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[GUIDE] Why You Want Narchillan Gear (UPDATED: August 10, 2023)
Nov 17, 2022, 11:57 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Aug 10, 2023, 09:12 (UTC)
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Guide By: Reipunzel Irkalla

Last Updated: August 10, 2023

Narchillan gear is family-bound equipment for your Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Boots, Mainhand Weapon, Sub-weapon, and Awakening Weapon slots.

It is obtainable once per account and is shareable by all characters that aren't season characters.

If you want to change the Weapons to another class, there is a quest for this (covered below).

It's stats are better than DUO Blackstar equipment and are *almost* equivalent to TRI Blackstar.

A full set of Narchillan Gear, with the Asula Accessories you get from running around Mediah and without any Journals completed, has:

188 AP / 190 AAP / 315 DP, which is 504 gear score.

Click here to see what that looks like.

And, a full set of Narchillan Gear, with leveling-gained Capotia Accessories & 2 TRI Quest Accessories and many Journals completed, has:

238 AP / 240 AAP / 310 DP, which is 549 gear score.

Click here to see what that looks like.

With the above, a character is able to grind in the same spots as Season Characters in PEN Tuvala, *without having had to grind to get there*.

Alternatively, you could put in on an alt character to, for example, camp Nouver spawns so you can get an Inverted Garmoth's Heart.


The above GS assume you are a new player and have obtained and are using the PEN Urugon Shoes from the Magnus.
Season characters can't get Narchillan because they exchange their PEN Naru for PRI Tuvala with Fughar. They also cannot equip Narchillan gear.

BUT! Having a Season character does not lock you out of using Narchillan on a non-Season character.

To access this guide in-game, press F2 then navigate to Community → Tips & Guides → Gameplay, then click the post title: [GUIDE] Why You Want Narchillan Gear


Your character must be Level 56 OR be Level 50+ & have completed the Calpheon main story questline.

In the Suggested Tab of your Black Spirit's offered quests, accept "[Special Aid] Fughar's Letter".

It is obtainable once per account by normal characters or Season-graduated characters that fulfill the above requirements, per the August 9th, 2023 game update.


You will get PRI Tuvala by exchanging PEN Naru with Fughar.

You will get the PEN Naru Gear by haphazardly shoving Beginner Blackstones into it, which you get by doing the main story.

Base (+0) Naru Gear is also obtained by doing the main story. I highly recommend NOT enhancing your Naru Accessories; instead do your Naru Armor & Weapons first, to ensure you can get PRI Tuvala.

You will get the Canon Awakening Weapon by completing your class's Awakening questline, so you won't be able to get it until you are Level 56.

If you had a Canon Awakening Weapon but deleted it, accept the quest "[Special Aid] Narchillan's Powerful Awakening Weapon" from Fughar, then talk to Tulem in Altinova and accept "[Weekly] Canon Awakening Weapon".


As said above, Narchillan Armor and Weapons are shareable by all characters that aren't Season characters.

The Armors don't require an extra step to transfer them between classes, but the Weapons you initially chose can only be used by classes that use those Weapons. That is, Warrior/Valkyrie/Guardian can share a Shield, but a Dark Knight obviously cannot use a Shield. ;)

To exchange your Weapons, talk to Fughar and accept the quest "[Help] Exchanging Narchillan Weapons".

Then, buy a Narchillan Processing Stone from a Blacksmith NPC in any major city, such as Velia, Heidel, or Altinova.

They cost 1 million silver each.

After you've completed the quest, you'll have a Weapon box to open on whatever character you want, so make sure you open it on the right one.


1) Can I do Atoraxxion with Narchillan?
No, your AP/DP won't be high enough, but with that gear you can quickly get TET boss then into PEN boss.

See the Gear Catch Up Guide below.

2) How long do you think I'll be wearing Narchillan?
If you make 2 billion silver a week, you can be in TET Boss gear in about 2 months. If you make 3 billion silver a week, you can be in TET Boss gear in about 1 month.

Most beginner players are able to make 6.0b a week in only 15 hours of playtime, so you will get out of Narchillan quickly.

3) How much silver can a Narchillan wearer reasonably make in a week?
Depends on how many hours you play and where you grind. If you are grinding somewhere like Pila Ku Jail or Roud Sulfur Mine for 3 hours a day, you could be making 1.2 billion silver a day.

If you make 1.2 billion silver a day (3 hours), 5 days a week (15 hours), you will make 6.0b a week.

4) Can I wear Boss gear mixed with Narchillan gear?

5) How many TET Boss pieces will I need to buy to get out of Narchillan?
You have 4 armor slots and 3 weapons slots, BUT, you will get a free PEN Boss gear of your choice from completing The Magnus questline (pick Urugons!).

This means you only need to buy 6 TET Boss pieces, which on NA can range in price from 2 billion to 2.5 billion each.

6) Can't I just enhance my own TET Boss gear?
Sure, you could, but I don't recommend this for players focused on catching up as fast as possible, because enhancing can be utterly heartbreaking and financially devastating.

Save your failstacks for later, when you're enhancing God grade gear. If you do decide to, learn the mechanics of enhancing first, and take it slowly.

7) What gear *exactly* should I upgrade to after getting Narchillan?
Read my guide located here:

(don't stress about the page count, there are pictures)

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