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Adventurer's Guide

Berserker Lore

Last Edited on : Sep 29, 2022, 14:47 (UTC)

◈ Awakening


Despite their physical superiority, Giants have remained in Keplan all along, without expanding their territory, because they lacked the ambition for it. The discovery and mining of black crystals, however, brought devastation to the land of Keplan, and stirred up internal strife within the tribe.


Those who sided with Chief Gehaku insisted on moving to the south to retain their old way of life and avoid conflict with the humans, while those by the young Tantu's side argued that based on his observations of human greed, the tribe would be annihilated if they weren’t the ones to first take up arms.


Tantu was quite small for a Giant, such that he was known as "Little Tantu," which, of course, he detested. His determination and aggressiveness however were more than enough to rally the young Giants, and he was also smart enough to inspire them with his ambitions. Moreover, his adventurousness led him to travel all over the continent to find a place for the tribe to live in and prosper.


Early one morning, Tantu disappeared with his followers. According to rumors, he had decided to settle down somewhere in Mediah, in a land of old. There, Tantu sought a partnership with the Dwarves already residing in the ancient land.


"Giants and Dwarves are like brothers. It is our turn to repay the help we received from your kin." So said Ain Greid, the Dwarven Chief, who welcomed Tantu with open arms. Not far away from there, the chief guided the Giants to the mausoleum of a past warchief, where the ancient giants sleep.


The ancient text engraved in the mausoleum had yet to be interpreted even by the Dwarves, but Tantu was able to read it as though it was his mother tongue.


"It was the Iron Buster made by the ancient Dwarves that protected us."


Deciphering the ancient record brought changes to Tantu's own body. His relatively small body grew bigger than any other Giant, and he became wiser and stronger than ever, as if all the new abilities that were being fed to his once small stature were expanding outwards, physically making him grow larger.


Tantu reproduced the Iron Buster of old with the aid of the Dwarves, and then proceeded to make an upgraded version that only Giants could use.


Upon its completion, Tantu was certain that his Iron Buster would grant the tribe a destructive force like none other.

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