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Adventurer's Guide

Exchanging with NPCs

There are many different items in . You can also obtain various loots through hunting normal monsters.


These often referred as ‘junk items’. You can either sell them at the Marketplace, or exchange them with other items for a bigger profit.


In order to make an exchange, you should collect certain number of the loots and take them to the designated NPC. The NPC will exchange the looted items to an item of appropriate value.


You can check which loot items are exchangeable through the tooltip.

The item above is a loot item named ‘Spell Powder’. When you take a look at the Exchange Information, you can see that you can exchange them at the and .


If you collect 100 Spell Powders and exchange them, you’ll get 60,000 silver coins. You’ll get double the profit than selling it since it’s sold at 300 silver coins.


For these types of items, right-click the item in the inventory to take a look at the [NPC Location] and the [Item Count].

The [NPC Location] is a navigation function that shows you the way towards the NPC you have to meet, and [Item Count] shows the amount of items you’ve collected. You can see the number of items even when you’re hunting.   

▲ If you select [Item Count], the item shows up on one the side of the screen. You can see how many items you haven while you’re hunting.  

You can also exchange special items as well. The items that you can exchange will show up at the bottom right corner when you’re talking to the NPC.   

If you make a good use of this system, you’ll be able enjoy the game with bigger profits.



▲ You can find the items you need for special exchange at the bottom ride side of the conversation screen.    



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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