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UTC 7 : 30 Jun 13, 2024
CEST 9 : 30 Jun 13, 2024
PDT 0 : 30 Jun 13, 2024
EDT 3 : 30 Jun 13, 2024
Item Collection Increase Gauge QoL Suggestion
May 29, 2024, 15:38 (UTC)
524 1
Last Edit : May 29, 2024, 15:38 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Avlen

Region (NA/EU): NA


Allow players to control the permanency of the Item Collection Increase Gauge in Settings, with the following options:

• Always On

• Always Off

• Auto-On in Combat Zones, Auto-Off in Safe Zones

I actually prefer to always see it because then I like seeing it not counting down when I'm not grinding, and maybe I will remember to top it off while in town. Others may like to auto-hide it in towns, or turn it permanently off.

Loving all the QoL changes! Keep 'em coming!



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