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Installez le lanceur Black Desert pour lancer le jeu.

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Si rien ne se produit, veuillez lancer vous-même le lanceur.

Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier

Red Battlefield

Dernière modification : 12 juin 2024, 13:58 (UTC)
Red Battlefield is a PvP content feature that everyone above level 50 can enjoy.
You can join the battlefield anytime, anywhere since karma or guild membership do not matter.

How to Enter

You can access the Red Battlefield by going to the main menu (hotkey: Esc) → War (F7) → Red Battlefield.
Once you press the button from the main menu, the Red Battlefield Status window will appear.
From here you can access the desired battlefield available.

The battlefield has a variety of areas you can fight in, such as the capital of Valencia where points are acquired by occupying areas, and Garmoth's Nest and Castle Ruins which play in a team deathmatch format.


The rules of each battlefield can be checked through the Red Battlefield Rules section on the right when you hover your cursor over the Enter button.


Castle Ruins & Garmoth’s Nest

Upon entering the Red Battlefield, characters are automatically assigned to one of the two opposing teams: the Black Desert or the Red Desert camps.


If at least one character is assigned to each team, the Red Battlefield will begin after a brief preparation time.


In this format, the Red Battlefield is a 20-minute battle between two factions.
You can join up to 10 minutes after the match has started, but not after this time has passed.
If this happens, you have to wait for the battle to end and a new one to start again.


When the battle begins, participants are moved to the red battlefield area.
If you leave the red battlefield area or the game closes, you will be moved to the original location you were in before.
At this point, if this happened 10 minutes before the battle started, you can rejoin the battle in progress.



During the time limit, you can freely deal with the enemies of the opposite faction as you like.

Points accumulated until the end of the match are added up, and the side with the highest score wins.


Points are earned when you defeat a character from the opposing faction.
The number of points acquired depends on the number of points possessed by the defeated character.
There are no special restrictions when respawning in the Red Battlefield.
It's better not to be afraid of death and actively enjoy combat.

Situation Score
When you defeat an enemy Gain half (1/2) of the points the enemy Adventurer has, at least 1 point
When you’re defeated by an enemy Lose a quarter (1/4) of your points, at least 1 point
However, if you only have 1 point, you won’t lose it when you’re defeated
In the image above you can see the visual distinction between ally and enemy, as well as the battlefield UI showing the score and time remaining.

Valencia City

This is a battlefield in which points are acquired by occupying 5 different areas.
Further details can be found on the [Red Battlefield: Valencia City] page.

For Your Information!

You can use any of the potions you have at the Red Battlefield, but it will be much cheaper to use the potions that the Quartermaster NPC within the battlefield sells.


The price of each potion is just 1 silver, and they only weigh 0,01LT.



Also, if you interact with the Quartermaster NPC in the Garmoth’s Nest battlefield, a button that says ‘Effect of Strong Protection’ appears. When you click this, you’ll get the Evasion Up and Damage Reduction Increase effects for about 20 seconds. (You’ll be almost invincible for 20 seconds, since it’s very powerful)


This buff is applied automatically when entering the Castle Ruins and Valencia City battlefields.

This NPC will also give you daily and weekly quests.

Quest Name Objective Reward
(Daily Quest)
Battle It Out at the Red Battlefield!
Collect 5 Battlefield Token 300 Contribution EXP
200 Energy Recovery
3 Battlefield Token
1 Tears of War
100 Ancient Spirit Dust
(Weekly Quest)
Participate in Red Battlefield to Get a Reward
Collect 5 Battlefield Token

3 Spirit Perfume Elixir
4 Giant's Draught
5 Whale Tendon Potion
25 Ancient Spirit Dust

▼ Select Reward (Choose one)
5 Finto's Filling Juice
5 Finto's Sweet Juice
5 Finto's Fresh Juice

Lastly, you can also participate in the Red Battlefield with a trial character, and can enjoy it more comfortably by purchasing items from the NPC Haz within the battlefield.


After the end of a Red Battlefield match, you can acquire Combat EXP, Skill EXP, and silver rewards along with battlefield tokens.
Result Reward
Victory 5 Battlefield Token
Combat & Skill EXP
10 million silver
Defeat 2 Battlefield Token
Combat & Skill EXP
6 million silver

The Combat & Skill EXP will be automatically applied once the battle ends.
The silver and token rewards are sent to your Black Spirit’s Safe (hotkey: B).


If you have collected a certain number of battlefield tokens, you can exchange them for rewards.
If you collect 50 tokens, you can exchange them for Red Essence through Ornella, the arms dealer of Heidel.
(If you have the 'Red Seal' item, which is an old reward item, you can exchange them for Red Essence with 80 of them.)


If you heat (hotkey: L) Red Essence with certain magic crystals, you can obtain red battlefield crystals.

◈ Red Battlefield Crystal Conversion List

Black Spirit Crystal

Red Spirit Crystal

Ancient Magic Crystal - Harphia / Cobelinus / Viper / Hystria / Carmae / Addis

Red Battlefield Crystal: Harphia / Cobelinus / Viper / Hystria / Carmae / Addis

Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power

Red Battlefield Crystal: Power

Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature - Adamantine / Fighting Spirit / Sturdiness / Giant

Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine / Fighting Spirit / Sturdiness / Giant

Through the Red Battlefield, you can enjoy PvP without any burden and build up your combat skills.

If you fight hard on these battlefields, you'll find yourself becoming a PvP master before you know it!


Lastly, to learn more about PvP in Black Desert, please check the [PvP] page.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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