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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Adventurer's Guide

Warrior Lore

Last Edited on : May 19, 2023, 14:03 (UTC)
◈ Awakening
The story of the Goyen Mercenaries is one of honor and sacrifice.
The mercenaries were a group of men with no allegiances, yet they were bound to each other due to their will to survive. A group for those with no place to go, each member with their own story, all banded together. Some members had bounties placed on their heads, so the group was often attacked wherever it went.
Under the leadership of Goyen, who excelled in swordsmanship, the group’s numbers swelled. They used each other as a mirror to develop their skills, and trained to be a mercenary force to be reckoned with. They swore oaths of loyalty, and cemented their bonds in blood. The group’s reputation grew by the day.
Although they were all skilled, their leader Goyen was able to handle a steel great sword the size of a full-grown man. No one in the mercenary band had seen anyone use a greatsword as well as Goyen did. Although several brothers received sword training from him, none were able to master Goyen's skills. His name alone made his presence more prominent.
On one fateful day, a man that appeared to be of high status visited the Goyen Mercenaries. He was an emissary from Dandelion, and the man made them an offer they could not refuse. They were promised acceptance into the knightly order of Dandelion, a prestigious contract full of riches and fame, an opportunity for all of them to settle down somewhere, if they succeeded in aiding Dandelion in their war against Lakhsi, allied to Calpheon.
The brothers knew not of the fate that would befall them. The day the band promised victory upon accepting the request… would be the last day the mercenary brothers smiled together.
They marched to battle and fought valiantly, expectantly waiting for reinforcements from Dandelion to appear at any moment. Unfortunately for them, Dandelion had no intention of supporting the Goyen Mercenaries. They were left on the battlefield to die as a disposable shield.
In one last gallant act, Goyen signaled a retreat. As his men retreated, Goyen continued to hold up the enemy forces. Only when he knew his men had retreated, he allowed his significant wounds to take him. Goyen died a hero on the battlefield.  His greatsword, which fell on the spot where he died, disappeared and was forever lost.

The mercenaries who survived the battle vowed revenge for the betrayal. They swore that Dandelion would fall to their hands. Yet they were denied the opportunity, as Dandelion was eventually defeated by Lakhsi and faded into the history books.


On that day the brothers made a new vow, to reclaim what was rightfully theirs, the lost greatsword they believe contained the soul of Goyen.

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