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Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

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Guide de l'aventurier

NPC Shops

Dernière modification : 29 nov. 2023, 15:55 (UTC)
Some NPCs in Black Desert might be a bit different from those you know in other games.
At night, some of them finish their work shift and head home, while others appear at night only to sell you rare items.

NPCs possess an amity system. You can converse with them to raise amity, and decrease it by stealing from them. If your amity with a given NPC is high, not only their comments toward you become different, but they can also give access to a new quest, or unlock a knowledge entry. Certain merchants only sell some of their items to Adventurers that have high amity with them.

In the world of Black Desert, having a good relationship with NPCs is useful.
Keep in mind that tax rates do not apply to items purchased from NPC shops.

If you have the knowledge of an NPC, you can check their location, services, and opening times through the Find NPCs tool, which you can find to the left of the minimap (top right corner of the screen).

For example, in the image above we can see that Lorenzo Murray, Velia’s stable keeper, offers some items for sale only after you’ve reached certain amity points with him, that he also offers quests unlocked in the same way, and that he is available at his location all day.

◈ NPC Shop Features

The usual NPC shop window offers three tabs: purchase, sell, and buyback.


• Purchase: Items can be purchased by selecting the item and clicking the button ‘Buy’, or by right-clicking the item. Items that can be stacked can be purchased by clicking the button of ‘Buy Multiple’ after entering the desired quantity.
• Sell: When you click the button ‘Sell’ after selecting an item, you will sell it unit by unit. If the item you select can stack and has more than one unit, click the button 'Sell all selected items' to sell all the units of the selected item.
You can also right-click the items in the Sell tab or from inventory while you are in any of the windows to sell them.
Keep in mind that merchant NPCs won’t buy all items a character can obtain; you cannot sell to them bound items, trade items, valuable equipment, and more.
• Buyback: After you select an item, press the button 'Buyback' or right-click the item to buy back an item you have sold to the NPC. However, remember that the NPC will only sell it back to you at a profit, and thus you will be losing silver.

In the example above you can see that the NPC will sell you the Magical Haystack you’ve sold to them previously for 110,000 silver, when initially you sold it to the NPC for 100,000 silver. NPCs will always take a 10% profit cut when selling items back to you this way.
◈ Shop Types

• General Goods Vendor: Mainly sells various potions and alchemy tools.


• Blacksmith & Armor Vendor: Sells armor items. This NPC usually provides repair and extraction services. You can repair the current durability of the items you are wearing so that you can keep on using them, and the NPC also provides maximum durability repair service; where you can restore the maximum durability decreased due to enhancement failure. Additionally, you can also repair the equipment used for mounts such as horses.
Extraction is the function to get black stones and other items from equipment that has been enhanced or altered.


➤ You can read more about this in the [Extraction] page.


• Arms Dealer: Sells a variety of weapons. Depending on the NPC, can also offer the repair service.


• Innkeeper & Food Vendor: Sells a variety of seasonings and ingredients for cooking.
• Work Supervisor: You can hire workers through consuming energy. You can also buy and sell workers at the Worker Exchange option with silver. Make sure to have enough lodging in the same town for the workers you want to hire, as otherwise you won’t be able to hire them.


➤ You can read more about this in the [Workers] page.
• Material Vendor: Sells items necessary for activities related to life skills, such as gathering tools.
• Stable Keeper: Sells various items for land mounts. You can also check in and manage your land mounts such as horses, wagons, and more.


• Wharf Manager: Sells various items related to sea mounts. You can also check in and manage your sea mounts such as fishing boats and ships.


➤ You can read more about these two types of NPC in the [Stable & Wharf] page.
• Luxury Vendor: Sells clothes useful for life skill activities.
• Furniture Dealer: Sells furniture that can be placed in your residences.


➤ You can read more about residences in the [Houses] page.
• Jeweler: Sells magic crystals that can be used for equipment items through transfusion.
• Fish Vendor:  Sells fishing-related items.
• Bookseller: This NPC sells books that can be placed in your residences and knowledge entries.


• Trade Manager: Sells and buys items related to the trading life skill, such as trade goods and items considered trade items, such as fish.


➤ You can read more about this in the [Trading] page.


• Old Moon Manager: This NPC sells a myriad of items related to various activities and content features of the game.


• Black Market: This NPC, Patrigio, is a special merchant available only at night. The selling price of the items it offers in his secret shop is not constant, and you do not know which item they will offer to sell you, but they sometimes sell rare or useful items.
Do keep in mind that you need to spend energy every time you want to check a new item, and that the price they ask for the item might be above what one can pay for it in the Central Market.



If all your energy is restored, visit Patrigio at night. You may have a chance to buy items that you cannot easily find anywhere else!



Above you can see the hidden location of Patrigio in every city. You can visit him during the day, but keep in mind he will only offer his wares at night.


There are many other types of vendors found throughout Black Desert’s world, but you might need to travel to specific towns and locations to find them. These include herb vendors, seed vendors, fruit vendors, and more.

◈ Amity

If you look at the list of items sold by merchants, you may occasionally see the part where amity is indicated as a requirement. This means that you cannot make purchases of this item unless you raise amity up to the required level.
Items that require amity are difficult to obtain, and are usually sold at a lower price compared to obtaining them from the Central Market.
However, once you purchase the item, your amity with the NPC will be consumed. You need to remember that you have to keep increasing your amity with the NPC through conversation and greetings if you want to purchase more items like that from them.
In the image above, you can see the Adventurer possesses 55 amity with Izaro, and thus can purchase x1 of [Donkey] Shabby Leather Barding because it costs 50 amity. The item above that one, Shabby Leather Barding, cannot be purchased because it requires 300 amity.
➤ You can read more about this topic in the [Amity] page.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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