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Guild Quests and Hunting Bonus Quests need a rework
Apr 20, 2024, 17:53 (UTC)
125 1
Last Edit : Apr 20, 2024, 17:55 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Uzkniso

Region (NA/EU): EU

Summary: Guild Quests/Missions and, mainly, Hunting Bonus Quests need to be reworked.

There are a few problems with the current Guild Quests/Missions:
1. They do not cover all there is to do. For example, there is no Guild Quest/Mission to gather Lion Meat.
2. They are random - and what's the point in them being random?
As for Hunting Bonus Quests:
1. They force you to hunt a different Wild Animal. For example, you are hunting Rhynos in Narcion and get a Bonus Quest.
That Bonus Quest will ask you to kill 5 Shadow Wolves. And while you might consider doing that, you will be going
out of your way, because you simply want to continue, to hunt those Rhynos. My point is, it's bloody annoying, because
you want that Bonus/Reward, but are not sure - it feels conflicting.
2. Not every hunting spot and/or Wild Animal, drops/gives Bonus Quests during a hunt. Examples: each and every Drieghan Wild Animal.
So, for Guild Quests/Missions I suggest a full revamp/rework:
- Make Guild Quests/Missions no longer random. The changes, I suggest, are as follows:
1. Each Guild, according to it's size, can simply select what Guild Quest(s) they want to do, from a Complete List.
Keep in mind, that if a Guild is size L, then the Guild Quests available in the List, are going to be up to size L.
As for why I suggest that, it's because there is no point in them being random and because they will not
"complete themselves". If you start a Guild Quest - you need to complete it. And it will not complete itself.
2. Simplification is needed. Instead of Guild Quests like "Collect Deer Meat", add a simplified Quest "Collect any kind of Animal Meat", etc.
Also, add some extra Quests like "Hunt any Wild Animal". See where I'm going with this?
Everything else can stay as is, like, the daily Quest Limit, etc.
As, for Hunting Bonus Quests I suggest this:
1. Make them drop from any Huntable Wild Animal. It makes the lifeskiller(s) happy,
creates a bigger incensive to hunt, adds motivation etc. There's no reason not to.
2. Simplify them by either:
a) making every huntable Wild Animal, drop their respective Bonus Quest, for example,
a Wild Deer, should always drop a "Hunt 5 Wild Deer Quest";
b) or add a generic "Hunt Any 5 Wild Animals in the Current Area Quest" to every area,
where you can hunt in-game.


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