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UTC 11 : 54 Jul 19, 2024
CEST 13 : 54 Jul 19, 2024
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Succession Guardian miscalculated damage numbers
Jun 20, 2024, 08:45 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 20, 2024, 08:45 (UTC)
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Hi, I hope everyone reading this having a good day!

I will try my very best to explain this properly and in a way that is easily understood by everyone.
When testing and comparing the damage of some succession guardian abilities after the recent hit amount reduction i noticed that a certain mechanic that previously was widely used is now lacking roughly 4000% damage. The two abilities in question used to achieve a total of 33180% damage, whereas now they only achieve 28908%.

The abilities are "Prime: Boulder Crush" and "Prime: Savage Hack" in combination with "Prime: Avalanche strike"

The mechanic:

If "Prime: Avalanche strike" is followed up by "Prime: Boulder Crush", the latter will start with the third hit.
If "Prime: Boulder Crush" hit nr. 4 is followed by "Prime: Savage Hack", the latter will also start with the third attack.

The problem:

Of both these abilities attacks 3 and 4 had higher multipliers than 1 and 2.

Previously "Prime: Boulder Crush" hits 1 and 2 would deal 1509% x 4 each (in total for 1+2 12,072%) and 3 and 4 would deal 1509% x 6 (in total for 3+4 18,108%)

Now all 4 of the hits have been unified at 3773% x2
(In total for 1+2 15,092% and 3+4 15,092%)

Previously "Prime: Savage Hack" hits 1-3 would deal 1256% x5 and hit 4 would deal 1256% x7 (in total for 1+2 12,560% and for 3+4 15,072%)

Now all 4 of the hits have been unified at 3454% x2 (in total for 1+2 13,816% and for 3+4 13,816%)

Even though the two individual abilities deal the same amount of damage now as before the patch, it was not taken into account that hits 1+2 of both abilities were skipped.

so previously a combination of "Prime: Boulder Crush" and "Prime: Savage Hack" would deal damage as follows if used after "Prime: Avalanche strike" :

"Prime: Boulder Crush" hits 3+4 = 18,108%
"Prime: Savage Hack" hits 3+4 = 15,072%
for a combined 33,180% damage

now after the changes the same combination would deal damage as follows:

"Prime: Boulder Crush" hits 3+4 = 15,092%
"Prime: Savage Hack" hits 3+4 = 13,816%
for a combined 28,908% damage

From this it should be apparent that the damage of this combination has been greatly reduced since 28908 is roughly 13% less than 33180.

A simple solution would be to retain the previous difference between the hit multipliers instead of unifying the damage.

I really hope this will be fixed as it reduces the classes efficiency in combat.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk :p


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