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[Feedback] Merging work talents - Does BDO still make sense for me?
Apr 23, 2024, 11:13 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Apr 23, 2024, 11:13 (UTC)
# 1

Merging work talents - Does BDO still make sense for me?

From Wednesday the working talents of all characters will be summarized - why not the combat EP too??

Not only did I level a character with work talents, one was out in the world doing many different hunting quests that I had discovered in passing. Another had many different fishing harpoon quests, another had many different alchemy quests worldwide where I had fun making many different ones in the kitchen at the same time. Another stand in the garden, as well as one for dressing or cooking or exchanging goods or manufacturing. I always look forward to leveling up when I change characters to other working talents

What goal do I have now if all characters can do everything the same? Why don't I have the same combat XP on all of them, since I play with all characters?

I'll probably stop playing with BDO from Wednesday:

I had always found new talent quests and so the characters had different quests, but from now on I have to stop doing that because then I will hardly have any free quest slots left. For example, one had various worldwide hunting quests, the other had many different fishing harpoon quests, another had many worldwide alchemy quests, I no longer have that many quest slots when there are only family work talent quests and the characters no longer allow individual levels .

Why do I need so many different characters if they can all do the SAME thing? What else should give me joy?

Everything that a LifeSkiller enjoyed here is being taken away little by little, the little beautiful horses, levels 1 - 5, the sweet black and white 3 horse with the white or black fur shoes or the many other colorful horses. Training horses? No thanks, it's done for me, everything you cover is always at least level 6, it's no longer worth the effort.

The fruits Simplification, previously you had to use certain fruits for various alchemy quests, some of which you had wisely gotten in the garden, now you can plant whatever you want and the fruits will come out of it. HOW BORING!!

Yay, I'm saving a lot of real money from now on, I no longer need to buy storage, stable or inventory space or an advantage package, or for training or work clothes or many other things for LifeSkill. I don't need any more new character slots either, they can all do the same thing anyway, plus new classes.


Certainly so that the grinders can now make their own stuff, because the LifeSkillers are becoming fewer because the fun of the game is being taken away from them. But grinders won't do this for long, they'll quickly lose interest in a forced life skill.

Why do you turn a good, high quality game into a cheap discount game?

Why is gaming behavior made dependent on Korea when Europe and NA have other priorities in the game?

BDO is mostly single play and is just as good as any other single play game. There is no need for a new MMO after finishing this game, because in BDO you hardly have any social contacts, you have your own home and otherwise go your own way. I can have that in any other game!

*Wurde automatisch Übersetzt - kann jeder selbst machen - keine Ahnung ob die Übersetzung jetzt noch korrekt den wahren Inhalt überbringt 

Last Edit : Apr 23, 2024, 12:34 (UTC)
# 2

While i understand your point, it does make no sense as there is only benefits from this change. there is no downside so far.
You can do whatever you were doing before and you can do that more or on all your family.
And for the traces/fruits, i did the same. But i have to admit that it was boring and tedious for no reason as you could buy everything from market anyway.

I have no doubt that next steps will be combat level shared too... and family wide gear. i hope it comes soon. I hate the tag feature and the price to copy gear.

Like you i play a lot of characters because it's fun, and that change is good. The downside is the pearl items being bound (and like you said, coats being lost). So my horse trainer will remain a trainer. The family just benefits from free auto sprint :)

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Last Edit : Apr 23, 2024, 12:37 (UTC)
# 3

Not sure what you're complaining about, but the only quests that are getting converted to family quests (so far) are the Leap quests.  There's still a ton of fishing quests and hunting quests that can be done on each character.

After the lifeskill merger, I'll still have a dedicated sailor, dedicated hunter, dedicated fisher, dedicated horse trainer, and my shai will still be doing my farming.

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Last Edit : Apr 23, 2024, 12:48 (UTC)
# 4

I can't say I agree with people saying this is dumbing down lifeskilling. If you simplify something that is overly complex, to complex, it remains complex. Traces and Fruits were just one huge bottleneck into collecting materials for Alchemy. This eases that.

Regarding the Family Life Skill merger, I'm sorry this dissappoints you. I feel now that I have the freedom to try out other classes, instead of being stuck with my decisions. This is a game, we deal with being stuck with decisions enough IRL, a bit of freedom is good.

As someone else mentioned, outfits for each lifeskill still can't be swapped (unless with loyalties for a select few) so you can't just perform at the maximum on all characters. I will also still have certain toons that will do certain lifeskills. I've been playing for almost 3 years now, this is one change I wished for in the beginning and it honestly renewed my love for BDO just a bit. All that scattered XP you have on all of your toons will now be respected, and consolidated instead of disregarded for the highest level, that's something to appreciate.

This was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : Apr 23, 2024, 16:12 (UTC)
# 6
On: Apr 23, 2024, 11:13 (UTC), Written by Desederia

Why do I need so many different characters if they can all do the SAME thing? What else should give me joy?

IDK, maybe try a bit of life.

Seriously, you are probably one of the total 10 people who would protest against this change :) This is exquisite change.

Even if you think really hard, it is difficult to find benefits in having lifeskill XP spread across characters. Terrible waste of time.

Last Edit : Apr 23, 2024, 16:43 (UTC)
# 7

To answer to the argument "why not sharing combat exp in this case", I'd say that no matter the class and character, lifeskills are done the same way, with the same actions. So shared levels do not look crazy to me, in the end, and my lifeskillers will still be the same after that.

On the other hand, when it comes to navigation and training levels, it will be welcome for any character. 

Last Edit : Apr 23, 2024, 17:53 (UTC)
# 8

well for me i used the same toon i started with i have other but were only to do all the quest for the black spirit quest and have done 31,081

and i started with this toon and will end game playing this one toon other want to use other that fine

131 442
Lv 65
Last Edit : Apr 25, 2024, 00:23 (UTC)
# 9

 The only thing I have found that everyone agrees on, is that Training (One of the most hateful grinds ever) is now shared. It always should have been. Shared Sailing ? same applies. 

I dont even think of those as life skills.  

But personally I got a lot of enjoyment levelling lifeskillers. Sure I have my main, but I also got a lot of satisfaction from earning activity points in my guild from levelling life on all my alts. It was fun and easy, great to see the skill level ticking up!  But thats me.

So thats gone. I dont get any enjoyment at all from being able to cut wood equally on all my alts. They are all the same now. Gathering? I could do all I ever wanted on one.  

So it seems to be down to training and as I said I completely agree'

There would be some who say that we should all start at level 65 and be done with all the aggravation of levelling, Shared combat...  Eeeep



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