Dark Rift

Dark Rift

Bosses consumed by the Black Spirit are appearing from Dark Rifts throughout the world!




The difficulty of these bosses depends on the monster zone they appear in.

These boss monsters have a certain chance to appear when you approach the monster zone. If they are not discovered for more than an hour, they will be displayed on the world map.

These bosses only appear to specific Adventurers, therefore they can only be seen by the designated adventurer (other adventurers cannot attack your boss monster).

Other adventurers cannot attack you while you fight these bosses.

You can obtain accessories through the boxes dropped by these bosses.

No penalties will be applied for getting killed by these bosses.

The bosses from the dark rifts do not naturally die or despawn.

There is a maximum of 10 bosses spawned from the dark rifts. You need to defeat the previous boss to have a new boss spawn from a dark rift.

Penalties will apply when you are killed by a regular monster nearby so be careful!

These bosses will not disappear when you switch characters, change servers, or log out.

You can’t attack these bosses during a node war/conquest war. When they appear you must move to another server where a node war/conquest war is not in progress if you want to engage them in battle.

You need to complete the newly added quest [Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past quest to unlock the appearance of dark rifts. This means you need to complete the Awakening quest of your class to obtain the [Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past from the Black Spirit.



Adventurers that have completed the prerequisite quests can encounter bosses from the dark rifts.

The dark rifts and the bosses from them have one thing in common: they both can only be seen by you. Meaning these bosses must be defeated alone.

Once you defeat a dark rift boss, they’ll be forced back into the rift and you will receive a box with accessories among other items.


The difficulty level of each boss varies based on which monster zone it appears in, so exercise caution when attacking one.


Prerequisite Quests

There is a newly added prerequisite quest, [Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past, that needs to be completed to unlock the appearance of dark rifts.

You must have completed the awakening quest of your class to obtain the [Awakening Complete] Memories of the Past quest from the Black Spirit.



When a dark rift spawns, a large notification message will appear on the upper center of the game window, then a message and a mark will also appear on the lower right UI of your game screen as well.

If you don’t know the location of the dark rift after receiving this message, please check the world map.



When you are in combat with a boss, other adventurers cannot see or attack you including summons and pets.

If a boss appears, they can only see and attack you. If you’re not ready, you can take time to make your preparations before attacking.

Don’t worry about interruptions and please just enjoy the intense combat between you and the boss.


Remember that there is no death penalty for dying against a boss that spawns from the dark rift. You can challenge them freely!


The bosses from dark rifts do not naturally die or despawn


There is a maximum of 12 world bosses from the dark rift able to be spawned. You need to defeat the previous bosses for new one to spawn


Bosses can’t be attacked during node war/conquest war so please move to a server without a node war/conquest war in-progress to engage in a boss fight.



You can obtain two new items from looting a rift boss: Box of the Dead and Dark Spirit’s Greed.

There are three types of Box of the Dead: Box of the Desperate Dead, Box of the Distorted Dead, and Box of the Silent Dead. All of these contain various accessories.

The Dark Spirit’s Greed is a currency that can be collected and exchanged for other items.


Which Box of the dead you receive is based on the bosses’ difficulty.

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