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UTC 4 : 44 Jul 25, 2024
CEST 6 : 44 Jul 25, 2024
PDT 21 : 44 Jul 24, 2024
EDT 0 : 44 Jul 25, 2024
lifeskilling officially dead at this point ?
Jun 23, 2024, 05:49 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 23, 2024, 06:03 (UTC)
# 1

with a free pen bs (+ all the other shit) you basicly make more money/hour grinding in the first week as a new player in bdo than a lifeskiller with high end gear and thousands of hours of playtime. what a ******* great investment.

edit: can we get a pearl refund for all the lifeskill outfits, pets, fences, city inventory slots, premium container etc ? lifeskilling is a dead end and has been in maintenance mode for a long time now and heideball confirmed it has no future.

Last Edit : Jun 23, 2024, 09:45 (UTC)
# 2

RIP good luck on your refound

If that were possible I could almost buy a new car 😂😂

Last Edit : Jun 23, 2024, 09:59 (UTC)
# 3

what an outlandishly stupid take.

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Lv 61
Last Edit : Jun 23, 2024, 13:42 (UTC)
# 4

For PA, lifeskilling is a passing fancy, something you do when you pass by a spot when you're grinding.... that's why anyone can do it any time, anywhere, with no tools, no penalties, etc.  PA has no intention for us to devote ourselves to this pursuit.  Why Manos gear is still so hard to improve now is beyond me.

Last Edit : Jun 23, 2024, 14:20 (UTC)
# 5

Sure, no money in lifeskilling.

Wrong! Where do you think everyone gets their elixers, purfumes, food etc.? Most players, especially the PVP centric players don't bother to do these things themselves. They go to the central market and buy the stuff.

I myself do some life skilling, like fishing for the weekly 5 free xp scrolls. And when I'm just tired of grinding, hour after hour after hour. But do you think I have any clue as to how all the meals are made? Heck no! I buy the things. Do you think I know how all the potions are made? NOPE, I just buy them. Feed my workers? Nope y'all do that for me. Keep my ship running? Again, nope, that's all you...

There are more of us out here that rely on the life skillers than you may realise.

Not to mention the life skillers that rely on other life skillers for ingredients for what they are doing.

So OK, maybe you aren't making billions an hour. However, there are skillers that are. Go watch their videos on Youtube or their live streams on twitch to see just how they do it. Evildousharm is one of the best. Ellie is another (might be spelled Elly. You'll know her when you find her, she's not one of those "trashy" V-tubers.)

If nothing else, you are certainly appriciated!

Thank you for your hours of running around gathering, fishing, cooking, alcheming, etc.. =)



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