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Adventurer's Guide

Naru Gear (Equipment)

Last Edited on : Jun 14, 2024, 08:56 (UTC)
- Obtain beginner-friendly Naru gear via the main questlines which can be made stronger with enhancement.
- PEN (V) Naru gear can be exchanged for Tuvala gear (season characters only) or Narchillan gear (once per Family, excluding accessories)
- It is advised to use Naru accessories without enhancing them, and later switch to “Main Quest Accessories” as you progress in the game.

Naru Gear


Naru gear is extremely advantageous for beginner adventurers. Obtainable easily via the main quest line, you can also gain the materials needed to enhance gear to max PEN (V) level. After progressing with your character, PEN (V) Naru gear can be traded in for [Tuvala gear] or [Narchillan gear].


* Naru gear is character bound and cannot be shared within the Family.



Naru Gear List


Weapon Equipment Accessories
Naru Main Weapon
Naru Helmet
Naru Necklace
Naru Sub-weapon
Naru Armor
Naru Earring
Naru Awakening Weapon (For Archer Class)
Naru Gloves
Naru Ring
Naru Awakening Weapon (For Scholar Class)
Naru Shoes
Naru Belt


* There is no Naru Awakening Weapon for classes other than Archer and Scholar. (Other classes may use "Canon" gear, which is received as a reward from the Lv. 56 Awakening Quest)


How to Obtain Naru Gear

Naru gear can be obtained via the main questline as a reward or by exchanging Beginner Black Stones.


1. Main Questline


All parts of Naru gear can be obtained throughout the main questline.


Obtain all parts of Naru gear by completing the Main Quests (Q) from the Black Spirit.



2. Exchange Beginner Black Stones


Obtain Naru gear by exchanging Beginner Black Stones with Fughar.


Exchange Beginner Black Stones with Fughar to obtain your desired Naru gear pieces.


- If you cannot find an NPC, use the Find NPC function.


Beginner Black Stones can be obtained as quest rewards. To exchange Beginner Black Stones for gear, you must have completed the Serendia main questline.

Once these conditions are met, Naru gear can be obtained through the exchange of Beginner Black Stones with Fughar who can be found near the city stables.


Enhancing Naru Gear

Naru gear can be enhanced to PEN (V) level. Beginner Black Stones are used for enhancement, and plenty can be obtained throughout the main questline.


Beginner Black Stones needed to enhance Naru gear can be obtained via the main questline.


Up until PRI (I) level, Naru gears’ enhancement level will not decrease when enhancement fails. However, from DUO (II) level, the enhancement level can decrease by one with each enhancement failure.

As Naru gear has a low enhancement difficulty, it is simple to enhance the gear to its highest enhancement level, PEN (V), just by using the Beginner Black Stones obtained through the main quests.


Beginner Black Stones needed to enhance Naru gear can be obtained via the main questline.


- It is recommended to upgrade the following six pieces to PEN (V): Naru Main Weapon / Sub-weapon / Helmet / Armor / Gloves / Shoes.


Although Beginner Black Stones can also be obtained by processing regular Black Stones, it is recommended to only use those obtained via the main quests. Sufficient rewards are provided through quests to get your gear to PEN (V) level.  

Black Stones can be registered on the Central Market and sold for silver, and used for many other purposes throughout the game, so it is best to hold onto them for a while and stick to using quest-obtained Beginner Black Stones for enhancing.



How to Restore Naru Gear Max Durability

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If you don’t have enough max durability left due to multiple enhancement failures for your Naru equipment, you can use the same type of unenhanced Naru equipment to recover their max durability.

ex) A Naru Longsword is required to repair the max durability of a Naru Longsword


Go to BlacksmithRepairRecover Max Durability to recover the depleted max durability of your Naru equipment.


 - Enhancing Naru accessories is for later

Whilst the major Naru gear pieces are easy to enhance, Naru accessories follow the same rules as regular accessories, meaning they are destroyed upon enhancement failure.

It is recommended to begin enhancing accessories only once you have a surplus of Beginner Black Stones, or not at all, and to switch to other accessories obtained through the main quests later in the game.


- What to do with remaining Beginner Black Stones

Once all weapons and defense gear, excluding accessories, are enhanced to PEN (V) level, there are no essential needs for Beginner Black Stones.

In this case, you may try to enhance accessories, or you can sell the remaining Beginner Black Stones at a shop for Silver.


Exchanging for Tuvala & Narchillan Gear

Naru gear can be exchanged for Tuvala and Narchillan Gear.


1. Exchange for Tuvala Gear (Season character only)


Season characters can exchange their PEN (V) level Naru gear for PRI (I) level Tuvala gear.


As a season character, you can exchange PEN (V) Naru gear for PRI (I) Tuvala gear through the exchange menu via the equipment window (excluding accessories)

Only season characters can obtain and use Tuvala gear.


➤ Please check the [Season Gear Guide] page for more information regarding the Tuvala gear.



2. Exchange for Narchillan Gear (once per Family)


PEN (V) Naru gear can be exchanged for Narchillan gear via a quest (once per Family).


You can exchange PEN (V) Naru gear for Narchillan gear once per FamilyNarchillan gear cannot be enhanced, and it has similar stats as if between TET (IV) and PEN (V) Tuvala gear.

This gear can be obtained via a quest and is only obtainable once per Family.


➤ Please check the [Gearing Guide] page for more information regarding the Narchillan gear.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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