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EDT 12 : 40 Jun 26, 2022
What’s the purpose of Black Desert+?
Apr 22, 2021, 20:06 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Apr 22, 2021, 20:06 (UTC)
# 1

For it to function you need to be logged in and actively using it, otherwise you'll get disconnected in like 15 mins of inactivity. So you can forget getting boss spawn notifications, marketplace notifications and etc. Missed Garmoth spawn today because I expected to get a notification that never came.

Maybe there's some use as a marketplace browser when you're off the PC but the rest of the functionality is trash because it's not functioning.

Last Edit : Apr 22, 2021, 20:18 (UTC)
# 2

It's purpose is so they can booast about "look we also got an app! We are so trendy!!".

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Last Edit : Apr 23, 2021, 04:20 (UTC)
# 3

My login remained stable and current throughout the day, so it may just be settings in your particular phone

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Last Edit : Apr 23, 2021, 11:23 (UTC)
# 4

I got logged off once. Other than that i didnt have any issues.


I like the app, wondering what else they can add in the future. 


What would be nice is an option to turn off chat filter, i see a lot of ***** texts for no reason


Also when i'm typing through the app I would like  to see my messages in-game chat so I would know they went through. (my mesaages in-game chat appear on the app) 

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