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Finally the time to fix Lahn?
Jun 13, 2024, 18:25 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 13, 2024, 18:45 (UTC)
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I've started to play BDO the moment they added Lahn to the game and, even after testing all the classes, i just can't reroll from her. It's a pretty fun class to play but as the years go by, i've seen how devs neglected this class, specially succession. While some classes get patchs to fix bugs or to get buffs, lahn just could go without a single bug fix patch for like 9 months or more. I though the class would be updated at the big revamp we got for all classes in December 2022 i think, but i guess i was wrong since they only changed the way flights worked. So let me please list down the minimum changes that must be done to the lahn succ in my opinion (i don't usually play awa so i have no exp enough), taking advantage of the next reworks taking place:

- +Accuracy / -Evasion: Next reworks may fix this problems so lets jump to the next change. (the class had no +accuracy, and no -eva on skills effect, also 50% of the combo didn't have accuracy on skill, so it was a "miss" fiesta from t1 nodes to t4 and AoS and some pve high end spots, even with 2 elkar 2 viper).
- Ap buff: Lahn succ is the only class that still has a +12 ap buff while others have 20-24-30 ap buffs perma (awa has +16ap). Also, and more important, ap buff should be swapped to a main skill rotation, not the A/D RMB that forces u leave combat just to buff again, specially pvp (the fact that it cost stamina is crazy to me). It should be implemented in LMB+RMB, or S+F or some main skill (same way they reworked at. speed from A/D LMB).
- RMB: that skill is pretty useless in pvp since it doesn't make down attack and i don't find any valuable reason for that tbh, so adding a down attack effect would be nice.
- Stamina: the class needs a perma PEN Inhaler PO max price 24/7. I can't believe the class waste 7-8 /100 points of stamina bar with 4 macalods + 2 hystria + house stamina buff, while other classes like sorc, tamer, and so, just waste 3/100 4/100 with same build using side dashes while they have iframed dashes. Lahn stamina costs should be reduced or a stamina passive should be added to the class to fix succ/awa stamina issues.
- W+Rmb: This skill is a disgrace. It's the only way for us to move forward in close distances (if rabaam is in CD, 10s), something similar to old awa valk combo but worse. If we are rushing to the top of a hill or trying to keep tempo with the platoon, we need to spam W+RMB (because lahn is not a drakania, we can't fly up hill) which is unprotected for 6s and waste tons of stamina for just a really short dash forward. This skills needs a rework, i don't get why valk awa or warrior or zerk have unlimited movement, doesn't matter the terrain, but we don't get a sh*t (as always, forgotten class) and still having a 2020 movement skill...
- AOE: this is a hot topic. Personally i think AOE is not enough yet for lahn succ even after the 2022 revamp buff for F and RMB AOE. Lahns struggle A LOT (specially awakening pve) at spots like dehkia, Yzrahid or places where there is a large group of mobs, since 5 out of 8 skills do not hit a whole stacked group of 10 mobs. AOE for skills like Shift+Q, LMB+RMB, RMB, Shift+LMB and S+LMB should be way wider and longer. Like... c'mon... we have a chain with a razor, how come striker or zerks have our AOE x2??
- E buff: class buff is basically useless. Just 2 effects save this skill: attack speed 25%, and no stamina consumption for side-dashes for 30s. Critical hit rate +20% is useless since lahn (and most of the classes) cap 98% crit rate since the t3 30% critic rate addon exist, for pve and pvp. And 30% movement speed is nowhere noticeable, only if u wanna sprint KEKW, since flights or movement skills do not get buffed with movement speed, only attack speed. Also, 30% resist is nothing since you die by standing still, not even need to get CCed, and most grab classes have 30% ignore gwab resist...
- Bleeding hearts: "C" skill got buffed 3 times in a row and is still useless, u just use it from time to time to get the -20dp in pve, the dmg in pve is still one of the lowest and in pvp doesn't even damage the enemy XD. Also, i think salpuri (shift+Q) CD should be buffed from 16s to 13s. Waiting for 16s to apply a -20dp debuff is insane and one of our best utility skill.

I will stop there but there is much more that should be checked, like the fact that succ lahn has like 9 blocked skills and most of them because they don't have "Prime" version, like s+rmb, shift+rmb, shift+F, space, shift+lmb got replaced by Magnus skill, s+lmb+rmb, no W+C /S+C skills... The damage in t1 t2 is dogshit, dealing 60% hp with full combo full elixir rotation and carolin buff (-78% / -75% pvp dmg modifiers in most main skills). No down smashes, flights gets interrupted mid-air same way t10 pegasus ( i think Nimbus should be iframed so Valks awa vacuum do not CC u in SA while flying), some skills just cancel randomly like s+lmb... The class is dogshit in AoS, T1 capped nodewars, falling behind in pve, but hey, some good player with 768gs make it works so i guess is OP right? XD
PS: Please, don't use this to talk shit about devs or PA or whatever it is, let's keep it clean and pray for PA to fix the class, thank you ^.^


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