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Crafting Blackstar Gear

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Blackstar equipment contains rather exceptional power. Therefore, only Adventurers who have grown quite familiar with Black Desert’s world know of and make it their goal to obtain it.
Blackstar gear requires a bit of preparation, and can be obtained only once per character through quests. Then, shall we take a look at which quests we need to complete and what preparations are needed?

Preparations for Crafting

There are a few things one needs to acquire before being able to obtain their own Blackstar equipment pieces.
First, you will need to obtain the The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah knowledge entry to unlock the different Blackstar questlines. After that, item-wise you will need Remnants of the Rift, Concentrated Boss’ Aura, and Specter’s Energy for most Blackstar gear pieces.
1. Remnants of the Rift (Item)


You will need Remnants of the Rift, a strange substance which you can obtain at a low chance by defeating the bosses that emerge from dark rifts. You can also purchase Remnants of the Rift from the Central Market.


➤ You can read more about the Dark Rift feature in the [Dark Rifts] page.

2. The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah (Knowledge)

You can learn about The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah after completing the main questline in Mediah, then accepting and completing The Three Blacksmiths questline from Tulem, Altinova’s arms dealer.

There are a total of 13 quests, which, for an Adventurer who has already completed Mediah’s main questline, will be a rather quick task to complete. They will introduce you to Dorin Morgrim, the only blacksmith capable, and mad enough, to craft Blackstar equipment for you.

Once you’ve obtained the Remnants of the Rift and learned about the Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah, you have completed the prerequisites to accept the quests that lead to crafting Blackstar gear. Yet, to progress through these quests and finish crafting this equipment, there are a few additional items required. Those are Concentrated Boss's Aura, and Specter's Energy.

3. Concentrated Boss's Aura

You can obtain Concentrated Boss’s Aura by heating (hotkey: L) unenhanced boss weapons from the likes of Kzarka and Kutum, or unenhanced boss armor like Giath’s Helmet or Bheg’s Gloves. These can be obtained at a low chance when defeating their respective world & field bosses, or purchased from the Central Market.

4. Specter's Energy

To craft all types of Blackstar equipment except for the main weapon, you will require Specter’s Energy. While other items you can easily obtain from purchasing them on the Central Market or from a quest reward, this item is the most difficult material to acquire due to its low chance to drop, as it can only be obtained from defeating monsters.


Defeating monsters in the following monster zones has a slightly higher chance to drop Specter’s Energy: Protty Cave, Sherekhan Necropolis (Night), Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper), and Thornwood Forest.


Combining the Venomous Night Fang items obtained from looting monsters throughout O’dyllita into a [+] shape will create the Ibedor’s Scroll item, which you can use to summon a boss that has a low chance of dropping Specter’s Energy.

Let’s tidy up all necessary materials and means to obtain them for crafting Blackstar gear:


How to Obtain 



Remnants of the Rift 

- Dark rifts

- Central Market


Drop rates are low, but can be obtained via the Central Market.

The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah 

- Quest


Complete a questline.

Concentrated Boss's Aura 

- Use heating on boss gear


You can purchase boss gear from the Central Market.

Specter’s Energy 

- Monster loot


Loot monsters in monster zones like Thornwood Forest, and boss drop from Ibedor’s Scroll.


Quest Progress

Once you’ve obtained Remnants of the Rift and learned about The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah, you can start the different Blackstar questlines from Martha Kiyen at the Northern Wheat Plantation. (Martha Kiyen can easily be found by right-clicking the Remnants of the Rift item and selecting the NPC Location option)

Follow the quests to investigate the nature of the mysterious Blackstar located in northwestern Calpheon, and the life that lies therein.


Throughout the journey you’ll be offered a crossroads quest where you can select the route best appropriate for your difficulty level based on your personal AP/DP. Adventurers with high AP can face a powerful boss monster in a quick bout, while Adventurers with lower AP can instead deal with a large number of monsters in a monster zone, then face a weakened version of the same boss monster.


• If you cannot obtain the first quest for a Blackstar equipment piece from Martha Kiyen, check if you have already started the quests for another piece. As they all interact with the same items, you can only do the first few quests of each equipment slot piece separately one by one.

• When the time comes to face the boss monster, we recommend Adventurers to not have more than one Blackstar questline active at that stage, as you may sacrifice the Eye of Desolation for the wrong quest.

• Additionally, if you’re at that stage of a Blackstar questline and cannot summon the boss monster when sacrificing the Eye of Desolation in the brazier, please check that you don’t already have any [Combat] The Incarnation of Corruption at Star's End or similar quest active. As all related quests involve interacting with the same brazier, you cannot progress more than one of them at the same time.

Once you’ve completed all the quests, you may finally claim your very own Blackstar gear.

In closing, here are the words of an Adventurer who crafted the Blackstar gear:
"Crafting Blackstar gear is not so difficult! If you have Specter’s Energy, that is…"


Crafting Without Quest

Once you've completed the Blackstar gear crafting quest for each type of equipment piece, you can accept the [Blackstar] All About Blackstar quest for each piece from the Black Spirit. Once completed, you can craft the Blackstar gear for that piece without having to progress through the story quest again. Visit Dorin Morgrim (Inside Helms Abandoned Mine) to start the quest for each part of armor/weapon.
You will need the following materials to craft a piece of Blackstar armor/weapon:
Specter's Energy x1
Concentrated Boss's Aura x3
Obtained from monsters' drops in different monster zones in Valencia, Kamasylvia and Drieghan.
Obtained by heating (Processing) world boss armor/weapons.
Remnants of the Rift x2
Blackstar Armor/Weapon Piece x1
Obtained as a rare drop when defeating Dark Rift bosses.
* It can also be purchased from the Central Market.
Speak with Dorin Morgrim to receive this item for free.


If you want to know about other types of equipment, please check the [Gearing Guide] page.


Get a Free TET Blackstar Weapon

You can choose a TET Blackstar weapon for your character by just reaching level 61 for the first time.

▶ Reach Lv. 61 with your character
▶ Achieve 1 of the below with your character
(* If already achieved, you can claim the reward from Challenge)
* This item can be obtained once per family via Challenge (Y) window.

Requirements Quest Name

Complete the simplified main questline 

[Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 11 

Complete the main questline up to Mediah 

Apocalyptic Prophecy 

Complete the main questline of Mountain of Eternal Winter 

[Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli 

Complete the main questline of Land of the Morning Light 

[Koo Mihyun] Seungsan's Secret 


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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