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UTC 12 : 56 Jul 17, 2024
CEST 14 : 56 Jul 17, 2024
PDT 5 : 56 Jul 17, 2024
EDT 8 : 56 Jul 17, 2024
Awakening Maegu foxflare fleche bugs after June 19 patch.
Jun 22, 2024, 04:30 (UTC)
906 1
Last Edit : 6 Days ago
# 1

There are some bugs that have popped up after the hit number reduction patch with awakening maegu's foxflare fleche (rmb).

The first is hard to explain to people who don't know how the spiritforge state works. Using rmb while in spiritforge state should maintain the spiritforge state further but in certain conditions, it does not.  From short testing, the main thing that breaks it goes like this: have rmb on cd, be in spiritforge state and use rmb> a/d rmb>rmb with everything buffered. Here is a video demonstrating the bug.

Combo used for demonstration: w>rmb> s rmb> q > rmb > d rmb > rmb >q> f

In the first combo, spiritforge state>rmb>a/d rmb>rmb breaks spiritforge state if everything is buffered. It did not do this last patch. If you watch the buffs above the hp bar, the spiritforge buff doesn't refresh after the last rmb, q, or f because the spiritforge state breaks between the d rmb.

In the second combo, if you linger the rmb before the a/d rmb, the spiritforge state doesn't break. If you watch the buffs, the spiritforge buff refreshes after every attack. This is how it should work even if you buffer instead of linger.

The other bug with foxflare fleche is much easier to explain. Foxflare fleche is not speeding up the startup animations of certain skills like it used to. It doesn't speed up emberclaw slash (shift lmb) when used with the shift lmb input, but it does speed it up when using the alternative input lmb. Here is a video demonstrating that particular bug.

It also feels like it should be speeding up shift rmb, but it doesn't.

edit (July,10 2024): Everything seems to be fixed by the patch today. Thank you.


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