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Guide de l'aventurier


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In order to venture throughout the vast world of Black Desert, a mount is a very important method of transportation.
In Black Desert there are various kinds of mounts, including horses, donkeys, alpacas, elephants, wagons, boats and ships. Each mount has its own particular role, so you can try them one by one as you discover the different content features of the game.
Mounts are mainly divided into two types: land and ocean. You can’t have two mounts of the same type out at once. The ones that you don’t use are kept in stables and wharfs.
There is a limit to the slots you can have in stables and wharfs, so make sure to keep that in mind when managing your mounts.
➤ You can read more about this topic in the [Stable & Wharf] page.


The horse is the representative mount of Black Desert, and is the dream of all adventurers. A high tier horse has amazing movement speed, allowing you to run to far places quickly.

Horse tiers go from tier 6 (T6) to tier (T10), and as the tier goes higher, the basic potential of the horse’s stats improves (speed, acceleration, turn, braking).
Like other mounts, a horse can earn skills as it levels up. Every time the level of the horse goes up, there is a chance to obtain a skill. This can happen up to Lv. 30. After this level, the horse will continue leveling up, but its stats won’t increase any further and it won’t earn any new skill.
Horses can level up at Lv. 100. Leveling up past Lv. 30 serves as a protective measure. Monsters below a horse’s level won’t attack it.
Skills such as sprint, instant acceleration and drift allow a horse to run faster, so they’re highly valued compared to other skills, which is reflected in their sale price in the horse market.

They also can have equipment put on them to increase their stats and allow for mounted combat and increased base movement speed. This equipment varies by quality, and depending on the type, can be purchased from stable keepers, from the Central Market, or can be crafted in a horse gear workshop.


Horses can be tamed in the wild, and can also be purchased in the horse market.


➤ You can read more about horses in the [Training] page.

The last stage of a horse are the famed mythical horses.
➤ You can read more about them in the [Mythical Horse] page.


The donkey is a mount that specializes in carrying goods rather than moving fast.

It can carry more weight (LT) than a horse and has good endurance, so it’s useful when starting to trade.


The stable keepers in every town sell them, alongside basic equipment for them. Higher grade equipment for donkeys can be crafted in various workshops around the world, with the best available pieces being craftable in Stonetail Horse Ranch, Mediah.
Shai can obtain a unique donkey from a quest of the Black Spirit during her Talent quests at Lv. 56. This donkey is stronger and faster than a strong black donkey, and unlike other donkeys, can learn skills to improve it even further.


At Lv. 50, Shai can start a questline given by Seiri in Drieghan’s capital, Duvencrune, to obtain another special mount, the fwuzzy alpaca. You can find it in the Suggested tab of the Quest window (hotkey: O).

This mount can be leveled up to Lv. 15, and can obtain up to 7 unique skills.


Fwuzzy alpaca cannot be equipped with defense gear.


Remember that this mount can only be used by the Shai class.


At Lv. 55, when you first reach Sand Grain Bazaar, at the edge of the inner desert of Valencia, the stable keeper there will offer you the once per family quest Your Best Friend in the Desert.
This quest will reward you with a light brown camel.

Camels are useful when traversing the Great Desert of Valencia, more commonly known as the Black Desert. Where most horses and wagons will have their movement speed reduced, a camel can freely move without any movement speed penalty.


They can be equipped with horse gear, and their stats will increase as they level up.


Aside from the previously mentioned quest reward, there are two types of camels that can be obtained, both with the same method. You can exchange x5 Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] for a light brown camel, the same camel from the quest, and x15 Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] for a deep brown camel, a better camel stats-wise.


This is useful to remember in the case you ever lose the camel you obtained from the quest and require one to complete any type of content the game offers, such as an Adventure Log journal page.


Miniature Elephant

A miniature elephant is said to be the wagon of the desert. It has a good weight limit capacity, and thus is useful when you need to carry and transport trade goods across the Valencian desert.


The same stable keeper that will reward you with a camel in Sand Grain Bazaar will have a quest, The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant, also at Lv. 55, to put you in the correct path to obtain a miniature elephant.


Once a certain questline has been completed, you will be rewarded with the mount. This questline can be done once per character.


If you want to obtain additional miniature elephants with the same character, the Valencian mogul Shakatu will offer you the way to do so.


Equipment for miniature elephants can be crafted in various workshops around the world, with the best available gear crafted in Stonetail Horse Ranch and Duvencrune.



A wagon is a mount that specializes in carrying a large amount of items, and is mainly used for trading and training horses.


It has the most slots out of all ground mounts, and even if the weight limit of the mount is exceeded, the original base speed does not significantly slow down.


You can connect horses to the wagon, with the number depending on the type of wagon, up to a maximum of 4 horses. This helps train the horses as well, and makes the wagon serve in this way the double purpose of both trading and training.


The movement speed of a wagon is not particularly fast, even with high grade equipment, and the individual horses’ movement speed do not contribute to the wagon’s.


Instead of health, wagons possess durability. You can’t fix most wagons’ durability, but they’re made with a high amount of it to undertake many journeys. Do keep in mind that when durability runs out, the movement speed will be drastically reduced.


While the most basic of wagons, seen above, can be purchased from a stable keeper, better ones need to be crafted at a workshop, with the best of them, the forest path wagon, requiring a considerable amount of dedication to obtain it.


Wagons you can purchase from stable keepers include the flimsy wagon, shabby wagon, and farm wagon.


Wagons that you must craft on your own at a workshop, or purchase from the Central Market, include the strong wagon, trade wagon, white wagon, merchant wagon, noble wagon, and forest path wagon. The same applies for their equipment.


The last one, together with its equipment, can only be crafted in the elven capital of Grána. 



Different types of boats can be obtained both for navigating inland rivers and the open seas.


A ship is a necessary mount when you want to enjoy ocean content such as hotspot fishing, bartering,  hunting sea monsters, and doing quests around the various islands.


Out of all the available boats, there are those that require a workshop to craft them and can be purchased from the Central Market, and those that need a previously existing boat to be upgraded.
The more basic boats have a fixed amount of durability, and when all of it runs out you must discard the mount. You can get a little bit of money when discarding a boat like this.


Better vessels, starting with sailboats, can have their durability repaired.


Boats you can purchase from a wharf manager include a raft and the Bartali sailboat from Proix in Velia.


Boats you can craft in a workshop include rafts, a few rowboats, fishing boats, two types of Epheria cogs, Epheria sailboats, and Epheria frigates. The latter two can only be crafted in Port Epheria.


Boats that can be upgraded include Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, Improved Epheria Sailboat, Improved Epheria Frigate, Epheria Caravel, Epheria Galleass, and the 4 types of Epheria Carrack.


➤ You can read more about how to upgrade these ships in the [Ship Upgrading] page.


The main difference between the two paths shown there is that sailboats, caravels, and the carracks obtained from upgrading them are custom made for trading, while frigates, galleasses, and the carracks obtained from upgrading them are custom made for sea combat.


Equipment for basic boats can be purchased from wharf managers, while equipment for better and improved boats needs to be crafted at workshops, mainly at Port Epheria and Iliya Island.


▲ An Epheria Caravel, ready to depart from Velia’s wharf.


Guild Mount

There are two types of guild mounts in Black Desert: galleys, and elephants.


The process to obtain them involves an entire guild’s effort, and their ownership resides with the guild, not you as an Adventurer.


They’re employed for node and territorial conquest wars, and as a useful method of transportation at sea.


➤ You can read more about them in the [Guild Mount] page.



Various mounts can learn and use skills.
Other than the basic skills they may come with, when the level of a mount goes up, there is a chance it learns new skills.


For mounts that are vehicles, such as wagons and boats, the available skills are fixed, and can only be used when your character has reached a certain training or sailing life skill level.


For both vehicles and animals, you may need to equip a certain piece of gear to be able to use certain skills.
There are different types of skills. For example, there are movement-focused skills, such as ‘Sprint’ or ‘Drift’, and attack skills, such as ‘Hind Kick’ or ‘Fore Chop’.

Every time you use a skill not yet mastered the skill’s EXP will increase, and if you fail a skill activation sequence you will fall down from the mount.
Please note that the popular skill ‘Sprint’ is already at 100% mastery upon learning it, and does not need to be trained.
More mount stamina is spent when failing a skill rather than succeeding, but you earn more EXP by failing it. Thus, if you want to master a skill quickly, prepare to fall down a lot.
Be near a stable keeper or have a lot of stamina recovery items to restore a mount’s stamina during the skill training process.
If you master a mount’s skill, it won’t fail anymore.
Depending on the mount and its purpose, the usefulness of a skill can vary. You can change them via the Manage Skills button when you have the mount selected within a stable. Do keep in mind that you require a Mount Skill Change Coupon for this, and that the skill may not change to the selected desired skill.


Since mounts are not specialized in combat by default, they are vulnerable to enemy attacks.
Due to this, it’s useful to increase their defense by putting on equipment on them.
Unlike equipment for Adventurers, equipment for mounts has special default features. For example, stirrups for horses and camels allow for mounted combat, while saddles allow the mount to run faster.
Basic equipment for most types of mounts can be purchased from stable keepers and wharf managers, but better equipment can only be obtained by crafting it in a workshop.


Green grade equipment for horses, camels, donkeys, and miniature elephants can be crafted in many horse gear workshops around the world. Many types of them, such as light horse gear, combat horse gear, storm horse gear, and fighting spirit horse gear can also be obtained by exchanging horse race seals.


Blue grade equipment such as Granverre for horses, donkeys, and camels, and Muzika for miniature elephants can be crafted in Duvencrune and Stonetail Horse Ranch.


Yellow grade equipment, Krogdalo’s, for horses and donkeys can be crafted in Stonetail Horse Ranch.

Equipment pieces for wagons are crafted in wagon part workshops, while equipment pieces for boats are crafted in ship part workshops.
Remember that horse equipment can be crafted in horse gear workshops.

Mount Inventory

One of the good things about mounts in Black Desert is that they have their own inventory.
As mentioned previously, certain mounts such as wagons and boats can carry more weight than what a character can carry, so they’re useful when doing many of the life skill activities.


If you require additional inventory slots to store items in, you can use a mount’s inventory slots for this as well. Though keep in mind that a mount’s movement speed will decrease when weight is put on them.


Reset Mount Growth

If you wish to reset a mount’s statistics and skills it has obtained, you can use a reset mount growth item to do so.


If you have the reset mount growth item, open the Reset Mount menu to use it. It will reset the mount’s level to Lv. 1, all of its stats (Speed/Accel./Turn/Brake), and all the skills it had learned until then.


➤ You can read more about this topic in the [Reset Mount Growth] page.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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