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UTC 2 : 42 Jun 16, 2024
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A huge bug. Gauntlets class vs shai, ratio should be 54.22 %– explained! easy to fix!
May 17, 2024, 10:55 (UTC)
842 1
Last Edit : May 19, 2024, 17:22 (UTC)
# 1

Yes this is a bug report and not a suggestion.

Issue damage modifiers. Incorrect and have been since launch, should be 54.22% and not 29.22% (realy int a small bug PA)

Stiker vs shai should be 54.22%

Read it it in full this time PA and understand, its complicated.

Let me explain cause A lot of CMs have no idea how shai works in game. Its okay, not you job to know.

And this leads them to not understand that this is a huge, massive game impacting bug, that relates to striker’s damage modifiers.

(note that PA, HUGE bug, and you keep ignoring it. or is it staff here not passing it on? well i will explain it better, must be my fault eh?)

But i frear you have not passed this bug on correctly as its been there since lunch and remains.


  • Shai has a 50% base damage reduction vs all classes. This is a constant value. Only shai has this in BDO as a special type of class.
  • All classes have a interclass ratio, this is adjusted over time.
  • Shai 50% based Class DR is summed with normal interclass ratios, giving the final values.


That means shai has a 50% base DR and an interclass DR. only class inagme to have this.


How is this applied?

* Lets look at tamer vs shai, damage is 44.65% remember that shai has that special 50% constant reduction.


So if this was not a shai class, that would be? Thats right 96.56%, nearly on par with what all magical classes (for some reason shai is treated as magical in her ratios, early dev remnant) do to tamer across the board.

See how the 50% works?


Btw shai is meele and not magical, but The ratios seem to follow the magical path.. reasons i guess?!?

  • L;ets look at shai vs archer 62.5%. for a none shai version of shai, that would be 112.5%


See how this works PA, how the constant 50% is applied separate to the interclass ratios,. Oh please tell me you understand this time, cus its been 5 years and you still haven’t addressed it.


Now lets look at stiker vs shai. 29.22%, wot?

Okay, apply the 50% = 79.22 % dosen seem right does it? Not inline with all the other values we see in BDO hmm... could that mean there is a error PA?

Take your time, have a think.


Oh, but 'Dark Knight' has nearly same numbers right? Nah, and the difference is, dark knight ratios are constant across the class, within a range.

With shai and stricker, when we adjust the class base 50%, the numbers are way out,

This is how we spot error PA, you want feedback right, why do you keep ingoring this one?

Why ask for feedback and not fix an easy issue?


Now how do we get the correct value of shai vs striker, what would it be in game?

Thats where we correct the error ‘strikers base damage reduction vs shai was applied twice in error

That's right PA, #Striker damage resuction, cus it works in that order. so striker has the bug... not shai, so get on it fast!!! its not a shai bug it's a striker bug.. oh no!!! Stiker has a PvP related game bug that is huge... Eeek! call the press!


shais special class constant DR 50%; once is 50%, twice is 75%. Percantages be like that, still following PA, i know, math eh?

50%+50%=75% (but the 50% should only be useed once, not twice, that is the error)

So we add 75% to the modifiers and get 104% if shai was a standard class. This is more inkeeping with what we see in BDO.

And now if we take the correct base class reduction shai has, from that, we get? 54.22%

More inkeeping with all shai othere modifiers in BDO.


See how easy this error is to spot?

Im just telling you what it is so you can fix it.

and the kicker here is, if this error was on any other class but shai it would be fix!

how can i say that, cus we have seen it.

same error but othere way around for shai vs drak, took PA 2 weeks to adress, we are at 5 years +.

And you guys like shai right. hehe :P


(why would you have down votes on a bug report PA? not want feedback, want to discourage ? hmm sus :P this isn’t a suggestion post, it’s a bug report. may wanna clear that vote staff)

Bug report related video :


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