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UTC 6 : 47 Jul 24, 2024
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Feedback for Succession Sage
Jun 12, 2024, 16:42 (UTC)
1155 2
Last Edit : Jun 12, 2024, 16:42 (UTC)
# 1

I had a somewhat good idea to grind Biraghi for some shards, so why not experiment like I usually do -> Tagged Sage for a bit.

Always wanted to be a Caster, this one is big aoe, big damage and is a little heavy "feeling".

Filler combo is too much APM

Shift F + Flow, into Down + F + LMB = your two skill/flows for +AP and -DP debuff feels very clunky. Sometimes the cooldown for DP debuff flow is either bugged or doesn't activate. I feel like it should just be a simple.. Shift + F -> Hold F and autocast the flow + dp skill and its corresponding flow. It would take out a ton of unecessary APM.

Up + RMB (dash attack)

It's a pretty good skill, and is usually your only source of back attacks. I would buff the damage on this skill.
With possibly an option to "instant" cast Shift + RMB

Magnus skill hitbox is too far forward to grind with, a majority of the time you are locked into a position -> Mobs are behind or to your side and it's like, why did I cast this skill anyways? (20s T3 addon is a legit reason to grind with this skill). Either move the hitbox back, or let the Sage "aim" it with the camera.

Cons to being BIG AOE

-excessive mob aggro = tons of mobs regenerating half of their health
-you can't "rush" because of first point

-animation locked + no frontal = knockdown fodder (more of a PvP issue).

PvP thoughts

I think his kit is pretty good, but a caster with no bleeds/dots or slows is pretty miserable for 1v1 and group fights, so you are very team reliant. 

I could see him being pretty cool if you rotate SA skills, dash and use frontals for CC, then weave in and out of your group. 

-kind of like a slow sorc with big aoe, but no/few i-frames and being locked into Super Armor = die to random stray hits.
-getting hit by slows, on a slow class some people would say is a negative = but it will extend your frontals etc so no big deal for "mains".

Last Edit : Jul 5, 2024, 15:42 (UTC)
# 2

Succ sage has been my tag ever since i came back.

I gotta say the spec is meh.

PvE.. you do bit better than average at some spots such as Yzrahid but for most of the pve content is below average.

PvP on the other hand... Its easily the worst class for 1v1, one of the worst classes in small scale pvp, kinda shines in mid scale pvp and about average in large scale if you dont get killed by random stuff while in ur huge hit box rift trying to pop up and surprise your targets. Its funny how people still complain about it when the spec is just about bad for most of the content BDO has to offer.

At this point i want to see a complete rework on the whole skill set.


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