Black Desert va commencer dans quelques instants.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert si le jeu ne se lance pas.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert pour lancer le jeu.

Le jeu sera lancé si le lanceur est déjà installé.
Si rien ne se produit, veuillez lancer vous-même le lanceur.

Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier

Best Useful Tips Summary

Dernière modification : 18 juin 2024, 12:58 (UTC)

Chapter 1

1 - Change servers faster by clicking the server name on your minimap.

2 - Learn every level of a skill at once by pressing Shift + Left click.

3 - You can increase the size of your minimap by dragging the lower left corner of it.

4 - Enjoy the game in movie ration with the Crop Mode function in your game settings > Display Settings > Game Window.

5 - Save map locations by right clicking a location and then pressing "Save Location".

6 - Register menus to hot keys by holding Alt + Click one of the menu icons.

7 - Find an NPC by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the right of the minimap.

Chapter 2

1 - Register skills or items faster to your quick slots by dragging a skill/item + pressing the number you wish to register that skill/item to.

2 - Create custom auto-path routes by Alt + Right Click and continue clicking away.

3 - Avoid UI elements closing when getting hit in your game settings > General Settings > Misc. > Close Window UI when hit.

4 - Connect nodes quickly and easily by pressing the "Connect Node Directly" button.

5 - If you cannot find an item use the "Find my Item" function in your ESC menu.

6 - Lock your Black Spirit skills by clicking the Black Spirit's Rage bar under your HP bar.

7 - Access directly to all Processing recipes by clicking the book icon in your Processing UI.

Chapter 3

1 - Show up only specific types of quests by pressing "O" to open the quest menu and at the bottom you can select one of the 5 types of quests.

2 - Rent a horse by visiting Stable Keepers with this special icon above their heads.
3 - Show a specific type of buildings in a town/city by clicking the map filters.

4 - You can see chat timestamps by enabling this otption in yor chat window settings.

5 - Look around while you move by holding the mouse wheel.

6 - Delete more than one item at once from your inventory by pressing the trash bin icon and then clicking up to 20 items.

7 - Unleash your horse full speed by linking "Instant Acceleration" + "Drift.
• Instant Acceleration: F while Running
• Drift: ← or → + ↓ while running

Chapter 4

1 - Find your favorite items on the Central Market by clicking the "Favorites" tab.

2 - Take screenshots of your character without backgrounds by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen.

3 - The enhancement UI always tells you which item is needed to perform the enhancement of a specific item.

4 - Expand or shorten your notification widget.

5 - Use the "Combat Focus Mode" to remove innecesary UI elements when it is time to hunt monsters.

6 - Add an item count for specific items on your UI by right clicking an item in your inventory and pressing "Item Count".

Chapter 5

1 - You can set World Boss reminders with the Boss Notification settings in the ESC menu.

2 - Change the angel in which the World Map opens in the General Settings > World Map Opening Styles.

3 - Change your skills addons by visiting the Skill Instructor NPC Tachros in the Battle Arena.

4 - Increase your Drop Rate by securing your account with PC Registration or OTP.

5 - You can copy paste Coupon Codes directly in the Redeem Coupon Code UI in-game.

6 - Move characters from to a different location while playing another character.

7 - Discover an undiscovered node by pressing the "Previous Node" button and then following the path.

Chapter 6

1 - Hide other players' characters by pressing Shift + F5.

2 - Run at full speed without holding Shift.

3 - Disable the "Caution" skill from mounts.

4 - Activate/disable pets skills and other actions.

5 - Store your left over energy in Potions by visiting Alustin in Velia.

6 - Check the inventory of your other characters in the End Game UI.


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3 Earning Silver
4 Raising Combat Stats
5 Best Useful Tips Summary

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