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GM Notes Jun 26, 2024, 20:04 (UTC) NA/EU Adventurer Feedback Roundup

Greetings Adventurers! 


It’s a new year. That means it’s time to set some brand-new goals in Black Desert! 


Of course, that also goes for us here at Pearl Abyss! One of our major goals for this year is to implement more NA/EU Adventurer feedback into the game. 


This GM Note is a collection of Adventurer feedback that found its way into the game, either directly as suggested or as an inspiration for other changes. It will be updated continuously as changes roll out, so make sure to keep an eye on it in case your suggestion gets added. 


Our team is always looking out for interesting quality-of-life improvement suggestions and other game related feedback, so don’t hesitate to share it in the Feedback section of the official forums. All posts there are read by the team, even if you don’t see a response to a post!  


Happy adventuring!

Black Desert Team 



Last updated: 06/26/24


Update Details

Suggested By

  • Roshina, the Barterer on Hakoven Island, has started offering a hefty amount of Crow Coins for captains traveling from distant regions for trade.
    • Increased the minimum amount of Crow Coins obtainable when exchanging Tier 5 trade goods.
[NA] Elikor / [Forum Link]
[NA] Tuhls / [Forum Link]
  • Changed so you can now use Cron Stones when enhancing Life Skill Mastery clothes & accessories.
[NA] Shnavis / [Forum Link]
[EU] BREIKARMY / [Forum Link]
  • Death penalties, including crystal destruction, will not occur if you die to a monster within a certain time period after being attacked by another adventurer on the Arsha: Anonymous server.
[EU] FAMT / [Forum Link]
[EU] Strugglers / [Forum Link]
  • Added the "Family Tool Window for Gathering & Fishing," which allows you to share Gathering and Fishing tools with your entire Family.
[NA] BusinessKitty / [Forum Link]
[EU] Akaibu / [Forum Link]
  • Changed so season characters can also equip gear with Life Skill Mastery with the addition of the "Family Tools window for Gathering & Fishing" update.
[NA] House_Darlgon / [Forum Link]
[EU] KINGPlN / [Forum Link]
  • Guild positions and authorities have been separated.
[NA] Difficult / [Forum Link]
[NA] Picklenose / [Forum Link]
[EU] Evellein / [Forum Link]
[EU] PortiDGZ / [Forum Link]
  • Added 3-Set and 5-Set Effects to Tungrad Accessories.
[NA] Suplunar / [Forum Link]
  • Approach Garmoth's Nest without accepting the weekly quest from Kukao, and the region quests will activate.
[NA] Difficult / [Forum Link]
  • Updated the Item Collection Increase Gauge to automatically display upon entering a Combat Zone.
[EU] Celyraa / [Forum Link]
[May 22, 2024]
  • Changes made to Node War Territories & Stat Limit Information    
    • Max participants per Territory Group
[NA] Jonneyfive / [Forum Link]
[EU] Agarus / [Forum Link]
  • Changed the maximum quantity per transaction for purchasing/selling "Breath of the Morning" at the Central Market.
[NA] Destruct0 / [Forum Link]
  • Artina, the wandering musician and Florchestra's student, has invented two new types of Florchestra instruments.
  • Added Marni Electric Guitar: Silver Wave, Marni Electric Guitar: Highway, and Marni Electric Guitar: Hexe Glam.
[NA] Facebook / [Forum Link]
[NA] The_Imaginary / [Forum Link]
[EU] Navien / [Forum Link]
  • All horses, including Dream and Mythical Horses who have designated inherent skills, will now learn Sprint at Lv. 1.
  • Imperial Steeds have also been changed to now be born with both Imperial Stature and Sprint as inherent skills from Lv. 1.
[EU] BREIKARMY / [Forum Link]
  • The waiting time to refresh the barter item list has been reduced.
[NA] Spacebagel / [Forum Link]
[NA] Tuhls / [Forum Link]
[NA] Wizzleboom / [Forum Link]
[EU] Dagamal / [Forum Link]
  • The cooldown of the Crow's Trade Voucher, which can increase parley, has been reduced.
[EU] Ybreq / [Forum Link]
  • The purchase prices for upgrade materials have been lowered at the Crow Shop to cater to adventurers who wish to expedite their upgrades.
[EU] Fersterret / [Forum Link]
  • Added a UI to manage and exchange various seals.
[EU] Hayare / [Forum Link]
  • Following the direction of the moving spirits, you can discover Hollow Maretta, who is seducing adventurers with the mysterious melody.
[NA] Whoayeah / [Forum Link]
[EU] FinlandSuomi / [Forum Link]
[EU] Florence / [Forum Link]
[EU] Zhaeph / [Forum Link]
  • Added View Total Stats to the Monster Zone Info UI.
[NA] TheDaniel27 / [Forum Link]
  • Auto-move to All Storages - Using this feature, you can move all items from your inventory to all storages, including the currently open storage, at once.
[NA] Chris_Hisss / [Forum Link]
[NA] Wewawoo / [Forum Link]
[NA] Whoayeah / [Forum Link]
[EU] EU_Choice / [Forum Link]
  • Increased the chance of an Imperial Steed being born via breeding in the stable.
[EU] Colortinker / [Forum Link]
  • Added a feature to stables to sort horses by gender, tier, breeding count, and level.
[EU] NiLSPACE / [Forum Link]
  • Fixed the issue where an adventurer who dies to a monster within a certain duration after being subjected to Forced Attack (Alt+C) does not receive death penalties, including crystal destruction.
[NA] Raefu / [Forum Link]
[EU] Penke / [Forum Link]
  • Simplified Life Crystals and Vital Crystals that were once divided into each Life Skill.
[NA] Gordo_Gordis / [Forum Link]
[EU] Edana / [Forum Link]
[EU] GromPuzo / [Forum Link]
  • After completing the Magnus questline, you can use Abyssal Wells to teleport to other areas without visiting the Magnus. 
[NA] Caelias / [Forum Link]
[NA] Trend / [Forum Link]
[NA] Zoda / [Forum Link]
[EU] Azox_Sama / [Forum Link]
[EU] Edana / [Forum Link]
[EU] EU_Choice / [Forum Link]
  • Added a feature that allows immediate entry to the Black Shrine Boss Blitz location.
[NA] Eriane / [Forum Link]
[EU] DragonProphet / [Forum Link]
  • Boss Blitz is immediately retried by clicking the 'Retry' button.
[NA] Eriane / [Forum Link]
[NA] Shiyo / [Forum Link]
  • Added the inventory for combinable items, "Yaz's Combinable Pouch"

[NA] Huunuras / [Forum Link]

[EU] ICE_BLACK / [Forum Link]

[EU] Klooor / [Forum Link]

[EU] Maercagair / [Forum Link]

[EU] Meh_Gud / [Forum Link]

[EU] Mertum / [Forum Link]

[EU] RavenQuicksilver / [Forum Link]

[January 10, 2024]

  • Individual & Party Elixir Consolidation

[EU] Letsu / [Forum Link]

[January 3, 2024]

  • Improved the storage of equipable outfit items by moving them from the regular Inventory to the Pearl Inventory.

[NA] Ely / [Forum Link]

[NA] Lyckah / [Forum Link]

[EU] Emperor / [Forum Link]

[EU] Enchyridion / [Forum Link]


[January 3, 2024]

  • Aakman Temple, Hystria Ruins - Ancient Ruins Entrance and Ancient Teleporter

[NA] Gryphin / [Forum Link]

[EU] Getsugas / [Forum Link]

[January 3, 2024]

  • Added the feature to exchange TET (IV) Blackstar weapons that cannot be registered on the Central Market into Godr-Ayed weapons.

[EU] EvilDancer / [Forum Link]

[January 3, 2024]

  • Monster Zone Revenue Increase (Deboreka accessory drop rate adjusted)

[NA] Aogiri / [Forum Link]

[NA] BowMonkey / [Forum Link]

[NA] Crimdragon / [Forum Link]

  • Removed certain materials used to craft Deboreka and Tungrad accessories.

[NA] XGod37 / [Forum Link]

[EU] Galiron / [Forum Link]

[EU] Zaytsev / [Forum Link]

  • Removed the Season Character condition to claim the “Season Lv. 61! Select a TET (IV) Blackstar Weapon! Challenge”

[EU] EvilDancer / [Forum Link]


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