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New Nodewar System, A Few Suggestions To Make PvP Actually Fun
May 28, 2024, 00:37 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 28, 2024, 00:41 (UTC)
# 1

If PA is wants to keep the current formant of nodewars a few things need to change inorder to make the game mode fun and actually playable, As it is currently there is no incentive to hold a fort when you can just wait in safezone until the last 5 minutes before rushing in and trying to PvE the fort down. This creates a really boring game. The fights that do happen on the new system are so spread out that in fights like Calpheon if you want to change fort targets you may not even have enough time to get over there and set up flags before the fort timer ends. Being able to place structures anywhere has created a really weird dynamic with interacting with Forts. Here are some changes that I suggest are made to make this new node war system playable.

1) Reduce the amount of forts, as the current system is there is 1/2 the amount of forts as guilds placed, this ends up forcing alot of 1v1s or guilds not seeing another guild while everyone is piled on one guild. Also the regions should not split unless there are a minimum of 10 guilds participating this makes the higher tiers more playable as the T1 guilds had 15 guilds per region while on Kamasylvia we only fighting 5 other guilds (one of them being a snipe guild so they could not participate.)

2) Two forts needs a minimum Timer of 40 minutes Alot of the PvP scene agrees that these nodewars are too short, being able to keep PvPing if you want to PvP should be an option. Let the PvE guilds or Snipe guilds go for the 10 minute forts and let the guilds that care about fighting battle it out for the 40+ minute forts. Alot of players set their evening aside to play this game, there should be no reason that we get "unlucky" and all the forts on the node are less than 20 minutes.

3) Forts need to be closer together, Forts should be within 1-2 Nodewar Zones of eachother minimum Example: 3 Forts are on Kamasylvia the forts should be Nvarne Steppe, Shady Tree Forest, Lemoria Becon. There should not be a fort in the middle of nowhere like toothfairy forest if there are only 3-4 forts

4) Forts build annex's themselves, players shouldn't beable to place structures within 80 units of the Forts. and as time goes longer the fort should be harder to capture. This gives incentive to players to race for a base instead of sit in safezone and wait till the last minute before CTGing ontop of the base and trying to drop damage for the fort kill. Yes this will be work for the Devs as they have to design every single base, however it will be alot more enjoyable than the current state of the game. Currently you can kill a fort and the FTs will still be up and they kill the newly respawned fort within 40 seconds.
You hold fort for 5 minutes, 2 FTs Spawn With Barricade Line
You hold fort for 10 minutes Hwatcha , Barricades Respawn
You hold for for 15 minutes FTs Get Upgraded Spawns Barricades Get Upgraded
You Hold for for 20 minutes Hwatcha Upgrades Barricades Get Upgraded

5) Fort timers need to be tied to rewards. Having a 10 minute fort give the same rewards as a 40 minute fort is ridiculous. Forts rewards should have a set timer for rewards. Players have repeatedly begged for rewards for PvP, increasing the nodewar rewards to the current state was a good start. However making the fort times random creates incentive for players to rush out of the fight as fast as possible to go back to grinding. Having the higher rewards for the longer fort times forces guilds to think of risk or reward if they want to stay and fight or collect the easy money and leave.
T1 Fort = 10-20 minutes
T2 Fort = 20-30 minutes
T3 Fort = 30- 40 Minutes
T4 Fort = 40-50 Minutes
T5 Fort = 50-60 Minutes

TLDR; New Nodewar system sucks, if youre going to force it down our throats please change some things to make it fun

(Last post was deleted cause my PC crashed while making an edit, turns out that just deletes the post)

This was hidden by admin due to the reports it has received.
Last Edit : May 28, 2024, 15:38 (UTC)
# 3

Rework last hit and participation lottery system please ty

Last Edit : May 29, 2024, 10:41 (UTC)
# 4

To be honest while i am still in favor of just going back to the old system overall. I think that your post has some good ideas. 
However i feel like instead  of making the longest tower give the best rewards, it should be the other way around with the shortest one giving the maximum reward. 

That way everyone will have to fight for the towers that end early and then once the strongest guild has taken that tower and is out of the nodewar the other guilds can fight for the next expiring tower. This way with the top guild out already it would atleast allow the other guilds to fight a more balanced NW and not have to mindless bodythrow into for example the Rank 1 Guild. 

But like i said overall i feel like we should just get back to the old system while PA finally goes and asks EU and NA what we need and how they can improve things. Because the current system is a joke and clearly shows how far detached fom the Playerbase PA actually is. 



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