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Guide d'installation

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Guide de l'aventurier


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Introduction to Taming

In Black Desert, where adventurers journey across a vast continent, horses are the core of movement.


Their fast speed and strong stamina make them ideal for long-distance travel,


There’s something too appealing about the sense of speed you get when sprinting through the wind.


Additionally, the varied uses of horse skills and horseback combat (among other things) make the horse a real companion for the adventure.



Owning a horse is not optional, it’s a necessity!


In this guide, we'll take a look at everything from how to tame a horse to how to raise it into a mighty steed


▲ You can go anywhere within the world of Black Desert if you’ve got a horse.

How to Tame a Wild Horse

Materials: Capturing Rope, Several Lumps of Raw Sugar
Horses can be obtained by purchasing a Horse Emblem from a Stable Merchant. However, it may be difficult to make that horse into a superstar as only tier 1 horses can be obtained through this method. 
You may be better off seeking out wild horses that roam freely in various places as they can quickly be tamed and turned into tier 6 to 7 horses. 
You can distinguish the tier of a wild horse by its appearance. 
A muscular horse is higher in tier in comparison to a slim horse. 
Now let’s get going by checking out the materials to tame a Wild Horse!

Materials to Tame a Wild Horse


How to Obtain

Capturing Rope

Purchase from Stable Keeper NPC

Lump of Raw Sugar

Heating on:

(Raw Sugar x10) and

and (Mineral Water x1) 

Both ingredients can be purchased from vendors who sell food ingredients.


Horse-Taming Minigame

Right click on a Capturing Rope in your Inventory and approach the Wild Horse with the rope equipped. Press LMB when your cursor is aligned with the horse to throw the rope. Then press SPACE to reign in the horse and start the mini-game.

▲ When the mini-game starts, press SPACE over the blue portion of the gauge to begin wrangling the horse.


▲ Press W to advance and continue taming the horse using your rope. When it stands on its hind legs, the red gauge must be maintained at 50% or higher by pressing SPACE repeatedly.  


▲ After successfully winning the tug-of-war and getting within reach of the horse, the Interact menu will be activated. Feed the horse the Lump of Raw Sugar item that you prepared instead of mounting the horse right away. Even if you feed the horse with only one Lump of Raw Sugar, you will definitely succeed in Capturing.

◈ Tips to succeed on taming a horse!

  1. Don’t throw the rope when the horse is on top of a rock or obstacle.

     Mounting in this situation has a high probability of failing.


  1. There are times where the horse rears up while you are approaching it.

    In this case, succeed on the tug-of-war by pressing SPACE several times.


  1. Even if you just use one Lump of Raw Sugar, it will definitely make you succeed in Capturing the horse!


  1. Captured horses can be used after registering them at a stable.

     Tame it after checking empty slots in nearby stables.

     The horse will disappear if you log in again without registering the horse.


  1. Since the captured horse is slow, switch to a horse that you brought along with you. The captured horse will follow along behind you.
Wild Horse Location

Wild horses can be found everywhere within the world of Black Desert.

Most wild horses are Tier 6 but you can occasionally find Tier 7 horses as well.

You have a notably higher chance to find a Tier 7 wild horse in Drieghan.


Breeding your captured wild horse will lead to future generations of fine horses.


The locations below are wild horses spawning locations.
These locations will be helpful in your taming quest, but they are not the only locations where you will stumble upon wild horses on your adventures.


1. Serendia & Calpheon

▲ Near Marino Farm - Fleme Hills


▲ South of Port Epheria


▲ Balenos Mountains


▲ South of Swamp Fogan habitat


▲ South of Marni Farm Ruins


▲ West of Treant Forest


2. Duvencrune & Kamasylvia

▲ South of Duvencrune and West of Gayak Altar


▲ Near Sherekhan Necropolis

▲ South of Navarn Steppe


3. Mediah

▲ Near Mediah Shore


▲ South of Wandering Rogue Den


▲ Near Rumbling Land


▲ Near Tungrad Forest

Basic Stats

As you travel around on your horse, your horse will gain experience based on the distance that was traveled.
You will level up as you obtain experience and this is when your unique stats will increase by bit.

Although two horses may be the same level, they have different stats. The details of each stat are explained below.


Determines how fast the horse will run. The higher the speed, the faster it will run!


The higher the acceleration, the shorter it will take your horse to reach its maximum speed.


Affects how your horse will turn while running. The higher the running speed, the shorter the turning radius.


Affects how quickly the horse can stop. Higher Brake will allow the horse to stop faster.

The growth direction can be predicted based on the base stats of the horse at level 1. The types of horse are as follows:


- Agile: Speedy horses possess high Speed and Acceleration, with their highest growth being in those areas.

- Control: Drifters have high Brake and Turn stats, with their highest growth being in those areas.

- Balance : Balanced horses have stats that are balanced all around including their growth.


The horse statuses are as follows:

Breeding Count

Stallions can breed twice, and Mares can only breed once.

You can reset a horse’s breeding count with Horse Breeding Reset.

Remaining Time

Only applies to event horses.
It can only be used during a certain period of time.


You can “brand” a horse with a Mount Brand Spell Stone,

which increases the chance of the horse learning a skill
every time they level up while branded.


Revive Horse

When your horse has died, you can go to the closest Stable Keeper and revive it.

However, you can also revive the horse on the spot by using Tears of the Wind.

The horse will be revived with full health and endurance at that location.


Tears of the Wind do not only apply to horses but also to all “personal mounts” such as Miniature Elephants, and Epheria Sailboats.

It will be a useful just-in-case item to keep in your inventory.



When a horse levels up, it can learn a new skill at a set probability.


The skills that a horse can learn depends on the tier and type of the horse.
Check your horse into a stable to view the list of available skills for a horse.


Click on the horse to view the skill window on the right side of the screen.


Lastly, for the “S” skills specific to Tier 8 horses, previous skills must be learned before they can be acquired.

Horse Skill Types & Effects

Fore Chop

Press F for a front leg kick

Hind Kick

Press ↓+ F for a back leg kick


Press ← or → + ↓ while running to turn towards the desired direction


Press ↑+ SHIFT while running to sprint even faster (requires saddle to be equipped)

Start Accel

Press SPACE to raise the front legs and press ↑ to accelerate forward.

High Jump

While sprinting, press SPACE to jump over obstacles.

Quick Stop

Press ↓ while running to stop with minimal braking distance

Instant Accel

Press F while running to accelerate and burst forward


Press Q to suddenly charge forward and attack enemies or buildings ahead (requires champron to be equipped)


Press ← or → to move sideways without changing the direction of your horse

Quick Back

Press ↓ to quickly move backward

Streak Leap

You can perform consecutive jumps.


Press SPACE while standing still to make your horse neigh.

It gives a buff to players that recovers HP and MP (requires stirrups to be equipped)


Automatically walk backwards from high terrains

Quick Ride

Mount your horse quickly

S: Fore Chop

Press F to perform an even more powerful kick (Tier 8 exclusive skill)

S: Hind Kick

Press ↓ + F to perform an even more powerful back kick (Tier 8 exclusive skill)

S: Instant Accel

While sprinting, press F to continuously charge forward. (Tier 8 exclusive skill)

S: Sideways

Move sideways more quickly (Tier 8 exclusive skill)


Allow guild or party members to hop on for a ride (Certain Tier 6-8 exclusive skill)


Skill Training Minigame

 After you’ve learned the skills, a mini-game will appear at a set probability when you use the skills. Completing the mini-games will increase your proficiency with the skill.

You may be launched off your horse upon failing the mini-game, but if successful at the game, you will earn greater proficiency with that skill.

When you have acquired 100% proficiency with the skill, the mini-games will no longer appear.

Raising a Horse

Training Level Effect

As you reach a higher training level, your horse will gain more EXP and your chances of taming a wild horse will be increased. No need to worry about increasing your training level as this will naturally occur as you raise your horses. You can also speed up this process through taming wild horses.


Leveling a Horse

The quickest way to raising your horse is to travel around through manual control, but it is also recommended that you set up looped auto-pathing during the times when you’re not playing the game.


Hold ALT on the World-Map and right-click to set the destination of an auto-pathing route. Then click to your current location to create a looped route.


The auto-pathed route is indicated in green, so check the color to make sure it has been set up properly.


After you’ve mounted your horse, press T to activate the function to auto-feed your horse carrots.

If you have enough carrots in your inventory, you will find yourself automatically moving back and forth on the set route while using carrots to automatically recover stamina.


Straight paths are the best as an auto-pathed route, but be mindful that if there is the potential threat of being killed by another player (PK-ed). It is wise to set a shorter route between towns.




Items that Help your Horse’s Growth

Trainer's Clothes

Mount EXP +10% (Cannot be enhanced)

Silver Embroidered Trainer's Clothes

Movement Speed +1, Mount EXP +5% .

EXP increases with every enhancement.

Fine Horse Trainer's Clothes

Movement Speed +1, Mount EXP +7%.

Exchanged with “Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]”

EXP increases with every enhancement.

Venia Riding Attire

Mount EXP +20%.
Can be equipped with Trainer’s Clothes.

Value Pack

Mount EXP +30% with Pearl items

You can also increase the horse’s EXP gain by using elixirs such as the “Elixir of Training,” but these have a short duration and it does not increase the EXP significantly, so it is best to use it when truly necessary.

Horse Market

You can tame and raise a wild horse,

but the fastest way to obtain a good horse is via the Horse Market.

The Horse Market can be found via the stable keepers in big cities.


Horses at the Horse Market are traded differently from the Central Market.

Horse prices will be automatically calculated according to the horse’s Tier and Level, Remaining Breeding Counts, Current Skills, and other factors.


It is very important to make a smart purchase when it comes to buying a horse.

Make sure to check the remaining breeding counts if your main purpose is Breeding and purchase a Lv. 1 horse with a decent Tier.


It is mandatory to check stats and skills if you don’t want to train your horse.

Same goes for selling horses.



While you may receive more money for selling a higher-level horse, it also involves the risk of not being sold if it hasn’t acquired a good selection of skills.

Be mindful about who your sales target might be or you can simply supply the horse to the Imperial Horse Delivery NPC.


▲ Use the Horse Market by talking to Stable Keepers in big cities.

Breeding Market


Breeding can only be carried out through the Breeding Market available at certain Stables.

Only stallions with remaining Breeding Counts can be registered on the Breeding Market.


First, select a mare and click on “Request Breeding” to select a stallion you wish to breed with.


▲ Choose a mare with remaining breed counts to Request Breeding.


During this process, the owner of the mare will have to pay a breeding fee to the owner of the stallion.

You can also choose to breed among your own horses by checking the “Personal Use Only” option when you register the stallion on the Breeding Market.



This way, the stallion will only be visible to you in the “My Registration List” and you can request to carry on with the breeding process.


After some time has passed after breeding, you will receive a foal. However, be mindful that a space must be available in the stable in order to receive your foal. Lastly, the stats of the foal are affected by the tier and level of their parents so it’s best to be mindful of this and utilize your horses to your advantage.


* Stats of the foal are not only impacted by the level of the parents but as well as their skills!

In the case that the parent horses have acquired great skills such as Sprint, Instant Accel, etc., the chances of the foal being born into a fine horse will also increase! Also be mindful that if you get really lucky, you may even receive a fine Tier 8 horse from breeding two 6 Tier horses at level 30.

However, horses with a level above 30 will not have their breeding odds increased.

* Imperial Steed


Sometimes an “Imperial Steed” can be born in a Stable when breeding according to a certain probability.
Imperial Steeds can grow up to Lv. 15 or can be used for Imperial Delivery.
When using your Imperial Steed for Imperial Delivery, you can obtain 120,000,000 Silver and better rewards than normal horses.


Don’t forget that you can receive all the below items!



No. of Items


Mythical Feather


Mythical Horse

Flower of Oblivion


Royal Fern Root


Stonetail Fodder


Attempt Dream Horse
(Courser Training)

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast


Pure Forest Breath


Rainbow Gem Fruit


Breezy Conch Seaweed


Deep Blue Hoof Root


Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]


Exchange main items

Wind Spirit Stone Fragment


Craft Horse Gear & Other

Earth Spirit Stone Fragment


Water Spirit Stone Fragment


More Details Regarding Imperial Steeds

- Imperial Steeds are born with “Imperial Stature” but cannot learn any other skill except for Imperial Stature.

- Imperial Steeds cannot be sold to vendors or registered for Horse Exchange, at the Breeding Market, or at the Horse Market.

- The higher tier and level of the stallions and mares being bred, the higher chance of obtaining an Imperial Steed.

 * But the chance of obtaining an Imperial Steed does not increase after level 31.

- The chance of obtaining an Imperial Steed is not influenced by Training Level or Mastery.

- Imperial Steeds can only be obtained from Breeding. They cannot be obtained from Horse Exchange.

- Imperial Steeds cannot use Mount Brand Spell Stone, Mount Skill Change Coupon, Mount Skill Selection Coupon, Mount Skill Training Coupon, Mount All Skill Training Coupon, Horse Appearance Change Coupon, Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon, Reset Mount Growth, or Mount Name Change Coupon.


Exchange works like Breeding. You can only use it with stabled horses,
But the horses used in the exchange will disappear.
A horse obtained from the exchange is influenced by their parents just like a foal gained from Breeding.
It is common to exchange a horse with no more breeding counts since there is a breeding count limit.

▲ Please note that the two horses used for Exchange Horse will disappear.


Imperial Horse Delivery

When a horse becomes Lv. 15, Imperial Horse Delivery will be available at the Stable.

The price will be lower than selling it on the Central Market but it will be exchanged for Silver right away and you can also obtain Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] depending on the tier, which can be exchanged for other items.


▲ Imperial Horse Delivery is up to you! After selling your horses, you can obtain <Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]>, <Flower of Oblivion> and Silver.


▲ Obtain <Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]>, <Flower of Oblivion> and Silver as rewards upon completing Imperial Horse Delivery.

Courser System

A horse that learns Charge, Drift, and other skills will be classified as a “Courser”.


When a horse becomes a Courser, all Breeding Market/Horse Market/Imperial Delivery prices will significantly increase compared to normal horses.


Also, a foal born from two Courser Breeding will be born with 2 inherited skills.

A foal born from Breeding a Courser and a normal horse will be able to have up to 2 inherited skills.


▲ Learn certain skills according to the tier and this icon will change to gold unlike the normal silver icon of regular horses.


Tier 8 Courser has more benefits.

A Lv. 30 Tier 8 Courser can do Courser Training via NPC Gula in Stonetail Horse Ranch. After completing Courser Training, A Courser can attempt awakening and be reborn as a “Dream Horse” with special abilities.



Courser Skills (Classified “Courser” upon learning all skills)

Tier 1-2


Tier 3-4

Charge, Drift

Tier 5-6

Charge, Drift, Sprint

Tier 7

Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Accel, Sideways

Tier 8

Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Accel, Sideways, S: Instant Accel, S: Sideways

Courser, Awakens and Become a Dream Horse!

You can think of Tier 8 Courser as the prep stage for Dream Horses.


Dream Arduanatt is much higher in Speed, Acceleration, Turn, and Brake stats compared to a Tier 8 horse. Also, its special ability is gliding in the air with its massive wings.


The other Dream Horse, Diné, can run through the desert without any movement speed reduction while other horses cannot even run properly while in the desert. It cannot only run but also use all skills.


▲ A Tier 8 Courser can use “Courser Training” menu at the Stable.


You need special materials for Courser Training.


The special materials are Pure Forest Breath, Rainbow Gem Fruit,

Breezy Conch Seaweed, Deep Blue Hoof Root, Stonetail Fodder

and Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast obtainable by
gathering, fishing or defeating monsters.


Use these materials to increase a Courser’s Skill, Elegance, and Strength.

When all training categories add up to 200%, this Courser can now attempt Dream Horse Awakening.


You have to feed the Courser at least two of the materials to reach a total of 200% in training.


Item Name

How to Obtain


Pure Forest Breath

Randomly obtained after defeating all region monsters

Courser Training +1%

Rainbow Gem Fruit

Exchange with
Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x10
Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] x2 that can be obtained from Courser Training Reward Box

Courser Training +1%

Breezy Conch Seaweed

Randomly obtained after Fishing

Courser Training +1%

Deep Blue Hoof Root

Randomly obtained
after Gathering

Courser Training +1%

Stonetail Fodder

Simple Cooking Farming byproducts

Courser Training +1%

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast

Hunt Blue Whale and Khalk

Courser Training +1%

Mysterious Blue Conch

Exchange with Season Rewards, events and others

Courser Training +2%

Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower

Exchange with Season Rewards, events and others

Courser Training +2%

Fruit of Yianaros

Exchange with Season Rewards, events and others

Courser Training +2%


▲ Courser Training UI. Train each category (Skill, Elegance, Strength) to reach a total of 200% in training.


When you’ve succeeded in Awakening:

A high investment in the Skill category will increase your chance of getting an Arduanatt

A high investment in the Elegance category will increase your chance of getting a Diné

A high investment in the Strength category will increase your chance of getting a Doom


Also, when reaching a total of 200% in training, any category without any investment will not have a chance of that horse type appearing.

For instance, when reaching 200% in training with 100% in Skill and 100% in Strength, there is a 50-50 chance of receiving an Arduanatt or Doom, but no chance of getting a Diné.

Each category can reach a maximum of 180% and when going over 100% in training, each training item you feed it will have its efficacy reduced by 50%.

When reaching 200% across all Skill, Elegance and Strength categories,

prepare a “Krogdalo's Origin Stone” to attempt Awakening.


Simple Alchemy Swaying Wind Shard x25 and Rumbling Earth Shard x25 that can be obtained from Exchanging Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Training], Horse Race Seal, Peridot Leaf and Old Moon Grand Prix Coin to obtain Krogdalo's Origin Stone x1.


One stone will be consumed for every Awakening attempt.


▲ Simple Alchemy Swaying Wind Shard x25 with Rumbling Earth Shard x25 and combine them.


* The percentage of Skill, Elegance and Strength will reset when failing on awakening.

Only 50% of the total training percentage will disappear when failing an Awakening attempt using Cron Stones (but any decimal amounts will be removed).

Every time you fail, the chance to succeed in future Awakening attempts will increase.



When you succeed in Awakening, your Tier 8 Courser will be reborn as a Tier 1 Dream Arduanatt, Diné, or Doom.


Arduanatt has 3 unique skills from birth:

“Courser's Spirit”, which automatically recovers HP and Stamina little by little when unmounted, “Double Jump”, and “Wings of Wind” for gliding.


As you level up, your horse can learn skills according to a certain probability.


Diné is born with “Earth of Life” which recovers 300 HP, as well as 300 MP/WP/SP every 3 sec for 60 sec for the owner and up to 9 of their allies, along with the skills “Courser's Spirit” and “Double Jump”.


Doom is born with “Dark Flame Steps”, a powerful melee attack that can inflict flame damage to nearby enemies as well as “Courser’s Spirit” and “Double Jump”.


Additionally, the skill “Dark Sprint” can be learned according to a certain probability.

Dark Sprint is a skill in which you can move faster during S: Instant Accel and inflicts damage to nearby enemies, surrounding them with flames.

On top of that, Doom is the only Dream Horse that can learn the “Two-seater” skill.


As mentioned above, the images below are the skills that a horse can learn (excluding certain Dream Horse unique skills).


Horses can learn common skills which are categorized by tier as well as “S” skills.


Fore Chop

Hind Kick

Quick Stop

High Jump



Instant Accel



Quick Back

Quick Ride

Start Accel

Streak Leap



S: Fore Chop

S: Hind Kick

S: Instant Accel

S: Sideways



* All of the above skills can be learned by mounts but are available depending on their tier.

- You can check the skills a mount can learn in the Stable or Mount Information window.


Changed so that all wild horses appear in Tier 6 or Tier 7 and Tier 1-5 wild horses don’t appear anymore. (Sep 21, 2022)

Also, added a new horse appearance for Tier 7 and 8.


▲ Newly added Tier 7 Wild Horse


▲ 2 newly added Tier 8 Horse appearances.


The appearance of horses that are Tier 6 or higher that you will encounter as Wild Horses or through breeding:

Tier 6

Learnable Skills 


Tier 7

Learnable Skills


From 7-4 to 7-9: 

Tier 8

Learnable Skills


From 8-3 to 8-5: 

Dream Horse

Learnable Skills




* List of Tier 1-5 wild horses that are no longer available:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5


Dream Horses

The Arduanatt Dream Horse can use their ability to glide to maneuver through paths unfathomable for other horses. Especially around cliffside terrain that other horses cannot easily leap across, it’s masterful mobility certainly shines.


Diné can benefit nearby allies with its Earth of Life skill.

It’s the master of desert terrain, demonstrating overwhelming mobility in these regions other horses cannot run.


Dream Doom can attack enemies for great damage with skills that deal flame damage. During S: Instant Accel, it can move much faster than other horses.

Arduanatt and Diné can attempt to ascend to an even higher tier via “Mythical Horse Awakening”. More details regarding Mythical Horse Awakening can found in our Mythical Horse Awakening Guide.

Horse Gear

There are five pieces of horse gear in total.

Each piece increases a horse’s stats and may be a requirement for using certain skills.


Horse gear can also be enhanced like normal gear.

The max enhancement rate for horse gear is +10.


Basic horse gear can be purchased from a Stable Keeper NPC but for the best stats, it’s better to craft horse gear yourself or purchase it from the Central Market.
The Storm Horse Gear Set, green-grade gear, or a Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Set can be obtained by exchanging "Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]” or “Golden Seal - [Work Supervisor]”.

The “Granverre” Horse Gear Set, a high blue-grade horse gear set, can be crafted from the Horse Gear Workshop at Stonetail Horse Ranch.

Available horse gear is as follows:

Shabby Horse Gear Set: Purchase from Stable NPC



Enhancement +10

Shabby Leather Barding

All DP +10

All DP +30

Shabby Leather Saddle

Max HP +225,

Max Stamina +1000, Turn +1%

Max HP +360,

Max Stamina +3000, Turn +3%

Shabby Hide Stirrups

All Evasion +5, Brake 1%

All Evasion +15, Brake +3%


Light Horse Gear Set: Craft in Horse Gear Workshop



Enhancement +10

Light Red Plumed Champron

Max HP +338,
Acceleration +2%

Max HP +540, Acceleration +4%

Light Hide Barding

All DP +14

All DP +42

Light Hide Saddle

Max HP +113,

Max Stamina +2000, Turn +2%

Max HP +180,

Max Stamina +6000, Turn +4%

Light Hide Stirrups

All Evasion +10, Brake +2%

All Evasion +30, Brake +4%

Light Iron Horseshoe

Movement Speed +2%

Movement Speed +6%


Combat Horse Gear Set: Craft in Horse Gear Workshop



Enhancement +10

Steel Combat Champron

Movement Speed -1%,

Max HP +428,
Acceleration +1.5%

Movement Speed -1%,

Max HP +684,
Acceleration +3.5%

Steel Combat Barding

Movement Speed -2%,
All DP +20

Movement Speed -2%,
All DP +60

Leather Combat Saddle

Max HP +428,

Max Stamina +1400,

All DP +5, Turn +1.5%

Max HP +684,

Max Stamina +4200,

All DP +15, Turn +3.5%

Leather Combat Stirrups

All Evasion +5, All DP +5, Brake +1.5%

All Evasion +15, All DP +15,
Brake +3.5%

Steel Combat Horseshoe

Movement Speed +1.5%,
All DP +5

Movement Speed +5%,
All DP +15


Storm Horse Gear Set: Exchange with
Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] / [Work Supervisor]



Enhancement +10

Feather Champron of Storm

Max HP +450,
Acceleration +2%

Max HP +720,
Acceleration +5%

Light Leather Barding of Storm

All DP +18

All DP +54

Light Leather Saddle of Storm

Max HP +450

Max Stamina +2400,
Turn +2%

Max HP +720,

Max Stamina +7200, Turn +5%

Light Leather Stirrups of Storm

All Evasion +20, Brake +2%

All Evasion +40, Brake +5%

Light Leather Horseshoe of Storm

Movement Speed +2.5%, Turn +2%

Movement Speed +6.5%, Turn +2%


Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Set : Exchange with
Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] / [Work Supervisor]



Enhancement +10

Steel Champron of Fighting Spirit

Movement Speed -1%,

Max HP +540, Acceleration +1.5%

Movement Speed -1%,

Max HP +864
Acceleration +4.5%

Steel Barding of Fighting Spirit

Movement Speed -2%,
All DP +24

Movement Speed -2%,
All DP +72

Leather Saddle of Fighting Spirit

Max HP +540,

Max Stamina +1800,

All DP +5, Turn +1.5%

Max HP +864,

Max Stamina +5400,

All DP +15, Turn +4.5%

Leather Stirrups of Fighting Spirit

All Evasion +10,

All DP +10, Brake +1.5%

All Evasion +20,

All DP +20, Brake +4.5%

Steel Horseshoe of Fighting Spirit

Movement Speed +2%,

Turn +2%, All DP +5

Movement Speed +5.5%,

Turn +2%, All DP +15


Granverre Horse Gear Set:
Craft in Horse Gear Workshop (Stonetail Horse Ranch)



Enhancement +10

Granverre Feather Champron

Max HP +600, Acceleration +3%

Max HP +1500,
Acceleration +8%

Granverre Leather Barding

All DP +40, Max HP +300

All DP +105, Max HP +1200

Granverre Leather Saddle

Max HP +600,

Max Stamina +2500, Turn +3%

Max HP +1500,

Max Stamina +10000, Turn +8%

Granverre Leather Stirrups

All Evasion +20,

All DP +10, Brake +3%

All Evasion +45,

All DP +35, Brake +8%

Granverre Metal Horseshoe

Movement Speed +3%,

Turn +3%, All DP +5

Movement Speed +8%,

Turn +3%, All DP +20


Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Earth Set:
Craft in Horse Gear Workshop (Stonetail Horse Ranch)



Enhancement +10

Krogdalo's Champron - Earth

All DP +5, Max HP +600,
Acceleration +3%

All DP +20, Max HP +1500, Acceleration +8%

Krogdalo's Barding - Earth

All DP +40,
Max HP +450

All DP +105,
Max HP +1800

Krogdalo's Saddle - Earth

Max HP +600,

Max Stamina +2750, Turn +3%

Max HP +1500,

Max Stamina +12500,
Turn +8%

Krogdalo's Stirrups - Earth

All Evasion +20, All DP +10, Max HP +750, Brake +3%

All Evasion + 45, All DP +35, Max HP +1875, Brake +8%

Krogdalo's Horseshoe - Earth

Max Stamina +2750

Movement Speed +3%, Turn +3%

Max Stamina+12500

Movement Speed +8%,
Turn +3%


Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Earth:
Craft in Horse Gear Workshop (Stonetail Horse Ranch)

3-Set Effect

Earth Slam (Charge)

Charge attack area +70%,
Charge AP +50%

4-Set Effect

Earth's Echo
(S: Fore Chop)

Knockdown 60% enemies within 3.5 m radius, S: Fore Chop AP +50%

5-Set Effect

Earth's Roar
(S: Earth's Roar)

Damage Reduction +3 and Evasion +3 to 10 allies for 60 min (including self)

Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Wind:
Craft in Horse Gear Workshop (Stonetail Horse Ranch)

3-Set Effect

Wind Gust (Charge)

Charge speed +30%,
Charge damage +50%

4-Set Effect

Wind's Echo
(S: Fore Chop)

Knockback damage +70%,
S: Fore Chop damage +50%
to enemies within 3.5m radius

5-Set Effect

Wind's Roar (Roar)

AP +5 to 10 allies for 60 min
(including self)

Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Sea:
Craft in Horse Gear Workshop (Stonetail Horse Ranch)

3-Set Effect

Rising Tide (Charge)

Enemy's Movement Speed -20%,
Charge AP +50%

4-Set Effect

Ocean's Echo
(S: Fore Chop)

Attack/Casting Speed -20% of enemies within 3.5m radius

5-Set Effect

Ocean's Roar (Roar)

Max HP/Stamina +100 to 10 allies
for 60 min (including self)

Horse Training is content that requires “patience”.

Little by little, you will work toward owning a Tier 8 Horse and even a Dream Horse or a Mythical Horse.


So, take care and raise them with love regardless of their tier. It will definitely pay off!

  • This game guide might be different from contents in-game due to updates and content changes.

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