Black Desert Remasterizado

En breve comienza Black Desert.

Instala el lanzador si no comienza el juego.

Instala el lanzador para empezar el juego.

Si ya lo tienes instalado, el juego comenzará pronto.
Si el lanzador no se ejecuta automáticamente, ejecútalo directamente.

Guía de instalación

1 Ejecuta BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe para instalar el lanzador de Black Desert.

2 Una vez completada la instalación, empieza el juego.

Guía del aventurero

Pet Skill Change

Última modificación : 19 jun. 2024, 10:06 (UTC)
Pet Skill Change Coupon can be purchased from the Pearl Shop (F3). Find out more about its usage and probability information. 

What is a Pet Skill Change Coupon?

- An item that allows you to change your pet's current skill once, without the need to use the pet exchange function.

- It can be used by right-clicking the item while your pet is checked in. Note that pet talents cannot be changed. 
(E.g. A Polar Bear's special ability "Auto-Fishing Time Reduction" and its talent "Increase Weight Limit" cannot be changed. However, skills such as Fishing +1, Gathering EXP Increase, and Hunting EXP Increase, which are acquired based on a pet's tier, can be changed.) 


※ Probability information for changeable skills can be checked during the skill change process.


How to Use the Pet Skill Change Coupon

① With the "Pet Skill Change Coupon" in your Pearl Inventory, open the pet window from the top left of the screen or through Menu (ESC) - Function (F8) - Pet.


② Click the "Change Skill" button from the list of checked-in pets.



③ Excluding talents, select the skill you wish to change by clicking the "Change" button. 



④ A list of available skills will appear on the right. Clicking on a skill will display its change probability. 

- Pressing the [Apply] button will consume one Pet Skill Change Coupon, and the skill will change to one of the available skills from the list based on the specified probability. 



※ The change probability for each skill varies depending on the type of skill selected from the desired skill list. 


⑤ If the change is successful, the skill will change to your desired skill. If unsuccessful, it will change to a different skill, and your Skill Change Point count will increase by 1. 



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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