against and NPC and 8 matches against another player to complete all the quests and get the rewards.

A weekly ranking

People love rankings, and a good dose of competitiveness goes a long way to encourage people to try things out. Ranking would be calculated based on the percentage of wins, which already exists in game.

(!) 1st rank adventurer at the end of the week would get temporary "True Master of Yar" title lasting until the end of the week.

(!) 2nd rank adventurer would get a "Nearly a Master of Yar" temporary title lasting a week as well.

When the weeks ends, the adventurers who ranks 1st and 2nd at the end of saud week get the titles instead.

----------- End, thank you for reading!

Last Edit : Mar 31, 2024, 11:35 (UTC)
# 2

I know the format looks a bit messy but I have separated my paragraphs properly. For some reason the text editor is just not registering certain line breaks but registerin others.

Last Edit : Apr 24, 2024, 17:04 (UTC)
# 3

This sounds awesome, Yar has so much potential!



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