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Alchemy Stone

Dernière modification : 6 juin 2023, 09:28 (UTC)

An alchemy stone is an item you can equip as part of your equipment. Once activated (hotkey: U), the alchemy stone will give beneficial effects for a limited period of time. You can only equip one alchemy stone at a time. However, depending on the situation, you can always swap different alchemy stones. The three types of Alchemy Stones are destruction, protection, and life. You’ll receive offensive, defensive, and life skill-related benefits respectively when you activate each type. The quality of the beneficial effect will vary depending on the grade and level of the alchemy stone. There are 4 grades and 8 levels available for most alchemy stones.


Crafting these magical stones would be considered the final stage of the alchemy life skill. Not only is it difficult to craft them, but it is also difficult to increase their grade and level once crafted.
However, the benefits of equipping a high grade and level alchemy stone are equivalent to enhancing equipment to its next enhancement level.


It is a good idea to learn the basics of alchemy before you try crafting an alchemy stone.


Crafting Alchemy Stones

The option to craft alchemy stones is available for all Adventurers, even if their alchemy level is beginner 1.
You’ll need to use an alchemy tool installed in a residence of your property, and use the required materials to craft an alchemy stone. Out of the materials needed to craft one, the most important ingredient is shining powder. You can obtain it with a low chance when you successfully carry out any alchemical operation.
In addition to shining powder you also need sinner’s blood, powder of time, pure powder reagent, and clear liquid reagent. You will randomly receive a destruction, protection, or life alchemy stone from a successful alchemy craft with those ingredients.
There is also a probability that you’ll obtain a broken alchemy stone shard from a successful alchemy craft. Although you can’t use this item for anything, you can sell it to an NPC shop for 5,000 silver.


As mentioned previously, any Adventurer at any alchemy level will have the option to attempt to craft an alchemy stone. However, your chances of successfully crafting them is correlated to your alchemy level. This means the higher the alchemy level, the higher your chances of successfully crafting an alchemy stone.



While characters of any alchemy level can attempt to, your chances of successfully crafting alchemy stone will increase at higher alchemy levels.

Grade and Level

Not all alchemy stones are equal. The grade of an alchemy stone is distinguished by the color of its name and tooltip, and the level by the prefix found in the name.
Similar to equipment quality grades, the ones in white name are of the lowest grade. The grades, from the lowest to the highest, are in the following order: white, green, blue, and yellow.


The level stage of an alchemy stone is indicated by the prefix found in the item’s name.
The levels, from the lowest to highest quality, are in the following order: imperfect, rough, polished, sturdy, sharp, resplendent, and shining.


Don’t be disappointed if you have a low grade and level alchemy stone. For that, you can use the polishing and growth features to increase its grade and level.



 Although difficult to craft, a high grade and level alchemy stone yields enormous benefits.


Activating and Recharge

After you equip the Alchemy Stone to the equipment slot, press U to activate the Alchemy Stone and receive the beneficial effect. The durability of the Alchemy Stone will decrease by 1 every time it is activated. 
The duration of the beneficial effects from destruction and protection alchemy stones is 5 minutes. The cooldown time is also 5 minutes. The duration and cooldown of life stones is 10 minutes.
Since destruction and protection stones share the same cooldown time, it is not possible to receive the two types of beneficial effects at the same time.


As all stones share duration and cooldown time, you can use all of them consecutively when the cooldown time resets, or tick the Auto-use Alchemy Stone option box beneath the equipment slot area to auto-use it. However, make sure to remember to untick the option when you no longer need its effects. Otherwise, you might waste all of the stone’s durability without realizing it.


You can use the recharge feature to restore the lost durability of one of these stones by using oil, blood, and reagents. The amount of oil needed to recharge a stone will depend on the level of this one. But since there is no limit in the type of oil and blood used, it is relatively easy to craft and obtain them.


The use of alchemy stones and the recharge feature is not limited by your alchemy level. Unless your goal is to make an alchemy stone of the highest quality through the polishing and growth features, there is no demerit for not continuing to level up your alchemy life skill.



 Go to your character’s inventory (hotkey: I) → Stone button. As said above, the amount of materials required to recharge a stone will vary depending on the lost durability value and the level of the stone.


Polishing and Growth

When you upgrade an alchemy stone, it will increase the quality of the existing beneficial effects or it’ll increase the types of beneficial effects available. Before you can use the growth feature, you need to use the polishing feature to increase the alchemy stone’s EXP (80%~150%). The reason behind this is that the growth option can only be used once the alchemy stone’s EXP is 80% or higher. Additionally, the higher the alchemy stone’s EXP, the better the success rate.


The polishing feature provides EXP to an alchemy stone. The polishing material will vary depending on the type of alchemy stone.

• To polish destruction stones, you need to use ores.
• To polish protection stones, you need to use plywood.
• To polish life stones, you need to use crops.



After you increase the alchemy stone’s EXP to the 80%~150% range, you can use one black stone (weapon) to perform growth. When the growth attempt is successful, either the grade (color) or level (name prefix) will improve. Sometimes, with a low chance, there is a possibility that both the grade and level improve.


As said previously, when the grade increases the types of beneficial effects available will increase. If the level increases, the quality of the existing beneficial effects will increase.
When you successfully increase the grade and/or level of the alchemy stone, its EXP will reset back to 0%.


As the level of an alchemy stone increases, you’ll have to further raise your own character’s alchemy level to continue being able to improve it.


Note that you can attempt to perform growth on an alchemy stone from alchemy life skill level apprentice 1.


The grade (color) will not decrease for failing growth. However, there is a chance that the level (name prefix) will decrease for failed growth attempt.


You also will lose alchemy stone’s EXP for failed growth attempts. The amount of EXP lost is half of your existing EXP. For example, if you have 150%, you will lose half of the current EXP, making it 75% EXP for a failed attempt. If you have 80% EXP, but fail, then you will have 40% EXP remaining.


When performing growth on resplendent and splendid alchemy stones, the stones themselves can be destroyed from failed growth attempts.



To the right you can see the different possible improvements the alchemy stone can obtain when attempting growth on it.


Not only is it costly to perform growth, but there is a chance that the level will decrease for failed growth attempts. As such, always keep in mind the cost of attempting to improve an alchemy stone.


Spirit Stones

There are alchemy stones that do not follow the rules and methods explained in previous sections. Spirit stones cannot be recharged, and once spent they cannot be used anymore.


The more well-known varieties of these stones can be acquired in the land of the elves, Kamasylvia, by defeating the local monsters. They are the destruction, guardian, and life spirit stones, and come in both green and blue grades.


Another type of spirit stones can be synthesized via alchemy, and like the previous ones they cannot be recharged. These are green, blue, and yellow-grade stones of the following levels: sharp (green, blue, yellow), resplendent (yellow), splendid (yellow), and shining (yellow). Only protection (defensive-oriented) and destruction (offensive-oriented) stones of this type can be currently acquired.


To craft them, you will need to reach alchemy mastery 500, and be at a certain alchemy level depending on the stone you want to craft. The ingredients are difficult and costly to obtain, and as such you could say these stones are reserved for the most dedicated of Adventurers.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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