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[Suggestion] Mouse Movement Rework - Balancing
Apr 24, 2024, 19:49 (UTC)
206 2
Last Edit : Apr 26, 2024, 00:07 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: AmmoCache

Region: NA

Suggestion(s): Lets start with this: Mouse movement requires skill to use in PvP. As such, any argument being based around creating "skill based combat" by removing it entirely is null and void. That is something pretty much everyone can agree on.

The reasoning for this post is simple: Mouse Movement in gaming is broadly referred to as an Accessibility Feature. The definition of an "Accessibility Feature" is a feature that is meant to "help people with disabilities use technology more easily." which is not what it is currently being used for in PvP.

In its current state, the ONLY reason it is used in PvP is to cause desync in character movement on the servers, causing your character to essentially teleport or lag into a different place or face the wrong direction when attacking so that the enemy cannot reasonably prepare for the attack.

The reasoning behind people using Mouse Movement in PvP is entirely based on creating Desync on the Black Desert Clients and Servers. This means those who are utilizing mouse movement are unintentionally using an accessibility feature of the game in a way that was likely not intended to purposefully create an unfair advantage over other players in a PvP environment.

Per the Black Desert Online Operational Policy, a Bug Abuse is defined as the following:

    "1) An act of gaining advantages or causing damage to other members, game balance, and system by abusing game errors or service errors  

     2) An act of gaining advantages by abusing the Operational Policy or avoiding limitations on the game system design in an abnormal way  

     3) An act of using in-game systems differently from their intended functions to harm others or abnormally gain advantages 


     ※ If the act harms another user or has an adverse impact on the game, we reserve the right to impose permanent restrictions even if it is the 1st violation."

With the Operational Policy's own verbiage, using mouse movement in a PvP situation is inherently an exploit and classifies as Bug Abuse.

BECAUSE OF THAT DEFINITION in the Black Desert Operational Policy, Mouse movement should be redefined in the game settings or simply disabled in PvP situations to prevent players from unintentionally violating the Operational Policy by abusing the desync it creates in the game.

If Mouse Movement in PvP is INTENDED to function the way it does currently in a PvP environment, then an exception should be added to the Operational Policy to prevent unjust reports of players for abusing that specific in-game accessibility feature.

Obviously the MOST efficient solution would be to fix the servers so that something like mouse movement doesn't cause so much desync and lag, but this seems to be the next best thing.

Last Edit : Apr 25, 2024, 02:04 (UTC)
# 2

If you're going to downvote, please leave a comment advising your view for how we could fix some of the desync issues in PvP!

Community can't get better if you just hide behind a downward arrow!



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